Scorpio Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Dates: Oct 24 - Nov 22

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Pluto, Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22

A large constellation with a very beautiful grouping of stars of the 2nd, 3rd 4th magnitude. The heart of Scorpio is the reddish-orange Antares, one of the most beautiful stars of the 1st magnitude, the nautical star. The curved tail with a sting is marked by two stars of the 2nd magnitude. Hieroglyphically Scorpio portrays the sensuality that Sagittarius must conquer in order to advance further along the path of internal growth and improvement.

Scorpio bites are usually lethal. Scorpios know how to bury my character very much, and there are signs by which these people can be recognized. Their eyes shine by hypnotism and penetrate deep into you. Generally, Scorpio is an expression. He knows his own worth, and nothing will change his opinion of himself. Insults bounce off them, and compliments do not cause any emotions.

They do not want to hear about their vices or shortcomings from others. They know everything about themselves. Be on your guard with Scorpio, although externally he can give the impression of a soft and naive person.

They know that eyes betray their nature, so they rub on wearing dark glasses. Never ask their opinion or advice, because in response you will always hear the naked truth, and she rarely likes it. Scorpio never flatters, and if he tells you something pleasant, appreciate the praise, because he is most likely sincere.

He manifests an iron will in the work and in the discharge of duty. Never seeks salvation in illusions, quickly finds a weak point in a person or situation. Scorpio is a born fighter and uses any means to achieve the goal. He shows decency and honesty in relationships with people, but rarely truly attached. This is an individualist, to whom his independence is very dear, do not believe, however, that Scorpios think only of themselves, they can help you in word and deed, but they usually attract either loyal admirers or envious and evil enemies. Even enemies respect Scorpio and speak well of him.

There are a lot of pleasant in these people. A typical Scorpio is rarely afraid of anything. These are usually brave and fearless fighters, surprisingly loyal friends. Scorpio will never forget the kindness shown to him once or a gift made to him, but he will also remember well the offense or injury caused by someone. He can lay low and postpone his revenge for a more favorable moment in order to strike with his sting for sure but can answer the offender and immediately. The first difficulty for him is to live. It seems that he has everything to achieve success: strength, energy, mental alertness, but because of the irritability of his character, he makes many enemies for himself. He constantly seems to be criticized and threatened. Therefore, even when he is sincere, he is closed and alert. This is a measure of protection for him. For the slightest reason, he erects a whole defense system. When he is really attacked, his anger is truly terrible.

Scorpio’s health may be affected by melancholy or hard work. However, this sign has an amazing ability to restore his health at will, if there is one. Usually he rarely gets sick, but usually falls ill seriously. He needs a long rest and attentive attitude of others. He knows about his illness always more than the doctors and nurses who treat him. Prone to diseases of the throat, back, heart, circulatory system, legs. He should avoid the fire of explosions, radiation.

This is a heroic personality, a defender of the weak, very attached to the family, loves children. Among Scorpios, as a rule, there are either saints or sinners. They violently manifest a possessive instinct to everything that they consider to be their property. Scorpio can do almost everything that he really wants to achieve. Pluto's magical and mysterious power turns his desires into reality. He has comprehended the secrets of life and death and is capable, if he wishes, of conquering both.

He manages to do almost everything without much effort. This is more like luck, than the manifestation of their own will. One of the strangest things in astrology is that someone dies in the family either a year before the birth of Scorpio, or a year after his birth. When Scorpio dies, someone is born in his family either a year before his death or a year later. This happens in at least 95 out of a hundred cases. This is explained by the fact that the symbol of Pluto is the Phoenix, rising from the ashes, and Scorpio personifies rebirth.

Scorpio man

If you fall in love with Scorpio and the word “passion” scares you, wear sneakers and run as fast as if the devil is chasing you. The way it is. Scorpio is passionate in everything, in friendship, politics, work, food, children, relatives ... This is not the person who suits your psyche, if you are repelled by emotional overstrain.

At first glance, he gives the impression of an even and calm interlocutor. You don’t even have the idea that a person with such self-control can be dangerously passionate. But his calmness is superficial. Inside, he is red-hot. Do not touch him, you know perfectly well how long the wounds from burns heal. After a meeting with Scorpio, your heart may be sick for months, and maybe even years. And all the means of ambulance are useless here. Remember the grandmother's favorite saying: "Try on seven times before you cut it off once." Do not forget about it. When dealing with Scorpio, think about your safety.

