Libra Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Libra

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign

Dates: Sep 24 - Oct 23

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Pink, Green

Day: Friday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius

Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24

The small constellation with stars of 3rd and 4th magnitude. The double stars, which were Arabs called Zubenelgenubi is South Libra and Zuben El Hamal is North Libra. Sun was in this sign two thousand years ago at the time of the autumnal equinox and was then seen at the beginning of the sign “balancing the day with the night and the work with rest”.

Hieroglyphically means the shift in evolution Sagittarius is a half-animal-half-man, having defeated Scorpio (jungle), turns into a thinking person who should think over his actions and be responsible for them. Then the scales will be in balance and the disk in which the sign is located will stand steadily in the middle of the balance beam, that is, remain in harmony.

As a rule, these are kind nice people with a light and clear mind. Venus generously presents them with elegance and grace, the ability to love. Libra easily find harmony in life, even when they are comprehended by illness or misfortune. They are very intelligent, but at the same time surprisingly naive, they themselves can talk for hours, but they can also listen to others. These are active people, but rarely do something hastily. You probably confused? There is a combination of qualities in this sign that surprises even their own. The symbol of the sign is Golden Scales, and their main goal, as you know, is to achieve a balance in everything.

Their usual state is a change of mood. They have a smile of Venus, which can melt your coldness, these people are hard to resist. Sometimes they are in a state of indecision when they need to decide. This sign is always striving for harmony. However, some Libra can abuse food, alcohol, love.

They are able to work long and hard, and then succumb to laziness. After recuperation, they return to work. They instinctively feel that they need to alternate periods of activity with complete rest. They have very strong emotions. The philosophy approach to sorrow and joy allows them to smooth out problems. As a rule, these are physically and mentally healthy people. The biggest danger to their health is abuse in everything. Sensitive body parts are chest, legs. And they should never forget about rest.

The character is made up of equal parts of kindness, ignorance, justice, clear reasoning, stubborn unwillingness to capitulate, philosophical logic and indecision. They do not like extremes, for example, manifestations of anger. They love the harmony of sounds, flowers, poetry. These are lovers of all beautiful, artistic souls. When the scales go down, their optimism turns into  panic, which is aggravated by depression. When the scales are balanced, there comes a harmony between a rich intellect and a loving, sympathetic heart. No wonder this sign is autumn, since winter is too cold for him, and summer is too hot.

Libra man

This person will give you lots of advice. He always has a ready solution to all your problems and questions. However, one should not assume that he fully responds to your maiden ideals. His habit of rationalizing everything, including love, can make you mad. Once a Libra man extends his charm to you, it will not be easy to break off a relationship. Trying to get rid of him is the same as getting out of a bear trap. If you decide to leave him, he will persuade you to stay with such logical and clever evidence that you only have to agree with him.

He can be so pleasant and tender that you forget about his annoying flaws. And your heart will turn to him again. You can consider from this point on that your struggle is lost. His dreams will become your dreams, and you will do everything for his happiness. You will wait for a smile on his face, and few can resist his smile. His charm is different from the hypnotic attraction of Scorpio, the appeal is real and logically justified. There is nothing supernatural in it. His behaviour is full of contradictions. You may have to shout at him, stand on your head to get his attention. Life with him is unlikely to be smooth and calm. However, when he is in balance, it is pleasant, easy and fun.

A big difficulty for him is to decide, and even accepting it, he can change this decision without warning if he considers that he has made a mistake. In the love affair, the Libra men have achieved such perfection and art that they have surpassed Leo, Scorpios and Taurus. And that says something! Libra man can conquer almost any woman. However, having obtained it, he does not always know what to do with her further. Having charmed, he starting to waver. Should he take advantage of her defenseless state or marry her? Or both? Or, on the contrary, neither one nor the other? Mental struggle and difficulties begin.

