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Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Dates: Aug 24 - Sep 23

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Pisces, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

A large constellation of stars of the 3rd and 4th magnitude. The star of the 1st magnitude is the bluish-white star Spica (it is a navigational star). Currently in the constellation is the autumnal equinox.

The Virgin is depicted hieroglyphically with a grain of corn in his hand is a symbol of the origin of life. Her motionless posture means that she is beyond time and space is eternal. One of the gods of the underworld is represented for the Virgin is Anubis, in his left hand he holds the rod was, in his right hand the ankh. The proverb of the Virgo Anubis is depicted in motion (dwells in space and subordinated to time), that is, Anubis personifies the idea that death is a transient phenomenon and subject to life, since Anubis follows the Virgo and is smaller than her. At this stage of evolution, man supposedly knows the idea of Life and Death, their unity.

A sign of reality, logic, clarity and virginity. However, the latter should not be taken literally. Although many of them remain bachelors and old maidens, some get married a second time. They are not dreamers. Virgin are not noisy people, as a rule, preferring to be away from the crowd, hardly relax. There is a constant concern in these people, they are faithful and sincere, but they also know how to pretend.

Virgos are very careful in everything. They haven’t illusions. Their mind is practical, deep in character. They always see the partner’s faults. They physically hardy, as a rule. Virgos are critics and realists. They always have affairs and things in order. However, they do not see their shortcomings. They cannot remain idle for a long time and sit in one place. Not very generous in expressing love and spending money. Do not tolerate taking services from others. Virgos do not sympathize with the poor, but they are generous to their friends in distress. They do not like lazy and non-binding nature. There are surprisingly healthy people, they may have nervous diseases due to work. They value truthfulness, punctuality, thriftiness and ingenuity in people. They hate dirt, vulgarity and laziness. These are practical natures. They are individualists. Under their serious manners hidden purity of thoughts and goals.

Virgo man

Do not tie your hopes on a Virgo man if your heart is committed to romantic feelings. A love affair with a Virgo man will bring you down cold soil and can cause great pain. This man lives completely on a practical, material level. The expression of love for him lies in selfless attachment to family, friends, and those who are weaker than him. He was born with an intense love for work, duty, discipline and affection to the helpless. That kind of love, in which manifests dramatic emotions, sentimental promises, tearful explanations and passionate feelings leaves him completely cold and may even scare. He strives in love for quality rather than quantity. And since the quality is difficult to achieve, then he is not so many love adventures.

The basic instinct of a Virgo man is purity. He can sacrifice her only for a worthy goal or for a stunning woman. He gives in to his fate without a fight. Although it is not striking, it can be a very skillful seducer. This man is a mixture of keen intelligence and earthly inclinations. He can destroy hearts by flirting, but his critical analytical mind rarely allows these hobbies to go from platonic to physical. Man-Virgo is always pure in his views and actions. He does not spare the time to carefully select the object of his love. He is very discriminating in the choice of women, as well as in food, habits related to health, work. Do not try to fool or lie to him, he does not tolerate deception and illusions. Virgo man strives for decent, honest and clean relationships. If circumstances force him to connect his life with an unsuitable woman, they will not live long together.

It is very difficult to hurt his emotions. Love for a Virgo man can bring you to tears but be patient. Success will come to the one who can wait. He will hide his true feelings, and at the same time he will reveal a truly acting talent. He will pretend that you are completely indifferent to him. Even if he is really in love with you and decided that you are suitable for him as a wife, he will simply and efficiently tell you about it.

His love will burn with a steady flame, without gusts and flashes that are characteristic of other signs of the zodiac, and this love will give you a feeling of warmth and reliability over the years. He can wait for years for a reciprocal feeling from his chosen one and it is only one romantic quality is in the love of a Virgo man. He is very attentive to all little things that are important for a woman. Virgo man is pronounced owner, he is very faithful by nature, with great respect for the strength and cleanliness of family ties, but if the sense of decency is affected, no one will stop him from a decisive break.

Self-discipline is a characteristic of the Virgo man. If he decided something, then finally. He does not tolerate ignorance and stupidity, as well as filth and vulgarity. He is looking for a wife, not a mistress. He has no strong paternal feelings. His individualism rebelled against the children filling him emotionally. He usually has a small family. However, if the child has appeared, the Virgo man will become a conscious father and will be serious treat their duties. He loves to be worried about his health, but if you get sick, you will be very attentive and will take care of you.

