Pisces Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Pisces

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Dates: Feb 19 - Mar 20

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Color: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Neptune, Jupiter

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

A large zodiac constellation of 4th and 5th magnitude stars, almost entirely in the northern hemisphere of the sky. The main star of Pisces is the beautiful double star of Elrish. Now in this constellation is the point of the vernal equinox.

Two symbolic fish are connected by a cord. A small rectangle with waves, placed between them, personifies the idea of primary Water is the beginning of all life. The bottom fish is under water jets in its familiar environment. In the circle beneath it stands a Woman holding a boar, personifying the god of darkness Seth. The upper fish escaped from the familiar environment and, driven by a thirst for knowledge, rushed into the unknown, patronized by Udjat (eye of the Sun, Horus), located in a small circle above the fish.

The nature of the mysterious, subtle intuition. Neptune gives this sign contrasts and contradictions: anxiety, constant struggle with oneself. From Jupiter, good fortune and wisdom. Under this contradictory influence, Pisces often experience spiritual flour and longing. It is also a symbol of humanity and self-sacrifice.

Hardly meet a representative of this sign at the table of the president. But among them there are many creative and artistic people. They have little ambition and they do not seek power over other people. Even material wealth does not attract their attention. Some of them have money, but, more often, only when they marry money or inherit it. In fact, they are not against money as such. They will be happy to receive them, if such an opportunity arises, but they will not strive for them themselves, because they are better aware of the temporary nature of the richness. They do not want to be millionaires, but they want to live like millionaires, that’s their philosophy.

The typical Pisces is alien to greed, but it is weak and very careless about the future. They cannot fight and swim against the current in which she finds herself. It is much more characteristic for them (it requires less effort) to go with the stream wherever it leads. But mindless swimming with the stream always carries a danger, it is so easy to lose a life.

The surrounding Pisces are impressed with their manners and lazy good nature. They are indifferent to any restrictions in life, if it does not prevent them from drifting. They are even more indifferent to the opinions of other people. Pisces is generally an indifferent sign to many important things. Making them at least do something very difficult.

Of course, it cannot be said that they are completely blind, and they have no character at all. This is not true. If Pisces get mad, they can be sarcastic and sarcastic, they can irritate with its tail and make circles in the water. But a typical Pisces usually follows the path of least resistance, and the cold waters of Neptune constantly cool its anger. They like water, and not only it. Many of them drink and stronger drinks, often more than the norm. Like Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces like alcohol. Very few Pisces can be satisfied with one cocktail. Alcohol lulls them with a pleasant sense of security, but it is a dangerous cradle. Of course, not all Pisces are alcoholics, but their percentage is very high.

Pisces are born with the desire to see the world in pink. They know well that in real life there are unpleasant sides but prefer not to see them and live in their aquatic world. They are happy to immerse themselves in their pink dreams, which do not have the slightest chance of fulfillment. When life strikes them, they hide in their pale green illusions that prevent them from making practical decisions. Rejected Pisces, instead of realistically assessing the situation, creates false hopes for himself at the time when it is necessary to decide and go in a new and definite way that could lead it to real, not imaginary, success.

Pisces always have a choice to swim in different currents up or down, as they do not suffer from a lack of talent. The difficulty lies in the fact that they cannot look ahead (the eyes of the fish are located on the sides), and most of them therefore prefer to swim downstream and often retreat.

For every Pisces, life is a huge scene. Among them are many truly gifted people. They have an excellent memory and the ability to anticipate events. It would be nice to listen to their advice. However, communication with them is difficult, since they do not tolerate any criticism in their address. They spend most of their energy on helping relatives and friends, putting their heavy burdens on themselves. Typical Pisces never takes care of itself.

Pisces should try to refrain from various tonic and sedatives, avoid overwork and trouble. Poor nutrition affects the condition of the liver and digestive organs. There are cases of diseases of the hands and feet, frequent colds, pneumonia. But Pisces has developed internal resistance to diseases.