But if your own sign gave you a concrete nature, not afraid of fire, then another thing: you can get carried away with it and play with this dynamite. If you have such a nature, you can keep the flame under control and warm your heart throughout your life. It is possible that you yourself are a hot person, then everything will be fine too. Do not forget to attach an automatic thermostat to your senses that will prevent them from overheating.

Scorpio is not one of those people who cannot remember after the first acquaintance. He will surely be remembered by you either as pleasant and cheerful, or just like a perverted and passionate person. The trouble is that he is both. This man is unbeatable. Behind his cold restraint is hidden a boiling cauldron that constantly rages. If you are lucky, the lid of this boiler will be permanently closed for a long time. But the blow inflicted on his vanity can blow this cauldron. Step aside if you feel that the explosion is approaching, and never do anything yourself to cause it.

Scorpio will amaze you with its duality. It combines reason and passion, intellect and emotions. He is more than smart. This is a deeply philosophical nature, interested in the mysteries of life and is very suitable for the answers. There are Scorpios who can live without any comfort, but the true nature of this sign is sensuality. He usually surrounds himself with luxury. He is prone to redundancy in food, drugs, and alcohol. Of course, in love. Love never scares him and does not find him unprepared. She was already in his head when he first got on a tricycle. Nothing in life leaves him indifferent. These men have an explosive temper that can hurt your whole life. When he thrusts his sting, it really hurts. But he does not just enjoy the victory, he must win. Something inside him dies if he loses, even in trivia. When he is disappointed in anything, you will not see the emotion on his face. He controls himself very well. It can cruelly torture a woman before she grabs her hair and drags her into her hole. Naturally, there are some Scorpios who will make you an offer in an elegant form, kneeling, but do not be deceived: he simply behaves as is customary in society and wants to preserve his dignity.

His reputation must be impeccable. He does not tolerate cheap stuff and nothing ridiculous, despite his erotic nature. Every Scorpio is a legislator within himself. He does not care what others think of him. Of course, he would like to be a respected person, but if this prevents him from achieving his goals, then he does not care about how he looks from the outside. None of his decisions are made up under the pressure of the opinions of friends, relatives, or neighbors. But hey, despair, because such determination usually produces an attractive free spirit. Isn’t honesty and courage bad?

It is very interesting to watch Scorpio when he acts in some difficult circumstances, while others hesitate, get scared, or don’t know what to do. His courageous and strong nature reaches its peak at such moments. He is rarely subject to envy and self-pity. And he does not think that life should bring him gifts on a silver platter. He has another very scary feature is attracts secrets, riddles and he will not miss any of them. And since female mystery is the strongest female defense, your soul will always be naked before it.

He has very high standards, and he carefully selects his friends. This is a rare type of man who can drink pure alcohol and share coarse male jokes, and then turn into a gentle and gentle lover for a woman. How much more can you be a man? But he can also be very cruel for completely inexplicable reasons and get a sadistic pleasure, mocking you. In a society with people, can tell you that you are fat or stupid. This is one of his entertainment. Smile even if it kills you. After all, you were warned that Scorpio did not disclose his motives for which he does something. And this tendency towards cruelty is not pacified by love, it can even increase over the years.

He rarely shows his true emotions in front of everyone, but alone with you he can say what he really thinks. After marriage, you can feel some security. But until that moment you will be all wounded. It is useless to tell him that it is difficult for you to demolish his cruel behavior. In this case, he will tell you: "And I do not hold you." It will take time to adapt to his personality. If you are too soft, you will constantly worry.

As for jealousy, here too you must be very careful. It will explode if you just blink an eye in the presence of another man, but you should pack your jealousy in a suitcase and lock it. No tears and reproaches will make any impression on him. No matter how he behaves, repeat to yourself: “He loves me, he is faithful to his deep feelings, he only practices his hypnotic art with other women”. Tell yourself this every day, especially when you go to bed. Women find it compelling and attractive. But remember that if there is someone who can resist such attention from women, then this is your Scorpio. Are you feeling better now?

It is possible that he will be a very demanding father. His children will not be able to grow up lazy and disobedient. He will teach them to respect themselves. And although he loves them with sincere love, like everything else, he will protect them, but at the same time he will teach independence.

Scorpio will never allow his wife to dictate something to him. He is a man, you are a woman. If you have any doubt about this, he will eliminate it so quickly that you do not even have time to blink. However, he will be gentle and attentive with wife, who understands him, repay her with such loyalty and love, to which many women only read in novels.

