Aries Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Aries

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Zodiac Sign

Dates: Mar 21 - Apr 20

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Red

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Leo

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17

Aries is considered the first sign in the zodiac belt, as at the time when Greek astronomy was created, the Sun entered this constellation at the time of the vernal equinox. The constellation is not distinctive; it consists of stars of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th magnitudes. The main star of Aries is called Hamal (nautical star). The cult of the sacrificial lamb has passed through the millennia. The symbol of the meek, innocent creature who sacrifices itself to people for their good and to atone for their misdeeds - this is the idea of the hieroglyph of the Aries constellation. The horns of the Egyptian Ammon are curved so that he cannot defend himself; the disk of the Sun shines on additional horns as a symbol of cosmic wisdom.

Aries are the favorite children of the zodiac. They are friendly people outwardly, with energetic manners and a firm handshake. They always fight against any injustice and can be very hot and violent at the same time. Aries always express their point of view directly. They put their interests first, think about themselves above all, and do not bother about how it will affect other people. Their insensitivity is unconscious, making it difficult to be offended by them, as by a child.

These people don't have strength throughout their life. They believe in everything with all their hearts. They are without hidden complexities. They are very secretive and like to complain. Aries never have strategies and go straight to the goal. They tend to succeed in their careers. You will not find tact and tolerance in Aries, as well as patience. When these qualities were distributed to people, Aries apparently were still behind the doors. They are very straightforward, to put it mildly, in everything. Their main features can be called frankness and honesty, but one should not count on this, as they lack stability, which is a manifestation of a lack of responsibility.

Aries absolutely have no tolerance for physical pain. Making them go to the dentist is almost impossible. Meanwhile, unreasonable fearlessness often gives them physical scars. The main diseases are diseases of the skin, joints, and stomach. They usually have a tight physique. They refuse to go to bed if they feel bad, and if they lie down, it means that they are really sick.

The true cause of Aries' diseases is impatience. They need to consciously develop in themselves the virtues of patience and caution. They are very optimistic, so they rarely suffer from chronic diseases, but they often have high blood pressure.

Aries is sure that no one else can handle a case like him. They cannot be blamed for laziness. If Aries needs to choose between fame and money, they will choose fame. Their speech is often ironic, it is extremely easy to provoke their anger. They are easily angered, but they cool down easily and quickly and don't hold grudges. Aries can apologize even to their enemy if they feel that they have offended them. Aries does not lie and never gossips.

Aries do not have undertones in assessing people and events; as a rule, they have enemies and friends, black and white, but they do not have grey. Something can be good or bad, but not average. All Aries live for today only, yesterday does not teach them anything, tomorrow is too far. Only the current minute, hour is important for them. Aries cannot admit defeat; he simply refuses to see it. He is unusually optimistic in everything, loves obstacles that must be overcome and conquered. Never sits back in expectation of success. The energy of Aries exhausts many people; in principle, they may well be calm when they want. Unfortunately, they will want peace only in adulthood.

Most Aries are lucky in art and business. It is difficult for other people to show their individuality next to Aries, as he likes to talk only about himself, about his problems. Aries are very gullible; therefore, they are often disappointed in people. They like to do something pleasant for others and don’t expect the same in return. They are pioneers in all undertakings. However, they tend most often to unattainable distances and impracticable goals. They know how to make people happy, and they like to do it.

Aries man

He may impress you with his passion and coldness. He is constantly filled with ideas and creative energy. It is tiresome to keep up with him, but it is necessary to do so, as he can leave you without looking back.

The Aries man can look younger than he actually is. He grows up rather late, is impatient, brave, and self-confident, always ahead, generous, giving sympathy even to strangers. However, he can be completely unbearable with all this, selfish, and demanding when his desires are not fulfilled.

If it comes to love, he dives into it, confident that no one has had such a single and unique feeling. He is a very passionate person in love.

Aries is idealistic, vulnerable to sentiment, romantic. His calm behavior is a mask covering a hot heart.

A little flirtation is not in his nature. He seeks the love which he read about in novels. He also romantically loves and demands the same from you. He does not have to see how you get yourself straightened out, caring for your nails, hair, face... His principle is, “The princess should not behave this way”. Try not to be boring, uninteresting, too timid with him. He is hard to convince that you are better than others, but you can try to do it.

Aries is faithful when in love. He cannot get involved with several women at once, is honest in dealing with them. This is consistent with his ideas about faithful and long love. The decision to break with old love comes to him before he falls in love again. He will make it quite clear that you need to end your relationship. He cannot pretend in love. There is no cunning in his nature. Ice and sadness in his voice and manners immediately tell you that it's all over.

Aries will never admit to being wrong. After the breakup, he will be able to start a new relationship with you, but you will need to try very hard for this. Here you have the key to him.

