Cancer Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Dates: Jun 22 - Jul 22

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Color: White

Day: Monday, Thursday

Ruler: Moon

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20

A barely noticeable constellation, the brightest of its stars are not more than 4th magnitude. The main star is Acubens. Here is the star cluster of the Manger.  The tropic of Cancer is named after the constellation sign.

Two thousand years ago, the summer solstice was observed in this sign, that is, the longest day was celebrated. The sun with disinterested love poured its light and warmth onto the Earth like a mother. The constellation of Cancer was devoted to the Moon (therefore, the sign is depicted as a crab, resembling it in shape). One of the attributes of the goddess Isis is the Moon. Isis embodies the idea of  motherhood, eternal femininity, earthly wisdom.

The constellation means wisdom hieroglyphic, which manifests selfless love.

Character is open, dreamy nature. Cancer is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, as it is under the domination of the Moon, which sharpens its sensitivity and affects the character. The surrounding seems strange and incomprehensible. Cancers are people with a delicate nervous system and well-developed intuition.

Nature of these people is revealed in the moonlight, which is very suitable for their changeable emotion. Cancer has a contagious laugh. If he does not joke himself, he laughs at the jokes of others. Humorous is combined with a calm character in general. Cancers do not aspire to anything openly and do not pursue popularity usually, although it need them, and gives they great pleasure.

Cancers suffer from melancholy along with humorous. You can be drowned in their depression as in the ocean. Deepest fears following Cancers day and night with a sense of impending danger, and no matter how they covered fears with humour, uncertainty and pessimism always reign in their souls.

Cancers are very sensitive, you can hurt them even with a look. Their tears are always sincere. It is very easy to figure out the cause and the “bad mood”; when they are hurt by something, they are immersed in silence that reproaches you. Cancers are vengeful, but they usually deal with the offender in secret. Cancer becoming like Scorpio in rare cases. He may face the enemy openly when the offense is very great only, but more often he will simply crawl into his hole and sit out there. Melancholy and pessimism force him to loneliness. His feelings are so strong that can spread to you and influence quite strongly. The most hypnotists were born under this sign.

Cancers always consider all life lessons. They are very patriotic as a rule, can keep secrets. Their thoughts are difficult to penetrate, as they carefully hide feelings from prying eyes. The typical Cancer does not like to discuss their lives.

Like real crayfish, they are tightly targeted for what they want to achieve. This may concern everything from a loved one to home slippers. Their actions will not be direct either. They put the victim to vigilance with false manners, like real crayfish, and after waiting a moment, they seize the victim for sure. Cancer moves straight to the goal only when he sees that someone else wants to achieve the same that he does. This rule applies to his generosity too. The heart of Cancer is very tender, it can be set aside. However, he will help you slowly, carefully, expecting that someone else will help you.

If you drown, he will give you a couple of times to go under water before he rushes to save. But it is an instinct for self-preservation, not egoism. Cancer is always calculating all their actions carefully.

He loves his house very much, treats him with great respect. He never feels completely safe. He always needs more than he has or can attain it is love, money, and glory. Cancer loves water, swimming, water skiing and boating.

His emotions do not allow him to be confident enough and completely relax, and this constant anxiety can bring him to the disease. A rich imagination easily turns the smallest disease into a serious chronic disease. The body parts most vulnerable to illness are the chest, knees, kidneys, skin, and also the head, stomach, and other digestive organs. No one sign is as susceptible to illnesses from one's own emotions as Cancer, but no one else can so wonderful recover under the influence of one's own mood.

Cancer love to save money and care for food. They never throw away leftovers from lunch. You must eat all that you put on a plate. Both sexes of Cancer have a strongly developed parental instinct.

Cancer man

Do not expect that this man in the first meeting will expose the soul to you. He never trusts unfamiliar people. It will take a lot of time and patience to get to know him for real. His caution will impress you, but pessimism will make a depressing impression. He can be very attentive to you, and you decide that he is a romantic dreamer, but after looking closely, you will see the rationality and practicality of any of his actions. What do with such a man? Try to understand him.

He is not inconstancy as Gemini, just because his mood changes of the change of lunar phases. Today is one, tomorrow is another ... And between this time, he can exhibit a real nature.