Virgo man will never sort out relations with you on his own initiative, although at times he may have a bad mood. In this case, it is best to leave him alone. Give him the opportunity to overcome this state alone, and he will bring us the kind of tenderness with which he will come to reconciliation. Even if he is disturbed for some time, this is useful for him. But if you see that a bad mood affects his physical condition, distract him by suggesting something interesting.

You can safely hope for a stable future with a Virgo man. An attentive and interesting person will be with you, reliable and pleasant, if you be also tactful in relation to his shortcomings. He doesn’t have so many of them. Do not to criticize him. Remember, that he is not created at all to listen to criticisms about himself, although it is sweat that applies to other people, often quarrels with others because of his inherent lack of sleep con, as pedantry and pettiness. Get used to criticizing you to his least degree and try to just rickety in such cases. When his critical mood will go, you can relax and fully enjoy your husband. Of course, he is not an angel and has no wings on shoulders, but most women will envy you. You will be happy that you put on his wedding ring, until someone else, with wings by the shoulders, comes in your way.

Virgo woman

Women of this sign are charming, but they lack temperament. They love flirting, but at the last moment they timidly retreat. They almost always suffer from their own shyness, even when they learned to skillfully hide it.

Virgo with head held high can carry the child of her lover while being married. A lot of stainless-steel parts in her character. On the other hand, she is very timid, although she has everything necessary, including a sense of purpose, to follow her happiness. And the thorns on this path will not make her cry or ask for help.

She is as pure as true love at her core, and Virgo is not interested in any other kind of love. If she considers that her marriage is more imperfect, or finds love without flaws on the side, then the old marriage bond will be broken without hesitation. At the same time, she believes that destroying a family is bad, but hatefulness and hypocrisy are even more hated by her. As soon as she realizes that her love is true, she builds pure relationships that rise above all kinds of gossip. This is the only woman of the zodiac, combining a very practical mind with a romantic kind. She selfish, often jeopardizes relationship with loved ones.

Virgo traits

The sign of Earth guided by Proserpina. Economy and painstaking detail. Great ideas at the wrong moment.

The second sign of the circle of Mind. Virgo represents the female mind, patience, observation, authority, constructive thinking. She gives love to the home with all that surrounds it, as the garden, the threshing-floor, the cellar thanks to everyday business concerns, the practical orientation of the mind acquired over the years. Virgo works here in all seasons.

The science of herbs and plants and their medicinal properties was born from this earth-related existence. The first elements of pharmaceuticals and dietetics is the natural medicine used by women born under this sign. Therefore, Virgo is a sign of Home and Health.

The Virgo hardly manages without such a lifestyle that contributes to the physical and mental strength of her environment deviating from her original purpose. Most often, she is attracted to the work of creating the science of nutrition and cooking the most exquisite dishes. Thanks to it, culinary traditions are preserved, and the best culinary recipes are compiled, and some common sense is distributed, warning people about the dangers of some of their actions that could damage their health.

These are the qualities of the Virgo in everyday life. And in whatever industry she works, we always see this clarity and desire to help your neighbor, guide him and protect from dangerous experiments. By her nature, she is an observer, but can also generalize, draw conclusions. This gives her tremendous advantages over others. Her mind, the power of which is enhanced over the years, can be transformed into a brilliantly organized genius.

Men born under this sign are based on Sagittarius is a sign of conception. This makes it possible to intellectualize their practice trends, to find the most applicable laws and regulations.

The era of perfection is from 22 to 28 years, the flowering of waves and mind. Life by this time should stabilize, so that the results will manifest by the age from 35 to 49, when the character will become strong and authoritative.

Symbols are vat, distillation cube, long preparations, where the choice of ingredients, dosage, temperature are considered. Alchemy, pharmaceutics, kitchen. The number 12 and its multiple fractions. Chrysoprase and malachite. Marble, copper and tin.

Vulnerable parts of the body are intestines, allergies, difficulties in functioning.

Virgo first decade

Symbols are Wheat, Fruit basket, Reddish brown with a golden sheen color, Green-golden, Scarab, Dragonfly.

Consciousness is Proserpina-Sun are female and male planets. Margarita.

Character is creative mind. Understanding of the symbol, metamorphosis, occult life forms. Influence. Understanding of art. Clear and unlike phase of life.

Subconscious is Jupiter-Mercury are two male planets. Centaur.