Do not try to resist this man, if he decided that he needed you, he would hypnotize you anyway. His magnetism is almost physically palpable. A woman must be very brave to live with him and not break. Hold tight, so as not to fall and open your eyes wider, you will see a horizon that is inaccessible by the timid. Look over the trees, have you ever seen such a sunrise? And from this height? Its sunset will be just as gorgeous.

Scorpio woman

She has a deep mysterious beauty. Attractive, proud and confident in herself. She is sure that is the personification of true femininity. She has, of course, enough charm, and she is very seductive. However, subconsciously would prefer to be a man in order to have less charm and more opportunities. But this is not recognized even by herself.

Scorpio women are of two types, both are very strong characters. If the former can be attributed to hidden temperaments, then the latter are truly fatal women. The first type in nature resembles men. Everything said about a Scorpio man applies to them. They have a masculine treasure of mind and unbridled energy. They hardly find a partner that meets their requirements. The strong character of such a woman usually attracts weak, passive and indecisive men who do not meet her notions of masculinity. However, if she does decide on such a marriage, she often helps her husband make a career.

The second type is women are flirtatious, sensual, curious, eager for sensations. This is a very dangerous woman! Wherever she appears, she bears anxiety and brings misfortune on those who love her. She leads men to ruin, and sometimes to suicide. Unbridled passions almost always destroy her.

Scorpio woman looks down on those women who are suitable for the role of a tender wife and mother. She can control her desire to dominate, excellently acting as a feminine creature. And she does it with much more grace than the signs, in which the male side is also present, as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. She is able to suppress her nature and the right moment and attract a man with subtle spirits, languid glances and other tricks. She knows perfectly well that she should not light a match for a cigarette or smoke herself in your face. She will move towards you slowly, seductively silently, enveloping you with her charm. This woman looks good in jeans and sneakers.

You should not expect from her blind adoration. She perfectly understands everything in your mind. This is some other you can romantically whisper something in your ear, and a Scorpio woman simply will not look at you with her piercing eyes and immediately understand her your intentions. She is a real x-ray machine. Therefore, you should not play with her, with no solid intentions. You will waste time and thereby offend her. This should not be done, as she is a very dangerous woman and it is better to be on her guard.

It can be dominant and sarcastic, tender as a spring breeze, and red-hot to a hundred degrees, it can hate you very much, but it can also love you so much. This woman has a gift that makes goose bumps on your skin. She owns almost black magic and so deftly uses it, which sometimes seems a real witch. With her mystical sixth sense, she can very clearly recognize her future partner at first sight, and, naturally, you will immediately feel her influence on yourself. In this case, you may have two reactions: either you completely surrender to her charm, or you will have a desire to run as far as possible without looking back. In any case, you should consider yourself flattered because of your interest in you.

She does not recognize weakness in men. She needs a man with ambition and courage. He should dominate her, but at the same time she should be able to preserve her individuality. He must be strong and courageous, look better than others, have a developed intellect and more than superficial knowledge of philosophical works. You will think that you are above others because she has paid attention to you. Your stakes will go up a lot. Having come close to her, you will feel like an extraordinary person. And for sure her love will exceed all your expectations. You will become the main interest in her life. She will try to please you with all her passionate assertiveness.

Apparently, the word "passion" has already attracted your attention. The most men have already heard exciting rumors about the passion of these women. It's true. It burns from inner passion, which it tries to keep under control. At the same time, she is extremely cold with strangers, and her outward calm reminds of black velvet. But men usually use the word passion only for love. For this woman, this definition does not fit. Passion is present in all matters and feelings. She is never just interested. It is impossible to imagine her indifferent. She can't just like or dislike something. She either completely denies, or adores, or ignores. At the same time, it remains absolutely calm.

She has a lot of virtues, but a lot of vices too. She can experience a lot in life and greatly enrich her knowledge and experience. However, somehow suspicions and rumors do not stick to her, she remains above many other women. He knows how to keep other people's secrets, although on her own soul you can hang a sign “No Trespassing on by Outsiders”. She likes to listen to other people's secrets, but she will not confess to anyone.

She is very faithful to those whom finds strong and deserving of respect. The virtue that she retains in a relationship sometimes makes her sleepy and somewhat alienated. To some extent it is. Scorpio woman has a great sense of purpose and endurance. This helps her overcome many temptations, for example, the tendency to alcohol, drugs and depression. She needs to be a legitimate wife to express love and affection to a man. If circumstances do not allow you to get married, she will love you, regardless of what the neighbors say. And often these relationships are better, more honest than in marriage.

