Leo Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Leo

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

Dates: Jul 23 - Aug 23

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Color: Gold, Yellow, Orange

Day: Sunday

Ruler: Sun

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19

Constellation occupies most of the sky. Stars of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th magnitude. The star of the 1st magnitude is the blue Regulus, or the Heart of Leo (nautical star). Its light emission is 150 times more than solar. On the tail of Leo is a star of the 2nd magnitude Denebola.

Hieroglyphically on this constellation is depicted a lion is a symbol of courage and strength, supported by a serpent is a symbol of wisdom. Denebola is depicted as a meek maiden is a symbol of higher wisdom. At the end of the serpent's tail there is a falcon, the symbol of the god Horus, and in the armchair over the back of a lion, a man facing the sky, with a scroll in his hand, a symbol of secret knowledge. This is the god Siu, who helped the god Atum in the creation of the world. At this stage of evolution, man achieves the full flowering of his spiritual and physical strength and is striving for further improvement.

The sign of fire. Under the auspices of Sun. Leo is the central figure of the zodiac. The character is domineering, nature is rich. The main character trait is kindness. A lion is the king of beasts, and Leo-man reigns over all people, including you. Although it is not so, for God's sake, do not dissuade him, otherwise you can break his selfish heart. The Leo is best appeased, and then he will purr like a sweet kitten. Leo should be sought in the brightest and most luxurious houses in the city. He hates longing and darkness and never blush from timidity or embarrassment. Leo is eager to rule friends and family. You need to be a very courageous person to deal with him when he defends his rights or his dignity.

Some Leo become a little gentle with age, but they never lower their proud head, never! Do not forget that the Leo is always ready to jump when danger arises, this is especially true of the Leo-woman. A majestic behaviour, guiding style in all. Leo always attracts attention in the company. He is either the centre of the conversation, or he is sitting in a dark corner and suffers from a lack of attention from those present.

Leo make a strange impression on people. When they talk to someone, everyone stretches before them. They talk, as a rule, in a condescending tone, they like to give advice and explain to everyone how to live. They really understand in many ways,  which gives them the right to give advice. But this cannot be said about their own life, they usually cannot fix it. But Leo has an honest love for excellence, they do not hide this desire, they have excellent abilities that are mixed with extraordinary vulnerability.

This proud Leo is very vulnerable! He is deeply hurt if you do not respect his wisdom and generosity. Leo's weakness, his Achilles' heel is vanity. Flattery is like a balm for him, and lack of respect makes him blind with anger. These two extremes make it very difficult for Leo to make sensible decisions. However, the Leo can be good organizers and leaders. Good hosts. Leo's dwelling looks like a royal castle.

Among the Leos there are almost no bachelors and old maids, as they are always in love. But because of excessive pride, they often have unsuccessful marriages. Leos are sad without a partner.

In no case can you touch the pride of Leo, at such moments he becomes completely unchecked. As a result, Leos are often abandoned by their chosen ones. Love failures they suffer with great dignity. The ability to forgive is part of the nature of Leo, and in his love life, returns to the former partner are possible. A life without love is nothing for Leo. These men and women try to be a support for others, they take a very responsible attitude towards the weak and helpless, they love to help them. Leo often complain about the abundance of the tasks and duties entrusted to them, that they carry the heaviest burden, but do not pay attention to this, they like responsibility. Try to free them from this burden or offer your help, they will give it up. Financial assistance is especially intolerant to them. Leos are very careless with money. Typical Leos are gamblers. They love extravagance and luxury. Spend a lot of money on fun and entertainment. Leos lend money, and even if they don’t have the required amount, they will re-loan and lend to you because the king cannot be without money!

Leos often have a fever, they are prone to unexpected severe illnesses and accidents, but they do not suffer from chronic diseases. These people are either unusually viable or complain that they will not survive for long (the latter is a typical reaction to a lack of praise). Leos can be heart, back and leg diseases, but hey all recover quickly. Danger for them is their own carelessness to health, they are often under-treated. This is a sign of extremes, either untidiness and carelessness, or surprising neatness. All Leos love gossip. They need to know everything about what is happening around them.

Leos are purposeful by their nature, they are difficult to turn from the chosen path. They are very energetic, but at times they are amenable to laziness and can lie on the sofa like a cat in the sun.

Their vocation is to protect the defenseless. They are loyal friends, fair and strong enemies. They are creative and original, strong and life-loving people. Dress up quite  brightly. They have true dignity and grace with which they can endure trouble. Their optimism is further enhanced by sunlight, and at night they are supported by the light of thousands of stars.