If you decide to cheat on him, get ready to immediately part with him. He will not forgive you even an interested look at another man. He should be first in everything. You must love what he loves. His possessive interest and jealousy are taken to the extreme (in this, he is second only to Leo).

He is a real rebel. He denies any power over himself, feels above all other people. Does not make someone else's leadership. However, behind his outwardly aggressive and self-confident behavior lies an inferiority complex, which he never recognizes. Therefore, you must support him gently, then you will succeed. Do not make the mistake of agreeing with his enemy, do not try to be fair, proving that he is wrong. You must love what he loves and hate what he hates. He demands unquestioning loyalty. Look for another man if this does not suit you.

He does not like to play. Do not bother him, do not express your feelings until you are convinced that passion is mutual. The quickest way to lose him is to be the first to talk about your feelings, since he must be a leader in this as in everything else. Love with Aries is difficult, sometimes you even have to be an actress and not run after him, but not run too far away, to be a bit mysterious, but still, he should know that you love him.

His positive qualities should be attributed to the fact that he can apologize first, will always be there if you are sick and unhappy, he will be easy to spend money for you and always give you a compliment.

He is a good and pleasant interlocutor. If he is obsessed with some idea, you should be there. He wants to be your only world and passion, allowing you to share his interests. An Aries man believes that his woman should be superfeminine, but also have male characteristics, such as independence, still lagging several steps behind him. You should praise him, but without timid worship. Aries can be cruel, considering that everyone should forgive him. He either dominates in the house or leaves it, does not tolerate any comments in his address. He is not greedy, but it is important for him to keep the money in his hands, he must dispose of everything.

Aries loves children, one can only dream of such a father. Maintain his independence but try to tactfully rein in his impulsiveness. Not in his nature to obey, do not destroy his masculine quality, but do not lose your individuality. Your success should not overshadow his success.

Aries often finds itself in difficult situations, as he is impatient and completely devoid of the gift of diplomacy. The main purpose of his life is work. Endowed with great strength of will, courage, and speed of reaction, he can be a good doctor, commander, journalist, administrator, but here he is hampered by the lack of subtlety and despotism. Aries men are almost always good, honest workers. However, despite the seemingly healthy look, they have poor health and almost all Aries have a very weak nervous system.

Aries woman

Have you fallen in love with an Aries woman?

It’s hard to say whether to congratulate you or express sympathy. She may think that love is everything for her, like other women, but in fact, she has so many interests! She can do without a man much longer than any other woman. However, she certainly always needs affairs and heroes of her dreams, even if the hero is only imaginary, but he must be.

An Aries woman thinks that she can do everything better than any man. She opens the door for herself, lights a cigarette, carries heavy bags, etc. To live without male support for her means doing everything much faster and better than waiting for support from a man. Naturally, this does not suit the vulnerable male ego. She must lead, must be first in everything, including love relationships.

The only Aries women of all zodiac signs can propose to a man. It can happen before you show your feelings for her. Be very careful with the Aries woman, she wants to lead in love. Before you kiss her, make sure that she loves you, otherwise she may hit you and run away. This is not maiden modesty, just your intended is afraid that you can be her slave, and this weighs heavy on her. Be mysterious to her and give her the opportunity to corner you. The man who resists her charms attracts her. The Aries woman will do anything to conquer you even if she is not very interested in you. She gathers all men at her feet, while her heart tends only to one that she cannot have. This is a very strong woman. Her character is masculine, aggressive, although her appearance may be completely opposite.

An Aries woman loves flattery very much, especially if it is based on reality. Let her know that you admire her, but do not talk about it sweatily. She is very sentimental and faithful in love if the feelings are alive. She has a contradiction, she does not want a man to follow her, and at the same time she loses interest if you are too far from her. She does not need a dominant husband, but she doesn’t need an adoring slave. She has a strong desire to lead her man, which conflicts with her secret desire to be led.

She is extremely idealistic and vainly seeks to find a knight who will be stronger than her, give her the world and nevertheless will not lose his manhood. And since this happens only in fairy tales, an Aries woman often lives alone. Her days are bright, and the nights are dark and lonely. In order to love you, she should be proud of you, but you should not forget about her talents and abilities. Although she requires a lot from you, everything will return doubly.

She is generous to her sympathies, cool about money and status, but in love, she is a terrible owner. She can be jealous over a trifle. Never praise her friends in her presence! When something deeply hurts her, she quickly turns from fire to ice. Her fire is quickly extinguished, but the ice can be eternal. Remember this!

Like a man, an Aries woman puts her man on a pedestal, considering him as perfection, and stubbornly refuses to notice the shortcomings of her dearie. Never criticize a man whom an Aries woman loves.

She prefers the company of men and you will be jealous, but do not show that to her.

She insists on her complete freedom before and after marriage. You will have to trust her, although you will be denied trust. But if she really loves you, she can be faithful.