Humor is one of their secret weapons. They laugh, so that their tears are not visible. These are masters of satire. They can make subtle and sharp observations. Their humor can be both warm and friendly, and cold and cruel. They have a strong sense of pity, a constant desire to help the sick and weak. To help is the very first instinct of Pisces.

They do not like to answer direct questions "yes" and "no", preferring to say "maybe." In general, very often they speak evasively for no reason. And all of them are illusory. Their character defies a clear description, and you need to call on all your imagination to help in order to understand their strange plans and emotions. They are wiser and stronger than they assume.

Pisces man

Has a great spiritual subtlety with a developed skeptical mind. Intuition is developed more strongly than logic, and often, without being aware of it, they amaze those around with clairvoyance. They love comfort and coziness, are generous, stately inescapable, but often sad. If their fate since childhood develops normally, then they are fair, sincere and cordial. They have good science abilities. If your Pisces-man knows his tide and is not lazy to rush into this stream, then you will be happy like no other, fame and wealth await you, if he did not notice the beginning of the tide, looked at the stars and missed him, then staying aground can lead to big troubles in your life. Tide in the life of Pisces is synonymous with chance. Pisces man must make firm decisions, act purposefully and learn to sink all their dreams that interfere with success. But the trouble is, many men-Pisces do not see and do not know how, they are not weak, they simply stare too much at the fading stars and miss the bright sunny rise of success.

Not all Pisces are dreamers, but most of them are just that. And yet there is hope, since hope must always remain in life. If a man Pisces has to do business in order to earn a living, it is quite possible that his intuition, combined with his mind, will bring him fame and recognition, and perhaps even wealth. Let's hope that it was with such a man that you met. But if, at the age of 25, he never found his course, his future is not very promising.

Most of these men live, in their opinion, quite tolerably. They have everything they need: their dreams, a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread. But such a diet does not feed his wife. Therefore, you have only two choices while living with such a husband - you need to be either a very rich heiress, or work for two for yourself and for your husband. He is, of course, a pleasant romantic, but unfortunately you cannot buy shoes for this. With such a husband you need to have a protege. But how will he find his patron, if all the joys of life relate to you? Therefore, you will not have to rely on your husband. It is better to say goodbye to your Pisces immediately. Well, cry a little, mourn. This, of course, hurts, but not as much as being married to Pisces is a walking dream of all the wonders of the universe and not having the money to pay for an apartment. All this really hurts.

Now about those who just sailed in time. I must say, such a man-Pisces is a worthwhile find for any woman. He can be a great man. He has an inexhaustible storehouse of possibilities and no prejudices at all. He rarely criticizes or blames something, for he has great patience. He sympathizes with you, and he can be trusted in everything, not being afraid to shock him, because he himself also needs sympathy and a lawyer who would justify him. You can rely on Pisces; he will never reveal other people's secrets and will not get into other people's affairs. He is full of the problems of his friends, relatives and neighbors. They run to him because he listens to them perfectly. And you will also feel how you want to pour out his soul, lay out all your failures.

Pisces need, that he relieved his troubles it is only. He wants to relax with you. His nature is so susceptible to other people's misfortunes that it is imbued with them. The life of such a spiritual sponge is very difficult in mental terms. He is very vividly experiencing everything that happens to those who opened his heart to him. Pisces need long periods of rest. His soul must at times be alone, so that the fresh wind will free her from all troubles and bring peace of mind. Therefore, never scold your Pisces if it is silent. He needs such periods. If he wants to take a walk, let him go. You can spoil all the beauty of love always be together.

Remember that he is very sensitive and easy to hurt. The timidity of male Pisces proceeds from a painful understanding of their limited capabilities. He needs to know that his virtues are highly valued by those he loves. Constantly cheer him on. This person may be interested in yoga, believe in occult miracles, astrology is everything will do him good. Stabilize his emotions and calm his bright imagination. Pisces often lose their temper, but their anger is not long lasting. Some Pisces make their demands about the household, but it’s almost impossible to imagine Pisces that is deeply offended, like Taurus, for example. Although it is difficult for him to understand himself, he easily understands other people, and it is difficult to fool him: he sees through you. However, he can easily put your guard down if he needs it, because he knows how to hide his thoughts and feelings.

