Capricorn Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Dates: Dec 22 - Jan 20

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown, Black

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22

The constellation consists of stars no brighter than the 3th magnitude. On the forehead of this hieroglyphic animal, the main star is the double Gnedi. Each of them, in turn, is a triple star. The name of the Tropic of Capricorn is associated with the sign of this constellation.

The Fish turns into an animal in half (a vertical line appears, parallel to its patron Torah),  retaining only part of the body of the fish as a result of evolution. The god Horus is depicted above Capricorn, in his right hand is the ankh (Egyptian cross is the symbol of life), and his left is Huas (the symbol of power, inviolability). He patronizes Capricorn, its further development. Gore, as represented by the ancient Egyptians, is mainly a god-benefactor who is in an eternal struggle with the god Seth, the personification of evil.

Character is stubborn, mind is developed. The most enduring and resistant of all signs of the zodiac, both physically and morally. Secretive, secretly ambitious, he lives a reality, knows and loves to work. Success beckons him with extraordinary power. He goes to the goal step by step. Overcomes all obstacles with great patience and incredible perseverance. Nothing can discourage Capricorn and make him go astray.

You must first practice before to learn this sign. Watch the silent spider in the corner. It would seem he has no chances to catch these fast and free flying flies. And yet they fall into his skillfully placed network, he wins.

Capricorns can  be found everywhere, in any area, but only where they can move forward and gain satisfaction with their secret ambitions. Capricorns climb the public ladder, rising from stone to stone, always just ahead. They do not like to attract attention. They cannot even notice at first. It may seem that everyone else has advantages in competition, and Capricorn has no chance of winning. And  nevertheless, it is he who will be the first to come to the finish line and,  consequently, to the podium! To fight him is almost impossible and useless.

Capricorn feels great reverence for those who beat him on the way to the top. He adores success, respect, power and respects traditions. And let other impulsive people call him a snob and a prude, it doesn’t care.

Capricorns can express their critical comments thoughtlessly and harshly, but they are too wise to create unnecessary enemies for themselves. Most often, Capricorn will try to agree with you, to adapt to you, but maybe it only seems that way? They very  carefully bypass obstacles and all sorts of pitfalls. And no wonder they rarely stumble. Their eyes are not directed towards the stars, but straight ahead. Yes, and feet firmly on the ground. Jealousy, passion, impulsiveness, laziness and carelessness, all these qualities Capricorns consider only obstacles to the goal, and let others stumble over them. Capricorns can only slightly sympathize with these people, feel a slight pity for them for their failures and will go easy on. There are romantic Capricorns, of course. But they also do not allow emotions to blind themselves.

You will have to comply with many conditions if you want Capricorn to respect you. He never makes public scenes and exposes no passions. Almost necessarily idealize their ancestors and elders. Respect for age and experience is part of his nature. Often in his old age, he tries to catch up on what was lost and his youth. Capricorn can hardly fall in love with a person who does not occupy any position in society. He is not one of those people who marries without hesitation, on the contrary, long and carefully preparing for this. He loves his relatives very much, in the end, some property may be left to him.

You may think  that this is a cold and calculating attitude, but Capricorn will only shrug to your disapproval. This behavior is just reasonable, that's all. Chance will never have to knock out his door twice. Even more correct to say they are leaning against the door, waiting for this chance.

Capricorns have a rather poor health in childhood, in any case worse than other signs. However, their resilience increases with age. The sober, prudent nature of Capricorn gives it amazing endurance. Nevertheless, they do not always manage to  avoid doctors and hospitals, since fear, uncertainty and anxiety make them worse than microbes. Neither conservative habits and stubbornness, nor resistance to disease can overcome the dangers of pessimism.

Capricorns should spend a lot of time on the air and develop a more positive outlook on life. Almost all Capricorns have sensitive skin. Diseases of the stomach are also possible; joints and bones are vulnerable. The result of their melancholy may be naked pain, kidney disease, and mental illness. However, if they manage to avoid long-term illness due to their depression, then their ability to longevity is amazing. But is it good to be the last leaf on the tree and still suffer from arthritis and rheumatism?

