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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Dates: Apr 21 - May 21

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Color: Green, Pink

Day: Friday, Monday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

A large constellation consists of stars of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th magnitudes. The star of the 1st magnitude is the yellow-orange Aldebaran (a navigation star), one of the most beautiful stars in the sky. Surrounding Aldebaran is the open star cluster Hyades, and to the right and above Aldebaran are the Pleiades. Within the constellation of Taurus is the Crab Nebula, the remnants of a supernova that erupted in 1054.

The cult of the sacred bull Apis flourished for thousands of years in Egypt. Outwardly, it personified strength and the power of reproduction. Symbolically, Apis is the personification of creative power.

You can always distinguish a person born under the sign of Taurus by their strong, silent, but confident behavior. Until you get to know them closer, they will give the impression of being withdrawn. Their movements are measured, and their speech is laconic. It is difficult to get a rise out of them or disturb their peace. Taurus rarely goes into a rage; they prefer to be left alone. Do not press them, or they become stubborn. They can exercise enviable self-control for months and years, ignoring causes that would cause nervous breakdowns in others. And then, quite unexpectedly, they can erupt. In this case, it's best to get out of their way as soon as possible. Their temperament is rarely manifested impulsively, but when irritated, they can crush everything in their path. Fortunately, as already mentioned, this happens rarely. Nevertheless, it is always better to remember that Taurus is not a bit annoyed; they are either calm or fierce.

The opposite gender attracts Taurus, but it's not in their nature to aggressively pursue a chosen one. They prefer to attract people. Typical behavior of Taurus is passivity. They are more a hospitable host than a lover of visiting. They love their home, their comfortable armchair, familiar surroundings. Any change will discourage them.

Taurus is very close to the earth, loves nature, flowers. The fast-paced rhythm of modern life tires them, so they take every opportunity to get out of town. Typically, Taurus is remarkably healthy, although if they become ill, it is difficult and slow to recover, mostly due to their stubborn insubordination to doctors. One of their characteristic features is pessimism, which also does not contribute to a quick recovery. The most sensitive areas for diseases are the throat, neck, legs, back. Any cold often turns into a sore throat. Often there is poor circulation and, as a result, chronic disease. The lack of fresh air and movement is one of the main causes of illness. It is useless to talk to Taurus about stubbornness. They think they are patient and strong only. In fact, Taurus is very patient. They can withstand more emotional and physical strain for years, and people will not even suspect this.

The more trouble that falls on Taurus, the more power they find to carry them. Taurus deserves a gold medal for the courage shown by being frayed by fate, which would have broken other signs long ago.

Their loyalty and devotion to family and friends often transcend all understanding. They are rarely cruel and vindictive.

Regarding material well-being, it can be noted that Taurus and money always go together. It makes no sense to search for unemployed Taurus. They build their empire slowly but surely. Always starting with a solid foundation, building up their business floor by floor. They love to accumulate power in the same way as money, but usually only for the vain pleasure of possessing it. They often allow their subordinates to act. Just knowing that power and money belong to them completely satisfies Taurus. Capricorn and Cancer let work, and they will inhale the scent of flowers and look into the eyes of beautiful women. They are proud of their property, they are not greedy, but they don’t waste money.

Taurus cares about music and painting. His thoughts are always intelligent and clear. There is nothing small in it. His home is his fortress. He is patient, like time itself. His strength and loyalty can always be relied upon. And yet, the main trait of the character of Taurus is obstinacy.

Taurus man

This is an earthy, sensitive person. You can also note his slowness and caution. However, Taurus is a rather romantic sign. He needs a long time to decide if he wants something. He does not want to dive into the pool of romance and discover in mid-flight that there is no water. But if he has decided, for example, that you are right for him and decided to conquer you, then he would surpass any man.

A Taurus man can send you flowers every day until he gets his way. He can be very gentle and attentive, react to your perfume, smooth skin, and soft hair. He will find a way to show that he notices all this without telling you about it openly. He has a very developed sense of touch and smell.