An Aries woman is rarely capable of loving two men at the same time, she is too honest for such deception. She is capable of passion and mystical idealism. She will never show deep feminine coquetry in love. Her love is straightforward and unsophisticated, like her speech and actions. In her simple emotions, there is something strong and fresh.

An Aries woman is a businesswoman who can secure her career. She easily masters both male and female work, she almost has a profession. It is very difficult to make her quit work for you. She will get you gifts, lend money, look after you during illness, help you with your work. She expects the same from you, although she will violently push help away. When she is unhappy, you should be unhappy too; when she is happy, you should experience the same feelings.

For her, love is a union of equal rights. It is impossible to keep anything secret from her, this makes her mad. Do not embarrass her with your grammatical errors, clothing, status in society. Hurt her pride it breaks her heart. But, unfortunately, people often do this, because they are unfavorable to those who put themselves above them. When an Aries woman discovers that she does not rule the world, then she will come running into your tears, and then you will see her just as she really is: unarmed and vulnerable to the extreme, despite all her confidence. She admires strength and tries to imitate it in herself. Her idealism and optimistic belief in human nature often crash against reality. Take care of her at such moments. Always protect her from enemies, she will not forgive you if you do not fight for her and stand on her side. She will also throw off fame and honor, protecting the one she loves.

When you marry her, do not expect that she will only deal with the house, she has other interests. An Aries woman is a good housewife, but she does not like homework, although she does all household activities. She will excite you and never get bored. Intellectual, rarely complains of illness or fatigue. But if she is sick, you need to pour out a ton of sympathy on her, if only to put her to bed. This is not a woman whom you can call and say that you are at work. She does not tolerate not knowing something, so she is able to call you at work and check where you really are.

An Aries woman will make a good impression on your boss. She may tolerate temporary difficulties that you may find yourself in but will never respect a man who earns less than her, although she will not leave him for that reason. She is unbearably vain, very sensitive to every little thing, as statements about her age or looking tired. Your marriage must be passionate and romantic, otherwise, she will feel unhappy. She looks good as a mother, gives her children all that is needed.

An Aries woman can make a scene for you, but quickly recovers, never holding on to anger, will not take revenge and sink into self-pity. After the emotional outburst, her optimistic nature will revive.

She is very feminine, even unduly for an average man. But all this is hidden under her strong appearance. And then, the knight is not the average man. Do not forget it! She is easy to hurt. Her smile is just a mask, her shield. If you can tame her, turn her into a lamb, you will have a woman who is honest, passionate, and exciting, although impulsive and independent.

An Aries woman can give you back lost illusions.

Aries traits

Fire Sign, Master Mars. Active, passionate will. The first sign of the circle of Will. Represents a courageous form, subordinate to the mind, seeking to avoid the intellectual lack of Pisces (excess of lyricism and improbability), as well as the disadvantages of Gemini (excessive passion for sophism, pun, and opportunism).

The season of this sign is the beginning of spring when the organism is depleted due to lack of oxygen, vitamins, sun, and moving. He is most susceptible to the effects of microbes at this time. Therefore, Aries are of two kinds. One of them is strong, vigorous, with good muscles and healthy lungs. Others are weak, poorly resisting natural selection that occurs during this period because they do not live in harmony with their sign, which requires good food, constant exercise, an optimistic and cheerful character, true love, and good friends. It is a sign of newfound health and vigor, a newly conquered joy, a sign of a new world, open to the conquering, seeking, and fiery spirit of people with a ruddy face and keen eyes of hunters and explorers.

Women of this sign are beautiful and reasonable. They never lower their eyes under the gaze of strangers. They live only for passions. The shoulders of these women are gorgeous, they have the long legs of the Amazons. These are the women of Rubens and Titian. These are musicians, travelers, sportswomen. They bloom in blue, expressing faithfulness, love of life. But too much pain leads them to despair, makes them inert, chaste, shy, and suffering from constant physical ailment.

If the adulterer returns and the new love helps the revival, both vigor and joy will return. Will revive under the favorable influence of confidence in mutual love.

This is the leading sign, the first on the zodiac circle, the initiator of revival. It is the link between the Pisces characteristics as sadness, troubled dreams, searching for artificial methods, and fear of eternal winter and ruthless loneliness, and what will be suggested by Taurus as a sign of the Earth, its simple joys, when a man and a woman meet in the name of perfect love and eternal sensuality, that inextinguishable always similar and never the same, following the grandiose and redemptive rhythm of these happy months.

The epoch of perfection is mature age.

The Symbols are red, yellow, and green squares. A head of ram or deer, number 4 expresses a realistic character, the frequency of the most preferred rhythms as military marches (at four tempos), the ball drops, military signals, performed on copper instruments. Violet color is unfavorable.