Capricorn gives the impression of a gentle, timid and slightly stubborn person. He seems harmless. And it may even seem to you that this is the most suitable candidate for the priesthood, whom you can trust and confess. But you must know that they use your weaknesses and your secrets to become stronger themselves. And even then, Capricorns will not slow down to win the position of a true leader! But they will refuse to lead the parade, will reserve only the right to give permission for this parade, to approve its routes.

Capricorn man

He erected a brick wall around him. Timid, but very strong, pleasant and very ambitious. It seems that he prefers loneliness, but in fact it is not. He likes to subdue the crowd. In his dreams he is an amazing romantic. However, Saturn restrains his nature. This severe planet of strict discipline requires calm behavior, practical actions and serious intentions. This is a cross to bear of Capricorn, which must be carried, and it is very often heavy. At times, a Capricorn man may strike with sharp manners, and sometimes he will be surprised by an unexpected sense of humor, in which there is an ironic note. Turn the even and calm Capricorn inside out and you will see a cheerful and gentle dreamer who is looking for adventure and excitement. And only some Capricorns can show this their deeply hidden essence.

It may seem to you that it is most suitable for him to be a school teacher, and as a lover he is unhappy. You can also decide that he is more concerned about his career than you. He can be overwhelmed and impressed by him, but in his inner story he will not show it and will never allow dreams to get himself too far. Capricorn is not capable of thoughtless action, and you cannot change his personality. But it is still possible to influence it gradually. Try to hint to him that behind his conservative mindset you see the fervor of an innovator, and he may have a desire to show such quality. You can tell him that you like his type of romance, because the most beautiful dream is this one that comes true. And with this you can push him to the realization of some peak, and you will be near him, filled with pride and joy because you have believed in him.

Capricorn can pretend to live peacefully without compliments. But the way he behaves when he  is praised proves the opposite. Of course, he may hide his joy, but do not let this deceive you. He desperately needs to be told that he is good, beautiful, intelligent, interesting. But since he does not manifest such desire externally, he is rarely praised. Therefore, with praise, om may behave somewhat awkwardly, try to hide its embarrassment with an awkward joke, or simply ignore the compliments. Such a reaction may lead to the fact that the next time he will not be given compliments at all. But this may be more of your guilt than his.

Capricorn may be serious and wise in his youth, like an owl, but over the years his character becomes softer and more interesting. This is worth thinking about. If the shortcomings of other men only get worse with age, then in Capricorn - the opposite. Over the years, it will only get better. If you prefer to get a snack first, and then a good lunch, it is for you. If your love with him ends in marriage, then you get the dessert exactly when it should be served.

Naturally, such a reverse process in aging can lead you to the idea that it will not be  completely true to you. Maybe. You may have some trouble with his novels when he is young. May they be repeated in his old age. Despite this, the Capricorn male is much safer than most other signs. Whatever novels may appear during its late flowering, they will never replace your family hearth with it. He is in awe of family ties.

You should not insult his mother and treat his relatives coldly, even if you do not like them. He will not only protect them, but he will need to choose between loyalty to two families. And you can hardly enter it into such a state. Many Capricorn men live in their family to a later age than their friends. Usually they fall in love later than other men. They rarely marry before they establish themselves in life.

Striving for perfection, they choose their wife very carefully. They need a woman who would be a good mother and a wonderful hostess, would dress beautifully and with taste, would be smart and well brought up. Do you meet these requirements? But beauty and physical compatibility are not so important for him. You cannot fear with him for his hair or ugly legs. And: do not forget that the main thing for you is to please his family. Exceptions are very rare. Only after his family, in the person of your chosen one, makes you an offer, v! can show your hardness. Let him know that you love his relatives, but you will only share the table and bed with him. Otherwise, you will have to feed and care for his entire family.