He will ensure that you are perfectly dressed, give you gifts, offer a walk under the moon. He will not forget the day when you met or another anniversary and will not look around when courting you. But the typical Taurus will never promise you a romantic air castle. He will bring the project of a real house and bring you in as the woman of the house. This man is the embodiment of a businessman. When Taurus brings you into his home, you can be sure that he can clothe and feed you. This type of man is designed for women who prefer tangible values.

However, getting along with Taurus is not easy. For this, a woman will need to first think over her behavior and polish it. Taurus will not tolerate women with a loud voice and rude manners. If you have your own opinion, do not try to express it to Taurus in public. With all respect for the woman with intellect, he will put common sense first. And even if you are right, you should not overshadow his personality.

An emancipated woman does not suit him. When meeting with her, there are two possible reactions: a primitive Taurus (there are many, by the way) can be rude to her, and the more sophisticated and educated will reproach her in public and turn into a rock block, spoiling the rest of the evening. And no matter how hard your friends try to rectify the situation, they will not succeed until Taurus settles down.

It is best to leave Taurus alone to return him to a normal state, as any attempt to influence him will only cause anger and irritability. However, no matter how angry he was, he would never leave a woman alone. The most rational behavior with a Taurus man is soft pliability and “tongue grip”. And, for God's sake, do not even think of complaining about him or making jokes. With all his restraint, he cannot bear it. But you should not stick to him. He is too practical and loves freedom. He does not allow a woman to encroach on it.

Taurus does not encroach on the woman’s individuality. On the contrary, it appeals to him. No one can compare with him in kindness, tenderness, and tolerance when his manhood is safe. He will do everything for the woman he loves.

Taurus will look at you for a long time before making a choice. He never begins a serious courtship spontaneously. He needs time to understand that he needs you. The typical Taurus is usually blind to any warnings about the incompatibility of characters, and the more you tell him about it, the more stubborn he becomes. He goes through a divorce for a long time and hard and looks for a new girlfriend even longer.

The financial side of life with Taurus is always excellent. He loves the village, fishing, nature. He prefers to read books about the heroes of the past and the biographies of great people. The Taurus man more than others embodies masculine qualities. Therefore, it is necessary to feed him nourishing home-cooked meals.

As a father, Taurus is perfection. He can treat daughters with tenderness. He is attentive to the whims of his wife, gives her the opportunity not to deny herself expensive things, such as perfumes and other important trifles to a woman. Rarely spares money and nevertheless always thinks about tomorrow's well-being. He works a lot, so he needs rest. He can be unbearable when tired. He is usually lazy at home, but do not scold him for that. Taurus cannot be pushed and rushed.

The Taurus man prefers small, well-established groups of friends. He should have a comfortable and quiet home. His love is simple and honest. Care for him, and your life with Taurus will be beautiful.

Taurus woman

Venus gives the beautiful half of this sign charm and femininity. What is a weakness for a Taurus man is charm here. These women love beautiful things, flowers, dresses, refined cuisine, and wines. They are ruinous for their admirers.

A female Taurus is an exalted woman. She is the salt of the earth, a combination of all the wonderful qualities that a man seeks and rarely finds. Usually, she is calm and surprisingly restrained, but if she loses her temper, she can frighten even a strong man. True, this happens extremely rarely and only when there are enough grounds.

A Taurus woman has greater emotional depth than any man. You do not need much time to find a strong mind that lets her not resort to coquetry to achieve her goal. She has a lot of self-control, hidden waves.

Men usually appreciate her ability to accept people as they are. She is equally easy to feel with different people. If she does not like someone, she does not offend him, but simply avoids them. The Taurus woman is completely indifferent to her enemies but keeps loyalty to her friends to the end. Keep in mind that she expects the same attitude from you. As for jealousy, its manifestation is peculiar. Unlike Leo or Aries, a Taurus woman will not turn red with anger if you admire someone in front of her, but she will not let you cross the legal limits of courtship. And it's unwise to test her patience for too long.

She is not interested in abstract reflections. Practical common sense matters to her. And although Taurus does not belong to intellectual signs, there is always a complete order in the head of this woman, and her goals are always clear and direct. She should be satisfied with whatever she did.