Leo man

An audience always should be for him. Become it for him and you will enjoy the invariable favor of the Leo-man. It is easy to draw him into a novel if you play correctly, flatter him, adore and respect him. If this is a bright August man, wear dark glasses and surrender to the bright sunlight coming from him. If it is a gentle and calm Leo, do not be deceived by its softness, try to stroke it against the coat, and the sparks will immediately flash. Remember, he only plays the role of a soft person. Under the soft manners and patient stability, embers are hidden, always ready to flare up and burn a woman who turned out to be so stupid that she thought that she could control him.

Leo can be gallant and remind a knight, can seem like a gentle patron and sentimental lover. His passion ignites instantly. You just need to add light, enhance the music and his love will immediately blossom out like a rose. By the way, you may not do this, it will be the same. He cannot live without love, he needs to be idolized, otherwise he will wither. This must be understood in a crucible.

Leo rarely saves money when courting woman. You must have an iron heart to resist. And it may seem to you that you have already won it. But I must warn you that the romance with Leo will never take place without trouble, the royal favourites are an example for you. Is he jealous? Yes! And may this trait of his character constantly burn in your brain with a light bulb. Remember that you belong to him in body and soul. He will tell you what to wear, how to comb your hair, which books to read, which friends are suitable for you.

He will need to know why you went to the store for fifteen minutes, and returned an hour later, who you met on the street and what you were told. He will get to what you think when you look out the window. In the end, because you can think about another man! Never forget the strength of his impulsive nature. It is very stupid to try to worry his of an occasional flirting. He already knows that others want you. And he does not need any evidence of this. In addition, do not forget that Leo can bring down your friend with whom you are trying to flirt, so that in love with Leo you can have not only roses and honey ... This applies to all Leos, both calm and furious. Their natures are the same. Be ready to always balance his enthusiasm with a calm mind, learn to calm him down when he throws out his huge problems to you. You need stability to balance his pride. If you do not possess this quality, our love will turn into a battle. You will constantly quarrel and put up with him.

Choosing a Leo man, forget about your career, he is your career! He may allow you to work a little, but at the same time you should understand that your work is nothing compared to his work. He does not tolerate any competition. In society, you should be only a queen, but if you cannot achieve this, it is unlikely that you will leave with Leo. However, marrying for love, your Leo man will be kind and gentle with you, if everything in the house revolves around him. He will pay with generosity for respect and deference to him. He will tirelessly repeat how beautiful you are, allow you to manage his money and, most likely, will be faithful to you, despite romantic nature. Leo is usually too lazy to chase pretty women, especially if he has already found a wife capable of running his farm. You will have an active life with your husband Leo. In this case, there may be some financial difficulties, try to keep him from any gambling hobbies.

Leo has another  quite pleasant feature, he knows how to fix things. He must show power in this. He can do a lot with his own hands. Leo is not a fool, but at times he can put a clown cap. His character is not easy. He is persistent and focused in life, always knows what he wants.

If you want to keep his loyalty, give him a drink of romance and love, otherwise the burning need for love and admiration will make him go in search of another place. Leo appreciates beauty. If you are jealous, learn to tolerate the fact that he will frankly admire pretty women. Leo abandoned by a woman because of a passion for others, will be extremely surprised and will do everything to regain your sympathy, assuring you that you are a monster. His court for other women is usually innocent if you treat them correctly.

Despite their natural softness, Lions are not sensitive to the experiences of others. They are so busy with themselves that they can be cruel in their frankness and tactless. But their charming smile will quickly defuse the heated atmosphere, they do not hide anger. They love sports, but with age they prefer to watch competitions from the side.

Leo tends to a woman who stands below him on the public ladder, and often makes the wrong choice. Leo rarely has large families, but they are good fathers. Leo often allows children a little more than they should, but you should not give children more attention than your husband. He is good-natured or dangerous, generous or selfish, Leo believes that he deserves the role of master. And we must admit that he everywhere achieves great success. He needs to lead and be loved.

Leo woman

Leo-woman is sentimental. She is very popular among men, and you will have to compete for the right to own her. If your last name is noble origin, you will have an advantage over others beforehand. One can hardly imagine that the Leo-woman married any Jack or John, and if it does happen, she is unlikely to change her last name. In most cases, it rises above other women like a queen. She was born to lead, dictate styles, fashion, habits and manners. Few appreciates female friendship, prefers the society of men. Nature treated her very favorably, endowing her with mental alertness, grace and beauty. Consider yourself happy if the Leo-woman respects you and agrees to be your partner. Allowing you to love her, she knights you up.

Leo traits

Sign of Fire, Sun is the master. Ambition in the guise of frivolity. The second sign of the circle of feelings representing this property in its poetic form. Developed an understanding of their own behaviour in society. For Leo everything is a performance, a ceremony. He knows how to remove all unnecessary, useless parts. He loves classicism in art. His home is furnished with simple simplicity. He usually owns several collectible items that likes to show friends., He arranges magnificent receptions, if he can it.