Since Capricorn is nervous in the presence of the opposite sex, it can sometimes be awkward to hint at something, to be somewhat rude or, conversely, shy. This is his way of hiding his embarrassment and curiosity about the passions that more aggressive men allow themselves. Let it not confuse you and not push you towards frivolous behavior. You must remain a lady for him. Do not forget about it.

A good gift to your Capricorn husband will be a book of poems. If you do not teach him, from the very beginning, the Art of manifesting love, then you risk becoming a well-to-do and well-respected wife, seated on an emotional disgraced diet. And it will be useless to complain that he does not tell you about his love. He is only surprised at such a reproach: “You lost your mind. I remember exactly how I said I love you when we got married.” He sincerely believes that it is quite enough that he treats you well, lives with you and supports you.

He can be called a father with a capital “F”. He always sits at the head of the table, demands respect, unquestioning obedience and obedience. He will pay with affection and self-sacrifice in response. He will arrange fun birthdays, New Year and other holidays. These fathers very often resort to physical punishment in order, as it seems to them, to spoil the child. He needs to be reminded that fatherhood is not only a serious responsibility, but also a pleasure. You will have to teach the children to kiss him for the night, constantly telling him to not only raise children, but also to have fun with them. Capricorns-grandfathers gladly take care of children and know how to do it.

Capricorns rarely marry hastily, so as not to repent later. Most marriages are strong. But if he made a mistake, he could divorce, although the divorce terrifies him. Perhaps your husband Capricorn will almost sleep with you on schedule. Do not be upset by such coldness, remember that the practical Capricorn is interested in the physical side of love much longer than other men. As already mentioned, dessert finally. Your Capricorn will protect you on a rainy day, protect you from loneliness and the blows of fate. Any sensible woman will appreciate such affection. Let him not an ardent lover, looking at you with shining eyes and whispering passionate words. He is a strong man with a soft heart. You will remain the same woman for him whom he said once “I love you” even when his hair turns gray and his face becomes covered with wrinkles.

Capricorn woman

She has a characteristic feature: her beauty and charm only increase with age. Men will like her more at 35 than at 18. But it is not easy to care for her, she always erects a barrier between herself and her fans. This is the type of woman who loves her independence. She can be a museum lady with glasses, and a dancer. But whatever she does (her actions and secrets are led by Saturn), she does not forgive treason.

This may be superwoman, flirting and charming men. In her presence, they will feel like giants capable of protecting her from the cruel world. Or, on the contrary, be calm, cold and alienated, sitting on a marble pedestal, and you will have to exert all your strength to win her hand. But whatever it is, she has one goal is steel purposefulness to grab the right man. Her chosen one should occupy a high enough position that she can be proud of.

Capricorn women tend to succeed in their work, and one might think that love and marriage are in second place with them. Love maybe, but not marriage. The purpose of her is the reliability and prestige of the situation, and it does not matter how this is achieved: whether with her work or with the help of her husband. But you can hardly see how this woman achieves first place. At least she will not push anyone elbows and scream loudly, seeking his own. From the side, you can even think that she will agree to the last place, giving everything to her rivals, by virtue of her softness. Do not doubt at the finish this woman will be the first.

One of the most characteristic features of Capricorn is good education and manners. You may meet a woman of this sign who grew up in a densely populated communal apartment, but according to her behavior you will sure that she brought up, at least in an old mansion. Any man entering into a relationship with this woman should know that her appearance is calmer and emotionally stable than it actually is. She is subject to many moods. It can be argued that all women are subject to them. But the difference with Capricorn is that it can have very long black periods. If she feels that  she is not appreciated enough, she may be in a deep trance for days, weeks, and even months. The gloominess, pessimism, or depression that Saturn will give her  are rooted far deeper than mere sensitivity. They come from her fear for the future, feelings about the present and, perhaps, shame for the past or suspicions that she is not treated the way she deserves.

This woman does not accept ridicule. Keep them to a minimum. Frankly speaking, she is simply unable to appreciate the humor, the object of which is itself. This does not mean that you constantly must give her compliments. A Capricorn bury woman feels when they are insincere, but you have to praise her often enough to make sure that you know her true value. She rarely relaxes in romantic situations.