He will not lose interest in women up to 90 years. If he is happily married, it may be a platonic interest, but love will never bother him. Since the art of love comes to him early and is surprisingly easy, he is often surrounded by girls on which cannot get rid of. Libra does not want to hurt anyone's feelings, although they  often do not realize how they can hurt a person when they are in a bad mood.

Libra man doesn’t like to say “no” and rarely realizes that dragging out an affair is crueler than an honest and quick break. If he feels that someone is unjust, then there will be no end to his painful indecision. Being unfair to him is like killing. The desire to avoid cruelty and refusal can push him to an unsuccessful marriage. Thus, he is fully capable of missing true love in his life.

It is natural for a Libra man to evaluate every third woman as his only partner. And very  often his friendship and love are inappropriate. But he rarely suffers from a broken heart. He may forget you with insulting speed and perhaps less than another man will allow himself to regret the past love. Exceptions are rare. It is much easier to imagine the kind-hearted Libra man in the grip of a determined woman, which convinced him that throwing her was a great sin. Caught in such snares, he will be a miserable prisoner.

However, extremes for Libra are an exception, most of them can always provide themselves with enough freedom to fully enjoy love affairs, not allowing them to be tied up with sentimental ties. Your chosen Libra will rarely be interested in your secrets, although at first glance it seems that he is interested in everything connected with you. Take a closer look and you will realize that he often does not notice what is happening under his nose. He can argue a lot and intelligently, but the purpose of this reasoning is not to achieve an understanding of another person, but to simply consider abstract questions. His reasoning is aimed only at finding out the cause of a situation and sorting out the facts. He will discuss the pros and cons with startling logic and rationalism. His conclusions will be very fair, accurate, reasonable and practical, but he has no desire to find out the personal motives and feelings hidden under the surface. He instinctively feels that such psychological research does not suit him at all. If you look extravagant, he concludes that you are spending money. Therefore, it is impossible to rely on you in this regard. And the fact that spending money soothes you from moral upheaval does not occur to him. He is not a psychologist.

Libras are judges. Always remember that the Libra man argue out of abstract curiosity. He is not a gossip, as it may seem. And to extract a secret from him is almost impossible. Therefore, he can be trusted. You can pour out his soul, but you will suffer from the fact that he will not be touched by your inner experiences. Many troubles come from the lack of understanding of the soul of his partner. And it seems incredible even though he has such intuition, such logic and such a clear mind. The Libra man is not a miser, but do not drag him to places where there are many people, he does not physically tolerate large gatherings. He hates quarrels, troubles, complications. More than anything, peace is dear to him. Most often he is lucky of fortune. He is loved in society for courtesy, courtesy, cheerful and good nature. If you keep yourself and house in order, you will realize one day that your husband is a wonderful man.

Libra woman

The patronage of Venus makes these women seductive, affectionate and capricious. They like to sleep late, adore jewelry, knick-knacks, treats. Their main occupation is love. Her role is to smooth unpleasant situations and protect you from impulsive actions and ill-considered decisions.

Got to hand it to a typical Libra woman has no desire to hang a stone around your neck, she rather seeks to remove all stones from your path. But she doesn’t like to impose her decisions, for which then she must be held responsible, and in most cases the prompts will be very soft and unobtrusive. The most average female Libra is very intelligent and has the ability to analyse. This can help you with your business problems.  Making decisions, she is able to get rid of unnecessary emotions and is able to give you the best advice. Her abilities in this area cover many of the disadvantages. In addition, she presented the pearls of her wisdom with such charm and friendliness that it would shock you. She is wearing a bar-glove on her iron arm, and she can lead you out of the wrong way so softly that you think you have thought of it yourself.

Aries, Scorpios, Leos and Taurus usually build such a woman on a pedestal and idolize her. And this is quite true, since she also worships them. Strangers, having come to your house, may think  that before them Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden (but the two of Libra get along with difficulty). She will never open your mail, it just does not come to her head. Do not reveal your secrets and do not put in an awkward position in front of the boss. Most likely, she will charm him with her smile. Even if Libra sometimes lose balance, sooner or later they come to harmony.