Remember that Cancer manners can be rude and alienated, but his heart is kind and caring. It is so full of sentiment that he always feels himself a vulnerable person and tends to his hole. Usually he is unattractive, his pessimism and over-caution can lead to the sadness of all others. However, there are moments, especially on moonlit nights, when he becomes cheerful, like a young orangutan. And then you do not know what to do with him, whether it is poured with cold water, or covered with a warm blanket. However, depression comes again after a flash of joy... He is always afraid of losing something, maybe ... you. Persuade him a hundred times a day that you belong to him, words of love are music to his ear. He may seem sometimes even a little abnormal.

As a rule, Cancers earn good money. You may have all sorts of difficulties if you live with Cancer, but you will not have to face monetary difficulties most likely. So, your destiny is not as bad as it might seem. Finance has attracted Cancer since childhood. He likes saving money more than spending it. You can't call him greedy, but let's say that he will never light pipe from banknote. His sense of humor never extends to money. And it is quite  possible that he learned how to add and subtract before the alphabet. Do  not  be surprised if you find that he has a bank account, which was opened when he was a child, and they have never withdrawn a penny from this account.

The brilliance of silver and the rustling of banknotes soothe the nerves of Cancer. But he does not save money in order to invest. They alone delight his heart and help him to feel his safety. Cancer diminishes his financial capabilities. He plays the role of a man, who barely making ends meet. And you can even feel pity for him and offer money in debt. Do not do this, he certainly has more of it than you.

He has a very original approach to the savings. He will definitely reject a cheap diner and take you to a chic restaurant in order to fully enjoy for money. He also believes that it's silly to spend money on a cheap coat, when the astrakhan fur coat will look better, and it will serve you longer. In short, quality and pleasure are synonymous for him.

It is good if his mother’s tastes coincide with yours, as she will often be mentioned in conversations and remarks like: “My mother never had such cosmetics, although she is a very beautiful woman. Do you think, dear, that your eyelashes are too made up? ” Or“ You bought pies today, and my mother even baked cakes herself. ” And these virtues of his mother will often be stuck in many situations of your life.

To put it mildly, the Cancer man with great reluctance overthrows his mother from the throne and puts the crown on you. He is terribly attached to the house and, if his mother’s house is cosy, he will not hurry to leave it. And besides, the typical Cancer loves his mother very much. Therefore, if you fall in love with Cancer, then you will have, on the one hand, to put his mother on a pedestal, and on the other, remember that you are her rival and must constantly gain the upper hand over her.

It is not easy to praise a person and at the same time compete with her. But you should choose only this strategy. She does not exceed you in domestic and culinary matters. Let she teach you to bake lemon pie, even this scene enjoyed your husband. And then cook a wonderful beef stroganoff. Do not forget to feed husband well and care for him when he is sick. You remind him of his adorable mother by this. He never admits this but remember that in heart he considers himself a child and wants to be caressed by a woman.

Pretend that someone else propose to you to get him to propose to you faster. And your Cancer will stop moving backwards. The easiest way to achieve it is to influence on emotions that are always hidden behind his mind. Music, poetry, flowers, good perfumes, gentle words and caress are the weapons with which to defeat him. And do not forget also that there is a direct connection between his heart and stomach.

There are several circumstances that equalize your relationship. He can be a very good cook. In addition, he likes to collect interesting things such as records, antiques. You will be in absolute safety, coming to his house for the first time. He is gallant with women like no other. This is because men behaved likewise in grandma's time, and he loves the old days. Put on a vintage bracelet, it will affect him.

Although Cancer can easily go on flirting, he needs a lot of time for a serious feeling, as it is not easy for him to find a woman who meets his ideal. Finally, he will be surprisingly gentleman when going to such a woman, can shower her with gifts and weary with obsession. His standards are high, and not every woman meets it. Most Cancers are very afraid of unsuccessful marriages, and not without reason. The wrong marriage can be a drama for them. When something stripped him with a partner, it is terribly tormented by Cancer for many years. Therefore, Cancer does not marry thoughtlessly by virtue of his nature, but if he already made the decision to marry, you won’t convince him, he will not turn aside. Cancer can play the role of a romantic lover. After a declaration of love, you will see that you are being courted by a serious and decisive man who will succeed. It is very difficult to slip out of his claws.