Your Pisces can sometimes say that he went out to buy cigarettes, although he was in the laundry. Why? No one can explain this, even himself. This way to hide himself gives him pleasure; dap work his rich imagination. Don't wake up jealousy blasts. If there are reasons for jealousy, he will most likely pretend not to notice anything. But this is a man, despite all his poetic nature, and he needs loyalty. But you will have to control your jealousy, since he has close friends of both sexes. They will turn to him for sympathy, sometimes at the wrong time!

He admires beauty, gazes with pleasure at the beautiful legs of other women, but do not hesitate to pay attention to it. And the reward will be your gentle husband, romantic lover and attentive companion. If he is attacked by depression and a dark mood, throw your apron in the corner and buy tickets for a fun show. Pisces are easily amenable to various offers.

You will have to teach him to be economical, but at the same time be yourself, give him an example. One spender in the family is enough. Pisces is easy to manage, if the manager is dear to him and we respect him.

Children with him will be very fun. For them, he is like a living fairytale book. Perhaps they will even adore him. You will punish them, and he will listen to their problems, develop their mind, fantasy. And this is good.

In love, he needs constant affirmation of love and faith. But you should not overwhelm him with your complaints. He is pleased when his hopes and dreams meet with understanding. Try to support him happy family life. Pisces is a sign of relaxation. Perhaps this is unnerving and frightening. But you can help him get together. Serve him a dream for breakfast, a clever joke for lunch, Chopin for dinner. We decided to jump into the water, so jump, the water is always pleasant.

Pisces woman

These women are cute and charming. Possess a pronounced personality and grace. They love luxury, comfort, in general, everything is beautiful. Their mood and health depend on the changing phases of the moon. They are full of vitality and energy at the period of the full moon, and vice versa, when a new moon is born, they become seized with lethargy and apathy. They have a rich inner life. And even though their past is not always perfect, they are magnificent wives and mothers, thanks to the flexibility and subtlety of their nature.

Even without astrology, the opinion spread and enough rumors about the charm of this woman Pisces. She has negative traits. But at first sight it is a woman every man can dream of. It must be said that modern emancipated women, giving the impression of a strong nature, have further enhanced the value of a woman Pisces. She rarely tries to outshine a man, being married or not. She has no desire to dominate you. He can quietly give her a chair, light a cigarette, talk about how beautiful he is. All this she needs. She needs him to protect her and take care of her. She will gladly lean against his broad shoulder and make it clear how strong he is and how she needs her in this world. She will empathize with all his troubles and believes that any man can turn the world around. Her confidence is passed on to men, and they feel as they would like.

Pisces is a cozy calm woman for a proud man. It seems that she has nothing to do with traffic noise, neon lamps, her own light is soft and smoky. She is amazingly feminine. Men are drawn to her like bees, and the man instantly relaxes. She will never blame the man for anything. It will always be the fault of someone else, but not men. She will not push him and force him to move faster, his own speed suits her perfectly. Is it necessary to explain that this woman is the most dangerous for other women? However, there is has "or else" after it. She can begin to make their demands After marriage. Frankly speaking, she will demand a lot.

This is what you need for the fact that you allow her charm to defeat you, In the end. Very often she will be caustic and sarcastic. But every woman has such a mood. As for Pisces, she will be tender much more often than scandalous. Her will be irritated by cruelty and laziness of her husband. However, who says that such men do not deserve such relationship? As the Pisces swims in different directions at the same time, it can easily adapt to conflict situations that easily lead any other woman out of herself.

It is difficult to understand in which direction she is moving. They say that fish loves depth, so you need to know some of its secret motifs. What makes her swim? First, she is secretive and sometimes deceptive when she practices the power of her charm on you. This woman can be strong enough inside, but at the same time keep the look defenseless and tender. She always looks somewhat thoughtful and detached. She absolutely doesn’t understand economics, but she does a good housekeeping, manages to dress well, prepare a seven-course dinner, pay her rent on time, buy expensive gifts, and all this for the same salary as you and I.