She has a keenly developed sense of harmony in everything. Her kitchen is a real trap for men. She is talented in evaluating art. It is unlikely that you will be able to see dried or artificial flowers in her vases; she reacts very much to good smells like fresh bread, freshly cut grass. You should use a good cologne and lotion for shaving.

A rare Taurus woman does not like the village; the land magnetizes her. She prefers sportswear, without any excesses, from soft fabrics. This is a very strong woman. She is demanding but rarely so. The exception is the demand for your loyalty. People tend to like her straightforwardness. She does not like being objected to, especially by outsiders.

Motherhood suits her. She can be strict with adolescents, requires discipline, does not tolerate disobedience, laziness, and carelessness. This makes her mad. She is more a friend to her children than a mother. Having no habit of complaining about difficulties. She will always be a reliable support for her husband, especially during financial crises. Not lazy, although sometimes needs rest. Rarely tries to beat a man in anything. Her tolerance for pain and emotional stress is astounding.

A Taurus woman can make a good impression on people, very hospitable. She is truly a great woman.

Taurus traits

Earth sign, master Venus. Extreme sensitivity and artistry. The first sign of the circle of Sensitivity. Taurus (or Bull) presents love in everything that is born in the atmosphere of spring, filled with bliss, when flowers and trees pour their sweet smells and birds sing wedding songs. The latest developments of April, filled with the scent of lilac, jasmine, hawthorn. Young tenderness of May, irises, first roses.

Among such images, the most beautiful eyes in the world are opened, the most elegant ear is formed, thin transparent skin, painted in pink color, which will once become a perfect instrument of unforgettable pleasures. The joy of the artist, the happiness of the beloved. Taurus loves to take as much as give. He loves material goods and at the same time is wasteful. He has a passion for luxury, for all festive and bright, accessible chosen persons who know how to love for love, and by no means for the sake of joy to enslave and force.

He is happy if his partner skillfully participates in a love duet, not leaving a single call without an answer, no rush without a harmonic response, not a single gift without gratitude. He knows how to find joy in everything, takes inexhaustible forces from the Earth, has a healthy animal instinct.

The epoch of perfection: dawn and twilight, early youth and the end of maturity, the last gleams of evening dawn.

Symbols are green, pink, blue, and yellow, heart. Blooming branches of lilac and jasmine, roses, Venetian mirrors. Red color is unfavorable. Number 6 because there is nothing more pleasant to the eye than the hexagonal configuration and decorative attributes, consisting of six elements. The rhythm preferred for Venus is the rhythm of the waltz. Vulnerabilities are neck, larynx, throat are the places where microbes hide, causing sore throat, hoarseness, loss of voice.

Taurus first decade

Symbols: Minstrel. Violin. Love songs. Dragonfly.

Consciousness: Venus-Mercury are female and male planets. Pale green and blue. Numbers 63and 36.

Character: intuition, clear expressiveness of gesture, musicality, understanding of harmony (in this decade many major writers were born). A sensitive ear, taste, touch. A delicate sense of color that allows combining harmoniously tones that complement each other. Unselfishness, idealism, ambition.

Subconscious: Suns-Saturn are two male planets. Gold and black colour.

Character: the dominant male principle makes the character courageous and active. Women can manage, administer (or passive, restless because of this dominant is opposite of their essence). Ability to draw, decorate, architecture. Often insensitivity due to the functions of the Sun-Saturn combination, which are the exact opposite of the Taurus functions. In this case is stubbornness, pride, a desire to assert themselves.

Combinations: Venus-Saturn is beauty, extraordinary taste, artistic genius. Love for nature, colours, smells, gentle and perfect landscapes. Venus-Saturn is fatal love. Happiness is in loyalty, if is a happy choice. The ability to manage their passions and gusts.

Mercury-Sun is literary taste, love for the theatre, for an open lifestyle. In women: the art of being well dressed, beautifully kept, the ability to rotate in society.

Mercury-Saturn is harsh, often cruel criticism. The lack of respect for the interlocutor. Aggravation of political intuition. The art of management. A sensitivity in the choice of words, rhythm and ideas in the literature.

