Fixed Zodiac signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

All fixed (permanent) signs of the Zodiac have qualities such as determination, stability, loyalty and consistency.

If they set a goal, nothing will stop them, they are persistent and reliable. While the enthusiasm of cardinal signs may decline after a while, representatives of fixed signs are able to go all the way. Constancy gives strength and endurance to achieve great goals, and if they have made a decision, they are not inclined to change their minds.


Taurus is a Fixed sign that belongs to the Earth element. Of all the signs, it is the least changeable, since it is the most passive Zodiac sign of all of the fixed signs. Taurus is not a stranger to work, but he takes up the task only in cases when he himself receives an undoubted benefit and pleasure from it, or when it is absolutely impossible to postpone. Taurus is constant in its desire to accumulate and preserve its material values. Falling in the middle of spring, Taurus elevates the moon, thereby supporting life itself.


Leo, the Fixed sign of Fire, and its ruler is the fire itself. It falls in the middle of summer and speaks of the sunniest and the warmest time of year. Leo is constant in its self-love and originality, it has a strong need for self-expression and approval. It is the most active sign of all the fixed signs of the zodiac, he gets down to business with great enthusiasm, but more often seeks to organize, direct, control the process, but not to perform himself. The exception is creative work.


Scorpio is a fixed sign of Water, constant in his desires and would like to make his feelings unchanged. Getting down to business, Scorpio immediately tries to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities and possible threats. He cannot allow that to which he invested his strength to perish.

Scorpio symbolizes the concentration of natural forces in the fall, when the trees drop their leaves so that new ones grow next spring. A sign of death and rebirth, Scorpio is associated with instinctive and subconscious forces. Although all signs of the fixed qualities are distinguished by the intensity of experiences, this is especially characteristic of Scorpio; he strives for the constancy of feelings and sensations.


Aquarius may seem a somewhat contradictory sign, since fixity is hardly a characteristic feature of the Air. But don't forget how the cold winter air can numb you to the bone. Therefore, do not underestimate the possibilities of a fixed air sign. His constancy is shown in the mental sphere, and although Aquarius is open to new, even radical, ideas, he can focus so much on one thing that it will be difficult to confuse him and almost impossible to force him to change his decision once made.

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