It has a great physical desire, much more than one might suspect, and it is very chest to satisfy. Sitting and spending time on kisses, when the future is not yet decided, is not her hobby. If she has decided that you are the person she needs, that your finances, like your position, are enough, she can be gentle, loving and even passionate. Capricorn does not believe in hazy dreams. She needs to know exactly which port the ship of her love is sailing to and that it is sailing on safe waters.

Build a solid foundation under your house if you want a Capricorn woman to go in there. Perhaps she will flit a butterfly in society, abide by etiquette and adhere to traditions in the form of napkin rings. She has a desire to buy things in the most expensive shops, but at the same time she will bargain, as in a petty shop. She can also buy a dress and on sale, but it must necessarily hang a label of a prestigious company.

This woman has fresh beauty and attractiveness. However, she is not sure about her appearance. It is necessary to constantly confirm its beauty. Although she does not like dishonesty in any form, she can lie about her age. In childhood, she looks like an adult lady's feces, and then blooms into a woman who looks younger than her years. You cannot hurt her family, a man who marries her, marries her whole family at the same time. She is very caring towards her family and friends, a beautiful hostess, she loves beauty and nature, but you will not find sympathy in her “starving poets." "Her slogan is providing yourself with shelter, clothing, food and money, and then dream, and that's just what it is worth dreaming about.

In children, she will try to cultivate a sense of respect for the quality of anything. They will have all the best. The concept of "saving" for her does not mean buying cheap things. But in this family, there may be a clash between Saturnian conservatism and youthful liberalism when the children grow up.

Since she has very sensitive skin, she will not be very beautiful. Most of them are allergic to paint. But nature rewarded her with beauty that lasts much longer than other women. One of her vices is stubbornness. But she never complains of difficulties. She will push you to success and at the same time can be gentle and affectionate. Despite her graceful manners, she knows how to circle you around her finger.

Only a wise Capricorn woman could, see that in fact you are a bewitched prince, looking into your eyes when you were a clumsy frog. And not only this! If you marry her, you will always have a stock of clean socks.

Capricorn traits

Earth sign, owner Saturn. A lively mind, long-term old age, calm will, endurance and creativity.

The fourth sign of the circle of Will. Capricorn presents her in a masculine form. In adulthood about 56 years old he can create theories, draw conclusions from his own observations and experience. On their basis, it can create a philosophical system, ethical constructions, which are not dissolved in abstract meditations, but are of practical benefit to humanity.

However, being accustomed to descending into the very depths of thought, the Saturnian person often gets bogged down in pessimistic calculations, which deprive him of the ability for any external manifestation of feelings and any hope of improving the financial situation in the future. Moreover, since his work is usually extremely  avant-garde, it does not always receive the immediate recognition to which he aspires. Nobody unknown scientists and artists, rejected lovers from here. Therefore, a Saturnian needs to cultivate optimism, develop “Jupiter” properties in himself and especially rely on the sign of conception Aries, a dynamic, able to fight, life-giving.

Artists, intellectuals, women have a strange charm. Born under a vertical such a Saturn is a born mountaineer, endlessly rising and falling. His symbol the ladder is the embodiment of stubborn ambition. A mixture of pride and tragic obedience then leads him to the beak, then throws him into the abyss. If he introduces this property in his work, it goes far beyond mediocrity; if he is engaged in handicraft, he achieves excellent results because the mind moves his hand. In the field of mental labor or art, his gift of synthesis allows you to create amazing constructions, freed from all that is superfluous. It has an extremely sharpened practical mind.

The era of perfection is from 14 to 20 years, when the intellect is formed; then after 56 years of age, when creativity gets its end. Sunset, mid-winter, the last reflections of the day.

Symbols are staircase, tower clock, old stones, number 7, menorah, trees, noble opal, vulnerable place - joints, prone to rheumatism.

Capricorn first decade

Symbols are Rocks. Stairs. Towers. Coal. Bear. Consciousness: Saturn-Jupiter are two male planets. Gentian. Fetus.