Cancer is a wonderful father because of his gentle, understanding nature. He is endlessly patient with children, sincerely interested in their affairs. She is proud of sons and fiercely protects daughters. But when the children grow up, difficulties may arise, as he would like his children to be attached to him forever and stay with him.

And yet you need to be reminded again: do not throw away his old hat, torn home shoes, school collections, these are all his treasures. When you go out with your husband, do not forget to take your umbrella, the weather may deteriorate, and you will cover him from rain.

Cancer woman

At first it is difficult for you to determine whether is she sensitive and tender or just unchecked. This question will remain unresolved for you. Sometimes she will be gloomy, and her sad mood will spread to you, and sometimes she will  be filled with laughter, envelop you with its tenderness. Cancer woman is a crazy little bit, then slightly sad and at the same time has a rich imagination.

She always has deferred money. She may start spending it when she feels unhappy, but her income will always be higher than expenses. She can be interested in your personal account, money is always interested to her, this is a favourite topic of conversation. When you give this woman an expensive gift, and she says that should not have done this, then she really does not pretend.

Take her to the seashore for a walk under the Moon to somehow divert her from thinking about bills, income and expenses. Here you will see her in all charm. The moon will reveal all her secret dreams, and the proximity of water will bring relaxation. It is possible that during this hour you will see all her emotions that you will like. Try to develop them.

She will have two approaches to you. The firs are soft, feminine, timid and modest, and the second, where she will apply all the famous tricks of Eva, for example,  desperate coquetry. You will like it, if you are in love, and if you are just friends, her active and excessive flirtation can only annoy you. This kind of Cancer woman is great danger of true love and a good family. There are many men who left their families for this clinging Cancer. Fortunately, these Cancer women are a minority. They can cause a lot of trouble to the rest of the women.

Woman-Cancer does not like being criticized. She is very wounded if she looks ridiculous, and  simply does not stand when she is abandoned. She rarely is openly aggressive. Constantly hesitates, so you need to take the first step to continue the relationship. If she moves forward, then either side or sideways. Timid by nature and gripped by the fear that anyone would not understand her, she prefers to be like echo of a man.

Be kind to her mother. A mother is a woman who should not be offended by anything. Never read her diaries, Cancer loves to have secrets. She will not confess herself, but your confession will listen carefully. Her constant fears may bore you. She is afraid that she is not beautiful enough and not young enough, insufficiently elegant  etc. And it makes no difference that her figure is like that of Venus de Milo, the mind is like that of Aristotle. Convince her that she is young, intelligent, and she will become yours. You just need to tell her about it twenty times a day.

Her mood will change on average four times a month according to the phases of the Moon, plus also twice a day according to the tides. Predicting her mood is very difficult. Of course, unpredictability is a prerequisite for the attractiveness and mystery of a woman, but it will not be easy for you.

A typical female Cancer cooks well. She will not serve you canned or frozen vegetables for lunch. The kitchen is her favourite room. She will patronize you like a mother, and you will like it, like most men.

You can add one more to all her fears. She is afraid that you do not love her enough. But a man can easily prove his love, so prove it to her as often as possible. After you conquered her, she will not leave you while she is alive. And this is not bad, because there are men who like such affection. You will never experience a lack of food or expressions of her love. It is very cruel to play with the heart of such a woman, since she will love and submit to you with sincere tenderness. Why to provoke love if you do not have good intentions? You can just start flirting with her, but it will be very difficult for you to finish relationship. She does not understand the hints.

There is nothing artificial or small in her feelings. If she already has something, as a man or a cup, then they should be her property forever. She may not make a good impression on your friend, but she will certainly impress you with enchantment. She prefers to leave the deepest emotions for the closest people. And after you meet other women and compare them, you will run back to your Cancer and beg her to hold you tight again.

The most difficult aspect in dealing with her is to keep her from crawling into her hole. Her emotions are so sensitive and tender that the slightest remark can hurt her badly. And it is very difficult to predict what she will be offended. A Cancer woman often cries, let you have a handkerchief at the ready.