Character is a sense of responsibility. Love and respect for children. Ability to teach. Ease of handling a word. Influence.

Combinations are Sun-Jupiter is glory, aura of personality.

Sun-Mercury is mind, love of ceremonies, travel.

Proserpina-Jupiter is authority. Organization, a sense of responsibility, prudence, savings in the household.

Proserpina-Mercury is medicine, pharmaceuticals, dietetics. The art of making a person healthy.

Conclusion. A lively and subtle mind, anxious to be objective. Sense of justice. This is a decade of great people, great minds.

Love. Zodiacal marriage leads to Pisces, which are attracted by nobility, sociability and mystique (the first and second decades). Ideal love is inspired by the first decade of Capricorn, and passionate love is inspired by Aries. The first decade attracts dreamers, the second is the ambitious.

Virgo second decade

Symbols are Cornucopia. Vine. Antenna of plants. Bunch of oil color. Partridge.

Consciousness is Proserpina-Venus are two male plans. Delphinium.

Character is sensual, lazy beauty, physical attractiveness. Practical activities. The love of nature and the work associated with it. Artistic temperament. Cheerful character, dancing, gourmet, cakes, cuisine, hunting.

Subconscious is Jupiter-Moon are male and female planets. A pineapple. Space.

Character can be attributed to the townsfolk, bourgeois, but it depends on the environment. Love for children. Carelessness. Love to travel, worldly and religious ceremonies. Love for music.

Combinations are Proserpina-Jupiter are Olympic manners. The ability to command. Friendly willpower. Excellent self-control. Sense of hierarchy Ability to command and obey. Art of build.

Proserpina-Luna is homework. Excellent organization of the house, as kitchen, reception, garden, cellar.

Jupiter-Venus is a wonderful combination, giving perfect inner balance, benevolence, love of justice.

Moon-Venus is taste, thoroughness to details, a feeling of harmony of the whole, success in youth and in adulthood.

Conclusion. Moon can make a mess, laziness, love of waste, vagrancy, negligence. But the higher planets accompanying it do not prevent this only in rare cases.

Love. A life partner is chosen for ever. He must approach a given lifestyle, understand family responsibilities, financial situation, traditions. Capricorn fits this ideal if it does not possess any of the planets of Aquarius. Aries with the planets of Pisces and Taurus, especially Taurus, who is admired by the order, who loves the land and the works associated with it, its fertility and accepts as the ideal of the profession of Virgo. The tranquil beauty of Pisces admires, the mystical sign, which is the Virgo's zodiac. Hence, so many priests in this decade and even all sign.

Virgo third decade

Symbols are Filters. Pharmaceutical banks. Gray-green and color. Aesculapius. Snake.

Consciousness is Proserpina-Mercury are female and male planets. Bindweed.

Character is keen observation, classification, experience. Love to biochemical experiments. The study of analogies, as such as medicine, symbols are spirituality. Pharmaceuticals, general medicine, dietetics.

Subconscious is Jupiter-Saturn are two male planets. Veratrum.

Character is authority, reaching despotism. Does not tolerate contradictions. Very biased. Aggravated political flair. It literally follows the evolution of ideas and government policy. The power of the protector and the builder. Military art. Ambition.

Combinations are Proserpina-Saturn is the art of administering. Pride and inflexibility. Architecture, construction, building systems, home and commercial savings.

Saturn-Mercury is cynicism, insensitivity. Absolute, too abstract mind, not aware of the feelings of others. Reasoning fairly for himself but using sophistry to convince the interlocutor. Too harsh in upbringing.

Conclusion. The character formed under the influence of Saturn-Mercury should be corrected by education, increase sensitivity, exacerbate a sense of moral responsibility, fight with selfishness.

Love. The choice naturally falls on Gemini and Pisces for Virgo-doctors, pharmacists, dietetics. Taurus helps in artistic pursuits, and in addition, his friendliness helps and brings good luck in commerce. Overjoyed by the Virgo, Taurus seeks to arrange everyday well-being, raises the children and fosters them with tenderness, softening as far as possible the harsh methods of educating of Virgo. Unfavorable alliance with Scorpio, Cancer. It is easy to establish a friendship between the Virgo and Leo. With the sign of Libra frequent conflicts. Virgo strongly attracts Aquarius, but long-term relationships are rare. Rarely there are sympathy and mutual affection with their own sign of the Virgo.

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