The weak spot is the head. Ears may hurt, meningitis is possible, diseases of the nose and eyes. It is necessary to be careful of hemorrhage to the brain, wounds, and colds.

Aries first decade

Symbols: Revival. Victory. Vigorous activity. Phoenix.

Consciousness: Mars-Pluto are male planets. Tulip.

Character: authority, leading to despotism. Furious, unfair, cruel, powerful, very enterprising and brave.

Subconscious: Moon - Venus are Female planets. White, blue and pale pink.

Character: gentle, unmotivated, impressionable, very sensual and faithful. Love for children.

Combinations: Mars - Moon - both kindness and cruelty increase under the influence of whim.

Pluto-Moon is extreme weakness. Voluntary sacrifice.

Mars-Venus is passionate nature. Love is a huge life factor. Jealousy overthrows everything.

Pluto-Venus is passion and ambition, moderated by the tenderness of Venus.

Conclusion: hot, generous nature right up to self-sacrifice, very vulnerable to psychological shocks that can overturn the fortress of Mars and reveal the weakness of Moon.

Love: Plutonian essence brings this sign with Leo, a Plutonian in the subconscious, and with Scorpio, led by Pluto. Demanding passion, very physical properties, which literally knocks down. But two despots, two egoists collide, and begin to torment each other. In this case, Aries must abandon its line of conduct and accept the role of Cancer as a peacekeeper. This sign is also close to Libra (first decade). The characters are superbly balanced here and bring happiness and good luck to both.

Aries second decade

Symbols: Moses. Epopan. Confidence.

Consciousness: Mars-Sun are female and male planets. Red, orange, yellow.

Character: ambition, idealization, movement, dance, music, loyalty, pride, the struggle of ideas and opinions.

Subconscious: Luna - Mercury are female and male planets. White and silver grey.

Character formed by the metamorphosis of puberty, which makes it either irreversibly masculine with the predominance of male planets at this moment, or irreversibly feminine in the opposite case. Memory, taste for fables, poetic and fantastic stories, persistence of memories.

Combinations: Mars-Mercury is lightning replica, a propensity to wrestling (boxing, fencing). Anything that brings both search and risk at the same time interests this character. Sun-Mercury is a beauty, an exact mind that appreciate literature, theatre, harmonious sports. Sun-Moon is selfishness, then self-humiliation and kindness. It is dual beauty as masculine strength and feminine charm.

Mars-Moon - Sun and Mars want to dominate. Moon takes everything.

Conclusion: an attractive character, forever young, but rather uneconomical and too loving to take risks. A great physical attraction. Love and friendship are given to passion. It has dizzying fate.

Love: Sun brings closer to Leo. Two ambitious, two enthusiasts complement and support each other. Sun also inclines Aries to the second decade of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

The sign of Mercury induces to marry the first decade of Sagittarius, in which he admires erudition, Mars-Moon is directed to Libra and gives happiness and domination over all signs of the zodiac. The partner helps to understand all that is foreign to the character of Aries. Mercury also attracts to the last five days of the Virgin, who has a strong passion, which sometimes causes Aries to show himself a little cruel in order to experience more fully absolute power.

Aries third decade

Symbols: Minerva. Mind. Punitive justice. Doe. The head of Medusa.

Consciousness: Mars-Venus are male and female planets. Red and green.

Character: Mars-Venus combination indicating on a passionate love, has excessive temperament, generosity and enthusiasm. The desire to transcend themselves, the love for an ideal.

Subconscious: Moon - Moon it is double dominance one female planet. Snow White.

Character: power of imagination, clairvoyance, intuition. Absorption of fables, rhythms, poetic fantasies. The gift of stylization, states of the soul, feelings in art. Love inspires to create masterpieces.

Combinations: Mars - Moon is clarity and tenderness.

Venus-Moon is extreme sensitivity. The search for rare sensations through sight, touch, hearing and smell. Music in methodical form; painting is a component of refined decor.

Conclusion: valid only under the impulse of passions. Loving suffering awakens a melancholic ego, which gets its expression thought to create works of art. However, people who are not creative can cause an undesirable state of depression, which will lead to inaction. Young girls are in despair that the boy did not keep his word. The young men who have suffered a fiasco in their profession refuse to make a new attempt. Both forget that astral life is a permanent isolation, and they turn their backs to happiness. It is necessary to consider these misfortunes as simple road crashes. It is necessary to restore everything and start all over again.

Love: Astral love belongs to Libra. Ideal love makes you choose Leo, who admire beauty, external elegance, mind. Allows you to accept love of the third decade of Sagittarius. Love-passion leads to the first decade of Scorpio, but he can knock Aries off balance, make him either too passive or too authoritative. Auspicious alliance with Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius. These signs pacify Aries with their tranquility and love of philosophy. Great physical attraction with Aquarius and with Libra. Unfavorable alliance with Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus.

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