Not necessarily she will be greedy, but she has a habit of collecting unnecessary things. She rarely throws a piece of rope, an old pattern, a husband ... And who are you to say that she will not find use for these things later? Do not ask how she will use one shoe. She uses her! This is no woman who might like a man who carelessly burned a hole in a bedspread. Everything has sentimental value for her. All things she possesses are her treasures. She jealously guards them. Of course, including you. She is not so jealous as the owner. And these are different things.

The Cancer woman feels that she cannot change anything in life or overcome some difficulties. When an unfavorable moment in life begins, she can cry, but the natural reaction will be to fold her arms and wait patiently for everything to settle down. Patience is one of the most pleasant qualities of Cancer. However, when she is depressed, you should try to get her out of this state as soon as possible.

Sometimes she likes to be treated like a child. The desire to be a little spoiled by loved ones is a secret and deep dream. She really needs to make sure and know that you cannot live without her. And sometimes she will do everything possible to soften you and wake your protective instincts. But do not let "fool" yourself with her weakness at such moments. This defenseless, small child, who is waiting for your protection from the cruel world, is perfectly able to cope with everything himself. In the middle of another quarrel, when she looks at you with moist, frightened eyes, remember, that as soon as you leave and turn the corner, she is likely to wipe her eyes, put a record on the player and calmly begin to clean up the closet.

This woman is capable of heroic sacrifices for the sake of the one she loves. The courage she lacks for herself is fully manifested in the close people who need her strength. She will never betray you in the chest position. On the contrary, at such a moment it can become like a solid rock. She is gentle and caring with children, is a refuge for them. They will have a good understanding. It is possible that you will feel some loss of attention when children appear. Motherhood is very important for Cancer. Do not worry, there will be a place for you, but you will have to move.

The main trait of the Cancer woman is unshakable possessiveness. She is deeply convinced that no matter how far away you are from her, you will always return. She will wait for you patiently.

Cancer traits

Water sign, mistress of the Moon. Caprice and the search for life filled with passion. Success in love. The second sign of the circle of Will. Cancer represents this property (will) in a passive, inert form.

This property is very feminine, one might say, childish, elusive play of feelings and emotions. When it appears around the images created by the imagination of Cancer, there is a world of symbolism and intuition, not consistent with the elements of logic. Hence the weakness and shakiness of Cancer. But this is also the source of his hidden power of intrigue, propensity to metamorphosis and deception.

This is the first experience of a child exploring the world around, but especially knowledgeable and their inner world (the first decade). This is the sensual world of adolescents is mystical sensuality, not amenable to decoding arising in the metamorphosis zone. Dangerous indecision, difficult puberty. The struggle with his own body, which he cannot forget for a minute. This struggle genius reincarnates with amazing nuances, if it is a psychologist, and with the finest symbolism, with love for everything mysterious, understanding the relationship between ideas and forms of expression, if it sings (second decade). Memories can go to the farthest distances, up to the memory of the ancestors, he can learn the places where they lived, understand their joys and sorrows, feel the talent that has not died away with life. And this memory becomes the clairvoyance, a purely female foresight, intuition (last decade).

The sign of the flow, the emblem of fertility, the sign of the barque, a symbol of  life full of accidents and victories; the white sign is of feminine colour, appearing at the hour of the highest ascent, which precedes divine ecstasy.

The era of perfection: up to 14 years, the whole subsequent life is just a reflection of this period. From 14 to 21 years old is a period of exaltation, mysticism and idealism. From 42 to 49 years old is realism, cheerfulness, love and faith. Clairvoyance and foresight from 70 years old.

Symbols: white, crescent, rising moon, pink sun. Grey colour is unfavourable. Jasmine, water lily. Three tempo rhythms: lullabies and barcarole. Parabola, fable, poetic hint in the form; thoughts clothed in an image. Swan, Ermine.

The most vulnerable spot is the stomach. Gastric ailments destroy beauty, cause dreams, in which the stomach turns into a cupboard, chest, chest of drawers, bag. Chest is also vulnerable.

Cancer first decade

Symbols are mother and child. Cradle. White Rabbit. Chest. Daisy.