Conclusion: in dealing with the education of children of this decade, it is important to develop their positive qualities, which are invariably strong, to deal with shortcomings. The mind can grasp the immensity (the influence of Mercury, Sun, Saturn), then the education program is not limiting only, but expanding it in every way in the chosen field of study.

Love: the astral satellite is Scorpio, women choose the first decade, men the last decade. Ideal love is the first and the last ten days of the Virgo is two minds are delighted with each other. Reasonable marriage is Capricorn, which delights organization. Passion leads to the first decade of Sagittarius. Taurus understands the high qualities of this decade, admires it.

Taurus second decade

Symbols: Orpheus. Melody. Tenderness. Mirror Dove.

Consciousness: Venus-Moon are two female planets. Green, rosewood colour and blue. Numbers 62 and 26.

Character: carelessness, beauty, responsiveness. The art of singing. Love for silk. Gourmet, love of sweet wines, cakes, sweets. Tenderness. Love for children. Tendency to little obesity.

Subconscious: Sun-Jupiter is double male domination. Blue and gold colours.

Character: financial ambition. Instinct leading to wealth or to its external manifestations. Love for performances.

Combinations: Venus-Sun is beauty, magnetic affection, immediate success (provided successfully chosen environment).

Venus-Jupiter is good luck, often surpassing all that was supposed. This is the darling of fate.

Moon Sun is duality, thanks to which adolescents of both sexes have a strange charm.

Moon-Jupiter is popularity, fame. A weight gain to forty years.

Conclusion: a very strong ambition. Combined with an early developed mind, it can produce astounding and quick results. In any case, ambition teaches to be persistent, to achieve the goal.

Danger: too much power of sensual beginnings can destroy ambitious aspirations and lead the mind away from planned actions. Too cynical or critical mind destroys the ability to feel deeply.

Love: a normal marriage with Scorpio. It is two ambitions complement each other. But feeling, if not idealized, gives way to non-obsessive sensuality. Ideal love and marriage with the Virgo (from 1957 to 1976). They are very similar (first and last decades). Taurus attracts the highly organized mind of Virgo. Passionate love orients to the second decade of Sagittarius. The presence of idealizing planets removes the danger of suffering and misunderstanding. The danger that because of this mutual immersion in the dream arises selfishness and complete inactivity.

Taurus third decade

Symbols: Demeter. Erats. Io. Scarab.

Consciousness: Venus-Saturn are male and female planets. Green colour.

Character: Venus will give sentimentality and sensuality. Saturn is intelligence, loyalty, hard work. Love for the earth, its flowers, gardens, birds. Genius. Floriculture. In music is the melody of Venus, harmony of Saturn. Long life, if the liver is immaculate.

Subconscious: Sun-Pluto are male and female planets. Golden, red, orange colours.

Character: ambition, over activity, wish for wealth, intellectual eclecticism, the cult of great people. An intense sexuality can lead to obsession if pure, ideal passion does not come to the rescue and will not die too strong dominance of desire.

Combinations: Venus-Sun is beauty, love of luxury.

Venus-Pluto is a life full of passions, a desire to win, to be rich, to show off.

Saturn-Sun is ambition without restraint. Fast, logical, accurate classic comprehensive mind. Drawing, architecture, literature.

Saturn-Pluto is despotism, cruelty, invulnerability. Understands genealogy and hierarchy, history. Intense passion.

Conclusion: the riches is the goal of life, often this dream can be realized. If artistic abilities turn out to be undeveloped due to polarity and arising contradictions, then the love of money grows over the years, makes a person insensitive to everything that does not apply to wealth. Progressive stinginess or boastful extravagance. The tendency to change the nuances may entail an impatience in love. In the absence of the above factors is sensuality, sociability, tender and passionate love in the atmosphere of music, colors, nature, charm.

Love: harmonious union with the Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, sometimes with Capricorn. Passionate love leads to the last decade of Sagittarius, in which Taurus is admired by the talents of the administrator, political instinct. Unfavorable union with Leo and Aquarius. Much in common with Taurus, but, as with the sign of Gemini, quarrels are frequent.

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