She always openly expresses her love and affection to everyone: the butcher, the seller, the yard cats ... She can have only one enemy is the man she left when she met her future husband. It is possible that with grief he will do stupid things, and she probably does not even remember his name. Heartless women, these Pisces. But do not try to instill it in her neighbors.

Like the March winds, she will have a lot of moods. She is terribly sentimental. And if her feelings are affected, she can shed crocodile tears. She will look at you with secret reproach, as if you have killed a little rabbit. Sometimes she gets the idea that she is not created for the cruel world, and it is covered with depression. At such times, you should tell her that you admire her deep wisdom, her understanding of everyone who met her.

The hardest thing for her is to overcome her timidity and doubt. If her fears go far, she moves away from everyone, and then wonders why she was alone. Overly suspicious and often afraid to impose themselves, although such thoughts to anyone except her, do not come to mind. Pisces covers its timidity and vulnerability with wisdom and independence from time to time. But this is only a veil to hide her insecurity from the eyes of rude people who can hurt her heart. A woman-Pisces can mislead men with such words: “Who needs husbands, they only ruin life”. And this says Pisces, which needs to lean on you more than anyone else!

She will give all her heart to the children, of course, not encroaching on the place that you occupy. This woman understands children, their fears and insecurities better than anyone. She may allow them too much. She does not understand what spoils the children, raising them in constant care.
She will gladly allow you to earn all the money, because she believes that she has accumulated enough money while she waited for you. At the same time, many Pisces are splashes. But if the need arises, she can refuse the champagne.

Do not forget about her birthday, wedding anniversary, she will not forgive you for this. Whether she will be a nun in a monastery or a singer in a noisy cabaret, she will always remain a woman, a woman, one hundred percent.

Pisces traits

Water sign. The master is Neptune.

Full care in the inner dream. During crises, corresponding to a strong psychological shock, suddenly goes into oblivion of all, even the most profitable, cases. Therefore, it is necessary for Pisces to outline a program of action. Then, the fluctuations between the desire to orient one’s creative energy and the pursuit of aimless dreams or reflections can disappear.

The Neptunian is strongly influenced by music, encourages to movement, organizes passions and thoughts. It pulls him out of fruitless contemplation and inspires a desire to transcend himself in moral and mental relations, following an exciting and inspiring rhythm.

Driven by strong planets is Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, the Neptunian is suitable for a variety of humanitarian activities: music, poetry, mysticism, pedagogy, medicine or law. But his subconscious belongs to Mercury, an unstable planet that makes him regret his carefree childhood and always makes him view life as an endless game with an endless change of scenery. In this case, Neptune’s possessing enormous data is compelled to be tolerant of mediocrity, which makes it easier to adapt to the demands of life.

The era of perfection at the age of 17, a Neptunian should know which way his life will go. Not to risk and not to sacrifice, but to develop willpower, in accordance with a clearly composed program, in the years of Jupiter (35-49 years), life will be prosperous and streamlined, provided that the senses remain under the control of the mind and health does not suffer from lack of exercise clean air and good sleep.

Symbols are spiral, shell, wave, fish, violet tone, aqua color, mother-of-pearl play. Figures 9, 12 and 7. Very sensitive to the magic of numbers 3, 7, 9, 12. Good luck hour is midnight. The weak point is the foot, poor circulation, gout, nervous fatigue.

Pisces first decade

Symbols are Spiral. Violet. Silver stars. Sea Horse.

Creation is Neptune-Saturn is a bisexual and male planet. Poppy.

Character imagination and poetics. Harmony and literary compositions. Equilibrium. Genius is manifested in poetry.

Subconscious Mercury-Neptune are male and bisexual planets. Orchid.

Character. Imagination easily finds a means for self-expression: literature, music, original artistic inventions, the desire to express themselves in the areas.