She has her own laws. Despite her strong personality, she allows a man to be a master and helps him achieve goals. Your future will be important for her, she can sacrifice her career for you. She may fight with you in private but will fiercely protect you in public. Your participation comes first. It will patiently help you in everything where purity reigns, taste, comfort. Food is served on time, everything is in order. Her own desire is beauty and order.

For Scorpio woman, spring cleaning is like a vacation. She likes to clean all the corners but try not to find notes smelling of perfume. She is very suspicious, even when there is no reason. Be careful. And yet, it is better that you never suspect it, although there will be many reasons for this. Your questions will not get an answer, so it’s smarter to swallow them without saying it. You will say that this is unfair, but such is the woman Scorpio. Live with her or leave her. But even go away, she will remain in your heart for life. So, try to adapt to her nature.

She often lacks the ability to hold her tongue and a sharp tone during the discussion of someone or something. As for the budget, its behavior is unpredictable. So, she saves money, then becomes a spender. But for sure the money alone gives her pleasure. She cares about prestige, so she does not like a lack of money. Loves power very much. Remember, she is too proud to live in such an environment that she is not it suits you, but for the sake of you and your career, she can go for it. In this case, either try to improve your material condition, or pretend that poverty gives her pleasure. Do not believe her, she will be deeply unhappy.

One of the worst traits of a female Scorpio is the rejection of anyone's point of view, except her own. During a quarrel with her you need to remember that she always aspires to be a winner. The last word should remain for her. If you lie to her at least once, she will lie to you twice. If you have not kissed her after a quarrel for the night, she will not beat you for a month. Her sense of justice is as strong as a feeling of revenge. But on the other hand, she will never forget the good things that you have done for her, and in response to your kindness will respond doubly.

Scorpio traits

The sign of Water, head Pluto. Unbridled, spontaneous, tormenting passion, becoming perfect under the influence of love shocks. The third sign of the circle of feelings. Scorpio acts only with the direct impulse of passions. Whatever he wants, whatever he aspires to, he wants to take possession of it immediately, without delay, without any ceremonies and preparations. He has no social complexes, he is extremely capable of rushing into life at a very young age. Hardened harsh experience acquired nm in connection with its turbulent nature. Scorpio lives with the same heat both phases of his own life, usually clearly demarcated.

Scorpio is a dual sign. This is manifested in the fact that he has two aspects of character, one is a realistic, thirsting for success, eliminating everything from his path that hinders his ambition. The other is idealistic, even self-sacrificing, if to rely on the hidden heroism of Scorpio. This costs him many conflicts, some of which are not particularly important, but exacerbate the confusion of everyday life, while others are the cause of the defeat resulting from love, two friendships, sometimes even two ideologies.

The sign of death, he grabs life by the throat with incomparable passion, seeks to recreate values in the depths of this deplorable life, full of vicissitudes Passionate life, a heroic death. Deep track and memory of people. The cold of the grave for him is only the expectation of rebirth.

The mind wants to grasp the immensity, and the physical life extends its prerogatives as far as possible, but the style remains noble. Knowing how to make money easily. Scorpio comes to the rescue to those who does not possess such a capacity, that predisposes to patronage. His decisions are swift, sentences are not appealable, contempt for death is absolute.

Women are beautiful, attractive, in love they wag noble candor and great passion. They are well oriented in the modern world. If they do not go on about their own sensuality and contrast, leading to mistakes, they will make their lives the way they want.

The era of perfection is from 28 to 42 years old. This is the starting point for great success, which after that should be maintained at the highest level during the passage of crises of 53 and 63 years.

Symbols are pyramid, lamp. Orange-red and granite colors. Caves, crypts, underground waters, rhythms of four bars. The number 100, belonging to Hecate the goddess of hell, the first hours of the night. The most vulnerable part is the genitals.

Scorpio first decade

Symbols are Paper color. Minos Wild boar

Consciousness is Pluto-Mars are bisexual and male planets. Begonia.

Character is violent, domineering, careless up to recklessness. Brave, stubborn in defeat and in victory, noble to complete self-sacrifice, having a dual, mysterious soul. Amazing bipolarity.

Subconscious is Uranus-Venus are asexual and feminine planets. Wisteria.

Character is angelism, tenderness, kindness, idealism. Love for melody, sounds of asexual voice, string instruments, harmonic combinations of colors. The genius of friendship.