He dresses well, always at the forefront of fashion. During the day he is dressed in strict perfection, in the evening is luxurious. His activity is most successful in the trade of luxury goods, in decorating a theatre.

Infinitely changing shades from decade to decade, he always achieves aesthetic perfection.

The era of perfection is from 15 to 21 years. Radiant time when everything is ahead. The epoch of creativity when the maximum should be realized is from 28 to 35 years. The peace, prosperity, cozy shelter is from 52 to 59 years old.  Favorable time is noon.

Symbols are gold, yellow, diamond, topaz, figure I. Columns, trellis. White colour is unfavorable.

The weak spot is the heart and spine. The presence of Pluto in this sign from 1940 to 1957 made the spine fragile and carries about it will never be redundant. Need a special mode. Leo must avoid accidents.

Leo first decade

Symbols are Oasis, Compass, Black circle, Sycamore, Bee, Digitalis.

Consciousness are Sun-Saturn are two male planets. Sunflower. Bear ear.

Character is logical, creative, precise mind, Understanding of beauty. Classes are architecture, drawing, mathematics. Creators of fashion. Gold and silver products. The love of the game, the risk associated with the game of the mind. Pride, selfishness.

Subconscious are Pluto-Mars are two male planets. Crocus, lily.

Character is despotism, straightforwardness, integrity. Lack of self-defense instinct. Insensitivity. Pride. A taste for drama and suffering.

Combinations of Sun-Pluto are ambition, strength of character, financial flair.

Sun-Mars are ambition, the art of strategy.

Saturn-Mars are military talent, self-defense instinct.

Saturn-Pluto is great wealth. A wish extends its influence after death. Care of offspring.

Conclusion. It is an exceptional consciousness. High intelligence. Women are volitional, ambitious, energetic, able to take fate into their own hands.

Love. A good alliance with Capricorn and the first two decades of Aries. Two minds complement each other. Can choose the second ten days of Libra, the last decade of Sagittarius. Do not marry women weak and passive!

Leo second decade

Symbols are Patron, Crown, Golden circle, Greek ornament, Eagle.

Consciousness are Sun-Jupiter are two male planets. Mimosa. Palm.

Character is hospitality, noble manners, a sense of justice. Respect for the religious rules. The desire to show himself. Wealth. Good exams. Love for plays and ceremonies.

Subconscious are Pluto-Uranus are bisexual and asexual planets. Asphodel.

Character is idealization of sexual tendencies is possible. Loyalty in friendship. Constant inner anxiety, that love much or deal with own impulse? Love to command. Originality of mind.

Combinations of Sun-Uranus are the use of the eternal. The ability to transform. Living and original mind. Love for everything new.

Jupiter-Pluto is authority, command. Great condition.

Jupiter-Uranus is an attempt to reconcile the past and the future. Erudition.

Conclusion. Thanks to a great mind, the people of this ten-day to some extent escaped the fatality introduced into the sign of Pluto. Therefore, they know how to get the best of sex and move their heat into art, searching fortune.

Love. Uranus and Sun jealously guard their independence. They do not have a family in good stead. Jupiter loves family life. So, this is a bachelor living if possible, with his parents and relatives. Happy with Sagittarius, if the latter is patriarchal mores. With Aquarius, prefers to widely use cutting-edge ideas and tools. Magnetic is attracted by Scorpion, revealing unknown inner self to Leo. Also loves Aries, sharing his ambitious aspirations.

Leo third decade

Symbols are Leo, Red circle, Frustum, Eucalyptus.

Consciousness are Sun-Pluto are male and bisexual planets. Amaryllis.

Character is ambition. Love that wavers between ideal aspirations (the cult of beauty, mind) and intense sexuality. The opposite sex will always play a big role in his life. The manifestation of passion in situations where the partner will always be dropped, and the side of the unfortunate victim is more loving than beloved. All this will be cultivated and honed by this virtuoso of love charm.

Subconscious are Pluto-Venus are bisexual and feminine planets. Gardenia.

Character is irresistible carnal love. This does not exclude romance, the desire to bring in some subtlety of feelings.

Combinations of double Pluto can give rise to obsessive sex, if this sexual tendency is not rectified by education.

Love. Sagittarius inspires great love, because its balance and tranquility serve as balancing elements. Aquarius is a sign of marriage. He complements this character well, respects his independence, admires his vitality and active character. Pisces live in a world different from the feelings and thoughts of Leo, and still attract. Superficial, but hurting passion that can despair.  Unfavorable alliance with Taurus and Scorpio. Much in common in character and temperament with Aries. Possible alliance with Gemini, Libra. Sagittarius. The alliance with Capricorn is uncertain.

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