Pride and self-deprecation, excessive humility. Does not accept either defeat or half success, which often leads to an imbalance of character. Maritime career.

Combination Saturn-Mercury is a critical sense, to the dispute gives the ability to build a theatrical dialogue or legal controversy. The tone is lively, ironic. Training.

Conclusion. There is antagonism between benevolence, philanthropic inclinations and harsh, harsh criticism. If the whole is well composed, the character is on the golden mean between irony and tenderness. This gives judgment some objectivity. Mercury predisposes to fun and optimism, removes, as far as possible, the drama.

Love. The second decade of Cancer inspires tender love. Marriages with Virgo are more intelligent and absolutely obey astral laws. With Scorpio incompatibility.

Pisces second decade

Symbols are multicolor spirals. Sink. Incense.

Consciousness Neptune-Jupiter is a bisexual and masculine Planet. Starfish.

Character is influence and kindness. Education and ordination to the sacrament. Contemplation and mystical life. Love to the sea. Fluctuations from ideal to real, which often hinders success. The desire for self-sacrifice, the greatness of the soul.

Subconscious Mercury-Mars are two male planets. Think.

Character is vivid imagination, commercial instinct. Eloquence. The art of expressing your thoughts clearly and accurately. Great vitality, activity.

Combinations. Neptune-Mars is restless imagination, which can lead to persecution mania, to the feeling that he is being watched; fear express their thoughts. Vigorous struggle for the ideal.

Jupiter-Mars is authority, command and control. Medical care. Moral leadership.

Jupiter-Mercury is training. Pedagogy. Baby care. Love for children. Understanding their nature. Luck.

Conclusion. If can managed to avoid the trap of Neptune-Mars, this decade can give a strong character, not afraid of the most serious problems.

Love. The first and last decade of Cancer is suitable, as is the last decade of Scorpio, which attracts with its clairvoyance. The first two decades of the Virgo are good partners, as well as the second deck of the Sagittarius and the last of Libra. Neptune-Jupiter’s friendly, gentle nature easily gets along with all Jupiter's signs.

Pisces third decade

Symbols are Pearlescent spiral. Nautilus.

Consciousness Neptune-Mars is a bisexual and male planet. Matthiola.

Character. Restless nature, striving for self-improvement and not always able to achieve this, since it is endowed with an excess of passion. Fear of getting sick: all ills are exaggerated by self-suggestion. If you correct this deficiency, life will seem easier.

Subconscious. Mercury-Sun are two male planets. Buttercup.

Character is ambition, pride. The development of their abilities. The art of taking its place in modern life and achieving immediate success.

Combination Neptune-Sun is the art of bringing to the masses your thoughts and manifesting your talents. Ambition. Interest in art and literature. Exalted mysticism.

Conclusion. Some independence of the spirit, since Jupiter does not play the role of a regulating principle, as in the previous decade, and Saturn does not play the role of a philosopher who can make grandiose generalizations, as in the first decade. There is more mobility, inconsistency, the ability to quickly and soberly assess the situation and make decisions.

Love. The choice falls most often on the Martian character the first decade of Scorpio, the second decade of Capricorn or Gemini is energetic, resolute, very capable of commercial activities. It is very important to find a sticky, gentle nature, on whose loyalty one can rely. Harmonious marriages with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo. The sign of Aries strongly attracts Pisces, but the difference in characters makes itself felt. Great location to Gemini. Friendship, cooperation and marriage are very favorable with sign of Cancer. Marriage is not recommended between Leo and Pisces, despite the sympathy that exists. The impulsiveness and passion of Leo sometimes offends Pisces. Difficult relationships develop with Sagittarius, happy marriages are very rare. There is sympathy between Virgo and Pisces, but there is little physical interest in each other. The same can be said about Libra, although there is respect, cooperation and friendship between them. There is a chance for a happy marriage with Capricorn. He and Pisces have a lot in common, they are to each other. It is unlikely to be a harmonious marriage with Aquarius interferes with the coldness of his nature. With a related sign of Pisces, good relationships are rarely formed.

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