You will not lack physical confirmation of her love, because she is sentimental and very sensual. And although she is aware of her shortcomings and sincerely speaks about them, her smiles, tender touches and frequent kisses will hide them. Your home will look like a picture from a magazine. Most Libra women use silver in their homes, pay a lot attention to attributes such as good wine, pleasant music, a varied menu. Being a woman is her main vocation and here she strives for perfection. And the masculine side of her mind will seldom annoy you if you don’t treat those men who think that women should be slaves. Libra woman will say more “yes”, she loves to speak, but knows how to be a great listener if you need an audience.

This woman is strong and soft at the same time. And not all representatives of the beautiful half of human can maintain this a balance. Her soft manners and the ability to smooth out the angry wrinkles on your face will make you think that she is weak and helpless and that she will also be defenseless and feminine when trouble strikes. But you are mistaken here. In times of crisis, she will be made into nine pieces of steel. Open your eyes wide when your family is in a difficult position and you will see who is saving your ship from a crash. The truth should not insult your manhood, no one except you knows how you need her hand outstretched for help when you need good advice. She will never belittle your role, and be grateful for it, you can always rely on her and in everything. And how good she looks when she works in trousers in the garden or goes to them in a supermarket! One of its most valuable qualities is the ability to hide your mind behind a charming appearance. She will love and care for children, but, frankly, they will be in second place after you. They are junior partners, and you are the president, and she does not forget about this. Her children are always well-groomed, but she will immediately intervene if they disturb your peace, since the main reason that made her have a child is the desire to make you even happier. She gives birth to children for you.

A Libra woman can sometimes go to extremes: eating too much, dancing a lot, drinking more wine. There may be times when she may be silent for a long time. But this happens when her emotional balance is disturbed. Such moments never last long. Her scales themselves come to balance, but you can help her with this.

What else would any man like to have from a woman?

Libra traits

The sign of Air obeys Venus. Dilettantism. Disguised, hidden sensuality.

The third sign of the circle of Will. Libra represent this property in its social plan. Their qualities are friendliness, courtesy, politeness, adherence to customs, the art of not hurting anyone. At the highest level, they establish general laws that make life easier societies, limit the appetites of some and protect the weakness of others. Thus, Libra endlessly perfecting its positive natural qualities, becoming the embodiment of courtesy and justice. In some women and people of art (people are somewhat weak) this is manifested in a great shyness, in the absence of self-defence, since the wired properties are buried in the depths of consciousness. And these gentle creatures with innate grace, elegance and delicate beauty do not always marry as well as they could. Their love is most often directed to brilliant characters, somewhat ephemeral meteors.

Men are interested in jurisprudence, urban planning, gardens, music, life in an exquisite frame. They are also interested in diplomacy, relations between nations, trying to maintain friendly relations and eliminate the causes of conflict. Emperor Augustus, born under the last decade of the sign, is the embodiment of Libra's greatness and peacefulness.

Epoch of perfection is from 35 to 36 years old, peaceful happiness, new-found wisdom. The hour before sunset in autumn is the best time for love.

Symbols are book, music stand, cup of tea. Turquoise and pale pink colours. All the sophistication of classic rhythms, refined styles.

A vulnerable spot is the kidneys, organs, which must be monitored from childhood.

Libra first decade

Symbols are  unicorn. White and pink stripes. Ribbons tied in bows. Butterfly.

Consciousness is Moon – Venus are two male planets. Azalea.

Character is gentle and affectionate nature. Willingly connects with people of similar perception of the world. He loves his home, seeks to make it luxurious and very intimate. He likes to welcome visitors in his salon is this is a favourite room. He can achieve great commercial success in the field of decorating, draperies and trade in antiquities.

Subconscious is Saturn - Jupiter are two male planets. Edelweiss.