Combinations Pluto-Uranus is the struggle between the flesh and the spirit, sex and angelism. Reflections on death, reflection, rebellion, acceptance. Thanatology.

Pluto-Venus is an imperious sexuality, hard-to-bear, unless ascetic discipline leads to high spirituality.

Uranus-Mars is a lively, active mind, creative energy. Using the latest achievements of art and science.

Venus-Mars is passionate temperament. Creative energy.

Conclusion. The two-faced character is powerfully stimulated by dissimilar planets. Hence the attracting mystery. Maybe a brilliant philosopher. However, people with a weak constitution can be suppressed by this magnetic force, which does not give them opportunities for self-discipline.

Love. The natural tendency is to look for an opposite character. If a person of this decade is young, shy, he is looking for a strong cynical character. Hence the constant disappointment. If he has a powerful character, he is interested in sensitive, tender, devoted natures; this can give happiness, provided that its despotic tendencies do not increase.

There will be happiness, if this affair can be changed or a suitable partner is chosen tenderness, a bit excessive, but a lofty passion.

Taurus is the perfect companion. Cancer and Pisces are reciprocated by Scorpio. Gemini give happiness if they are cheerful, active, optimistic, ambitious.

Scorpio second decade

Symbols are Red and weight rainbow shades of the sky. Thanatos. The Dragon.

Consciousness is Pluto-Uranus are bisexual and sexless planets.

Character is instant and irrevocable decisions. Great mental alertness. Research on the past, hypotheses about the future. Comparison Mania stories. Extreme militancy. Intuitive and financial flair. Understanding the laws of drama and its theatrical interpretation.

Subconscious is Uranus-Transparent are asexual and feminine planets. Tuberose.

Character is the practical application of modern inventions, the ability to detail, measure (in the field of biochemistry). Power.

Combination Pluto-Proserpina is the use and exploitation of mineral resources and mines. Speleology. Geology. A living understanding of the past and a resurgent future, its archeology, art history.

Conclusion. Two realistic planets (Pluto and Proserpina) and a spiritual planet (Uranus). Spiritual balance gives a superbly organized character,

It promotes the use of high intellectual functions, as well as creative activities. Lack of balance sometimes gives excessive pride, a guilt complex, and sometimes impracticality.

Love. Alliances with Pisces are very happy. United between 1957 and 1970. They acquire a complete reciprocity, completely analogous to fate, since they are influenced by the passage of the same planets. Both characters tend to be more like each other. Roughly the same thing happens with the union of Cancer and Scorpio. Cancer, being very emotional and easily excitable, will have less than necessary resistance to the tendency “rage - tenderness”, which requires full will and moral tension.

Scorpio third decade

Symbols are virgin mad and virgin wise. Mary Magdalene. Lamp.

Consciousness is Pluto-Venus are the two-sex and female planets. Comedy. Gardenia.

Character is early development and great charm. Understanding of love from early childhood. Refined voluptuousness. Exceptional magical attraction, internal heat. Beautiful hair.

Subconscious is Uranus-Neptune are asexual and bisexual planets, a tendency towards idealism.

Character is strangeness. Ambiguous charm. Mimic impulses.

Combinations Pluto-Neptune is the struggle between flesh and mind, sensuality and religiosity. Tender nature, striving for the ideal.

Neptune-Venus is altruism, kindness, even self-sacrifice. Under the bad influence of this quality can lead to useless self-destruction.

Conclusion. this opposition of consciousness and subconsciousness is so strong that it eliminates any possibility of curbing passion. Hence: either the unreasonableness of women falling under the power of all temptations, or excessive idealism. This separation takes place between the ages of 14 and 21. But there can be a change of direction, and a split personality is a secret life, an obvious life (in society), then an idealistic choice and a god.

Love. Love is a dangerous and exciting power at the same time. Early marriages are not the happiest. An ideal life full of passion and tenderness can be achieved after 21 years, if the satellite is chosen correctly. Pisces, the first decade of Gemini, the third decade of Leo or Aries give a filling feeling. Favorable alliances with Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer. The union with Aquarius brings misfortune. Scorpio and Taurus are similar in their proprietary characters are quarrels are inevitable. With Gemini, spiritual and physical harmony, but the relationship is hampered by the proprietary character of Scorpio and the inconstancy of Gemini. Collaboration in working with Libra is recommended. Strong and happy union with the Virgo.

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