Character is very bright. Acts with confidence and composure. Love for learning, patience, perseverance, success at the end of life.

Subconscious Mars-Pluto are two male planets. Tulip.

Character is lively nature, agile, full of dynamics. Bravery. Heroism. Inflexible will, the power of impact on others and the ability to regenerate. The ability to repeatedly start all over again.

Combinations Saturn-Mars is an offensive and defensive strategy.

Saturn Pluto is a feeling of eternity. This emphasizes strength. Time does not exist as a final factor. Ability to endless renewal, rebirth, leading eventually to victory.

Mars-Pluto is the art of commanding the masses and carry them ideas that time will make sacred.

Conclusion. A great decade, but its people are modest (the influence of Saturn). They rarely stand upright, as they cannot choose a field of activity.

Love. The characters are gentle, patient and highly influenced by Venus: Cancer, Taurus, the first and second decades of Leo, the third decade of Virgo.

Capricorn second decade

Symbols are Bells. Mosses. Vernal ornament. Lead. Wolf.

Consciousness Saturn-Mars are two male planets. Bell.

Character is fight, battle. An enemy that never disarms. Protection. Perseverance. Fury. He is fierce, endlessly improving and, if he does not lose his courage in the hours of his deep pessimism, he reaches his intended goal.

Subconscious Mars-Sun is ambition, youthfulness, mobility, courage.

Character. A sense of rhythm, the dynamics of a phrase in the service of an idea, passion. Inertness and isolation give endless inner suffering. They are a punitive element for a person, for his fate.

Combination Saturn-Sun is longevity. Elegance. Proper facial features.

Conclusion. Three male planets give an active, seeking character, eager to take responsibility. These planets harmonize well with each other, since they have one goal: to reach the top, real or imaginary.

Love. Passionate temperament, endless pursuit of an ideal (perfection, beauty). Sometimes he leaves a mystic. Leo excites enthusiasm in him, Taurus offers tender intimate love, Aries shares his ambition.

Capricorn third decade

Symbols are Quartz. Lucifer. Tree. Hawk.

Consciousness is Saturn-Uranus is a male and asexual planet. Black colors.

Character. A unique mind, at the same time scientific, broad and philosophical. Sharp critical focus of the mind. The battle of opinions. Longevity; fun conversation. Psychologist.

Subconscious Mars-Venus are male and female planets. Motley tulip. Jump in the mountains. Skiing.

Character is passion. Physical fervor. Science love. Hot controversy. Lyricism. Loving nature, faithful to his affections.

Combinations. Saturn-Venus is loyalty. Mental passion, where the mind dominates the gusts of the heart. The desire to create a ceremony in love that will ennoble the feeling. Knightly spirit.

Mars - Uranus is a lively mind, catching ideas on the fly, it breathes life into them, criticizes them, destroys, continues, develops, draws everything possible out of them. Genius.

Uranus - Venus is the independence of the mind, seeking to get rid of everything superfluous. Does not forgive stupidity, carelessness, injustice, harsh words. Subtle mind, taste. Love for music, the ability to choose.

Conclusion. Hot-tempered character, on the one hand, a cynic (long face), on the other is passionate (oval face). Proud of his mind, courage of thinking, always looking for the opportunity to show himself, to reveal his worldview that is stable and devoid of errors.

Love. Natural independence leads to the fact that he knows how to live happily only with his own kind is generous in feelings. The manifestation of jealousy makes you suffer the same way as the lack of tenderness. Willingly marries Aquarius, the second decade of Scorpio, the first decade of Leo or Aries. Cheerfulness, directness always aroused enthusiasm in him. Weakness, passivity makes him cynical and cruel. Unsustainable marriage with Libra, Cancer. Harmonious alliances with the Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. The rhythm of life and temperament are so different that marriages are rarely feasible with Sagittarius despite the great physical attraction. With difficulty enters relations with Gemini. A strong alliance with Leo is rare, therefore only friendship and cooperation are recommended. With Scorpio marriage is possible based on common interests.

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