Character is energy, credibility. The ability to organize the financial side of things. Fluctuations between pessimism and optimism. Always finds a way out, due to its durability, fearlessness and perseverance in work.

Combinations are Luna-Saturn is a sense of harmony, poetic instinct. Lack of ambition. Tendency to dreaminess. Impracticality.

Saturn-Venus is Verity. Strict style. Unselfishness. The polarity of these two planets is the cause of the inferiority complex.

Conclusion. Energetic subconscious. Consciousness is dreamy and tender. Formula, the opposite formula Aries. The dual nature, which is not easy to understand, is outwardly rather soft, but at the crucial moment knows how to master the situation.

Love. Zodiac marriage leads to a perfect union with Aries, its absolute complement. Ideal love is inspired by Aquarius, but an alliance with this, which cannot adapt to its character, dreamer and unmotivated promises suffering. Alliances with Taurus are more harmonious, since Venus is the link between two characters, and Saturn brings constancy and delicacy of this love.

Libra second decade

Symbols are Piano. Pink, black and green stripes. Salon furniture.

Consciousness is Venus-Saturn are female and male planets. Stock rose.

Character is the desire for a stable life, however, the fear that it will not be able to organize it. Success in decorative art, floriculture, painting, music, its execution. Sensuality, loyal and gentle nature.

Subconscious is Saturn-Mars are two male planets. Campanula.

Character is warlike, energetic, seeking to sacrifice themselves in difficult moments. The mind guides and directs ambition.

Combination is Venus-Mars is a passionate temperament for which love is a vital axis. Art to sing love in his work, and in life to create its poetic form.

Conclusion. The harmonic decade, which includes only three planets. And if the subconscious is fierier and more passionate than the consciousness, then this is because Mars is present in it instead of Venus, and Saturn unites them. In addition, this  fact gives significance to works of art that, without Saturn, would be too refined and sugary. Saturn gives them value, durability.

Love. Women at the beginning of life are gentle and kind. With a happy marriage, these qualities flourish. The first decade of Aquarius, Leo and the second decade of Aries. They love deep passions, but without jealousy, because they want to be surrounded by friends.

Libra third decade

Symbols are Themis. Cornflower and white stripes. Sword and legal code.

Consciousness is Venus-Jupiter are female and male planets. Carnation Pion.

Character is optimism, intuitive grasping of the happy moment, luck is the dominant quality. Sense of justice as a result of the strict observance of the laws of morality, the violation of which should not remain unpunished. But at the same time, understanding and, ultimately, forgiveness.

Cornflower blue in all epochs and under all heavens was the color of condescension is the virtues of Jupiter, the highest manifestation of humanity.

Subconscious is Saturn-Uranus are male and asexual planets. Black colors.

Character is a lively mind, sharp criticism (influence of Uranus), infallibility of judgments. The ability to foresee the future, its ideological and moral development. Love for innovations, fast perception of modern ideas. Perfect sense of justice.

Combinations are Venus - Uranus are the genius of friendship and knightly love, feeding on pure ideas and refined feelings. Fidelity., There is a danger of remaining  bachelor for men.

Jupiter-Uranus. They like everything original, unexplored, being in the vanguard of all activities. Uranus is slightly inclined to conformism, but Jupiter is a traditionalist. If equilibrium is reached, then a sublime mind, the gift of comparison, and an understanding of immutable values.

Conclusion. A huge difference in consciousness and subconsciousness is given by two-faced characters, types that are in contradiction with themselves. However, thanks to Jupiter and Venus are friendly planets, sensitive and intuitive, as well as to Uranus itself, often brilliant, it happens that harmony is established, and it happens that universality which is the highest manifestation of the mind.

Love. A complete understanding of the last decade of Capricorn, in which the subtle mind delights. Women seeking clarity and goodness marry Pisces, whose idealism is combined with a love of music and poetry. Leo and Aquarius often offer them marriage, which should reveal their sociability and organizational talent.

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