Consciousness is Luna Venus are two female planets. White and pink.

Character is gentle, affectionate, passive, all-accepting, carefree and petty.

Subconscious is Venus-Moon are two female planets. Turquoise.

Character: some credibility. Organizational skills in practical terms. Ability to sew, embroidery, decoration. In trade is confectionery, toy store, clothes for new-borns.

Conclusion: great harmony, since the planets are very similar. Hence the charm and sustainability. In everyday life a delicate taste, the ability to create an intimate atmosphere, a happy family hearth. For everyone who is under the shadow of this hearth, subtle femininity.

Love is the perfect marriage connects with Capricorn, however, there is also a deep inconsistency between these two characters. In order to achieve harmony, it is necessary mutual goodwill and adaptation to each other, be sincere, forget about yourself, strive to understand your companion.  Ideal love can be inspired by Scorpio for the first decade for women, the last decade for men, as well as Pisces.

Passionate love with Aquarius, who in adolescence is usually a bosom friend. But he is sometimes fickle and unwise in love.

Cancer second decade

Symbols are teenager. Saint George. Swing. Unicorn.

Consciousness is Moon – Mercury are female and male planets.

Character is early mind spill, figurative thinking. Formalism, poetic rhythms and sizes. Memoirs. Oedipus complex. Hence the fixation for sex. Passionate friendship, the desire to keep this friendship in secret, to create something like a league as a defence against the surrounding sea of sex. Only love, all-conquering, domineering, without fear and reproach, can put an end to the uncertainty of  transitional age and lead to maturity and self-understanding.

Subconscious is Venus-Saturn are female and male planets. Stock rose.

Character in childhood the fear of growing up. An inferiority complex before the dominance of parents.

Combinations Moon – Saturn in terms of the lowlands it is confusion and laziness and the sublime plan it is poetry. The complete lack of commercial ability.

Mercury-Saturn it is critical mind. Cruel selfish and a liar, an insensitive person.

Mercury-Venus are expressive gestures, gourmet.

Conclusion. The most dangerous formula is Mercury-Saturn. Mercury is a child's thinking, lack of logic, gullibility and fun. Saturn is the thinking of an adult, a logical pessimist, dramatizing anything and everything. Merging is impossible. Permanent internal collision, shock. Only poetry, sublimation under the influence of love and talent can help these forked natures.

Love. Marriage with the last decade of Capricorn satisfies artistic nature, endowed with a strong imagination. They value, imagination, critical inclinations in a partner that blind them. The second decade of Scorpio allows to develop their artistic talent, commercial ability. The first decade of Pisces admired the lightness, youthfulness and eloquence of Cancer. Aquarius fills them with enthusiasm, respects independence, but does not give them the constant presence from their dream.

Cancer third decade

Symbols are Isis. Barge. Magic mirror. Ermine.

Consciousness is Moon-Moon is the double dominance of one female planet. Water lily.

Character is full care in the dream. Hereditary memory. Understanding the causes allows to anticipate the effect and becomes a prediction. The concept of time is abolished, intuition, imagination, spirituality.

Subconscious is Venus-Jupiter are female and male planets.

Character is sociability. Clarity. Love for music, simple rhythms. Love of justice. Submission to the rules of everyday life.

Combinations Moon-Venus is taste, tenderness, love for children.

Moon-Jupiter is popularity. The ability to cause universal sympathy and respect. Interest in politics. Luck.

Conclusion. All three planets affect digestion and suggest a tendency to corpulence. It is necessary to eat a little, but often. Often weigh and measure yourself. Do sport. Greater cohesion of the main planetary properties. Harmonic character. Sociability. Success in the trade. However, carelessness and the desire for a quiet life often prevent from making ambitious plans and implementing them.

Love. The lunar advantage in this decade causes it to water signs. Let this Scorpio be a sign of ideal love, or Pisces from 1957 to 1975, or Cancer, their love will always be under special astral protection. Capricorn (first decade) and Sagittarius (second decade) are forced to accept their authority and take responsibility for the happiness of both. Disagreements and contradictions in ideology, ideological divergence with Aries. Spiritual friendship with Gemini. Friendship and respect with Aquarius. Leo draws Cancer with his power.

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