Gemini Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Dates: May 22 - Jun 21

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Color: Light-Green, Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23

The constellation consists of stars of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th magnitude. The heads of Gemini are marked by two beautiful stars are Castor, the star of the 2nd magnitude (whitish-green), and Pollux, the star of the 1st magnitude (orange-yellow), the navigation star. The sky region, the surrounding constellation, is marked with Orion stars, Sirius, Capella, Aldebaran.

Hieroglyphically here is a standing woman overshadowed by the star Pollux. A man goes in opposite to her. Above his head the star Castor, Gemini's hands are connected. It symbolically indicates the harmonic combination of these two principles are the female potential energy and the male potential energy. In the ancient world under symbols “woman” and “man” (gods and their spouses) hid the idea of two opposite, complementary forces.

The air sign. Under the auspices of Mercury. The character is uncertain. Permanent duality. Gemini is smart, has diverse interests, easily adapt to circumstances. There are always as a two people in this sign and it is very interesting to follow their unexpected reactions. Geminis are some irritable and nervous. They experience periods of acute insecurity, suddenly changing clothes, work, place of residence, their decisions and opinions. Even reading a book, they can start it from the end.

Geminis can good bring a discussion. They are constantly surrounded by nervous energy. They like to speak and do not know how to listen, intolerant to conservative people and ideas. However, in general, Geminis are friendly. They are fast and graceful, they can easily get out of any situation, they are happy to surprise the thought-overs with the speed of their mental processes. Only Aquarius can compete in this with Gemini.

They can do several things at the same time. Any routine makes them feel like a bird in a cage. They do not tolerate monotony and punctuality. They often are late, but not because they forget about the meeting time, they were distracted by something else. If born under this sign is an intellectual, then it is difficult for him to adapt to the surrounding society. This is a type of neurasthenic, often suffering from various mania. Like Pisces, Gemini needs to behave in complete contrast with their desires. It is difficult to love them. They try to slip away, leaving in complete insecurity those who love them.

Gemini good politicians and excellent experts in human relations. They will convince you of anything with the help of their mental abilities. They quickly understand when they are offended and can easily force others to change opinion about them.

There is another distinctive quality in Gemini, they are good publicists. But without having a constant opinion on any subject, they rarely and reluctantly describe the history of their lives, do not like to write letters. Most often written under a pseudonym. They have the ability to learn languages, favourite is French. Easily give up their opinions and give the impression of extremely  careless people. Nevertheless, they are too much idealists to become criminals.

Angels smile at them for whatever fantastic cause the Gemini may accept. These are the biggest enhancers in the world. They need to sleep more than other people to give rest to constantly working brains, but they do not know how to rest and often suffer from a restroom, as a result they are constantly under threat of nervous exhaustion. Only the sun and fresh air can save they from the hospital. The most common diseases of Gemini are diseases of the shoulders, arms, fingers, and palms. Weak lungs. In addition, prone to rheumatism, migraine and arthritis.

Implicitly, Gemini aspires to the ideal in any business, but cannot define it, although their imagination knows no boundaries. Money, fame, love is everything always not enough for them. They are not always satisfied. It always seems to them that  they will achieve more somewhere near, in another place and in another matter. Their eyes are sharp, talents are numerous, but they lack constancy and patience. It seems that they have lost something in themselves and cannot find it. They are strangers on earth. This sign gives the largest number of geniuses and talented people in science, literature and art.

Gemini man

It may well happen to him that, having gone to the store on Monday for salt, he will return home only on Wednesday. Do not be offended by him and do not be upset if, instead of salt, he brought you matches. Falling in love with Gemini is a guarantee to insure against loneliness and boredom. There will always be with you two people, and both are your chosen one. You will never know where he is now and when he returns home. There is no doubt only one thing: he will be where he is more fun.

The male Geminis are the favorites of the public, wonderful companions. They have an urgent need to feel love and attention to themselves, to feel care and affection. There is nothing worse than loneliness for them. Fear of it sometimes leads them to suicide. They prefer to communicate with the most uninteresting and worthless persons to loneliness.

Gemini have a refined taste and excellent manners. The man-Gemini is full of witty comments, his compliments are masterpieces of sincerity and observation. He is the soul of any company. However, before you marry him, make sure that you can live with constant mystery and uncertainty.

Gemini man can change not only sympathy and mood, but also life goals at any moment. He may confess love to you today, and not come on a date tomorrow. If you survive and forgive him, then in a few days he will make you an offer again, and then he will express confidence that you cannot be happy together at all. Do not be offended by him, because in an hour he will become a completely different person, and if you are a gambler, then make a good pair. But all good players should know the rules of the game before they make a bet. Remember this!

Love with a Gemini man can be easy and enjoyable only if you don’t try to get too close to him and hang up on his neck with tears before each of us leave for work. Accept the fact that there is a certain mysterious essence in it, which he does not reveal to anyone, it seems, in front of you too. Take it lightly and calmly, do not be too sensitive and practical. Do not bother him.

But the silent mouse does not suit him at all. He needs an intellectual duel above all, and consequently, the partner is not inferior in mind. Do not rebel against his variability, change with him and your original affair can be  long-term.

Gemini-man leaves old friends for new ones, without thinking. And it does not come from his heartlessness. He always feels at home and rarely becomes attached to old things. Most Geminis are not limited to one marriage, especially if they marry in youth.

His duality also affects at the financial side. He can be very generous in youth, to old age will turn into a miser. Meanwhile, he is not at all interested in the accumulation of material goods. His main function is to develop new ideas, while manifesting its bright mental abilities.

Will he be faithful to you? Yes, in its own way. But he likes to be in society and be attractive to women. There is always a lot of gossip around him. And yet, a rare Gemini man will allow himself to be dishonest to you if you truly trust him. He  is always able to capture any of your secret experience.

However, one should not expect him to avoid women because he has a wedding ring on a ring finger. He willingly goes to have fun in the company of women, drink with them, chat. This is natural behaviour for him, which does not mean that he has an affair with these women. And when he is deprived of trust, he is deeply wounded and offended, plunged into a depression. He is kind and docile with children. Relations with them are close, trusting, maybe unnecessarily free. He only needs to try to keep his promises, which he often breaks.

Jealousy is foreign to Gemini husband. Possession is not his character trait. And the physical side of love for him is far from the first place in life. He hears, sees and feels more than other people. His love has a somewhat airy and illusory character. Sometimes it seems that it lacks the earthly passions possessed by other signs. He must experience a complete fusion of mental and spiritual qualities before physical passion envelops him. This is the only way to his heart.

If you decide to relate your fate with a Gemini man, you will need to get used to the word "if" (if I loved, if I wanted ...). Do not pay attention to these words, he says it as a precaution. Argued that the Gemini man should have two mistresses and at least one companion at once. But it does not necessarily have to be three different women. Try to unite them all in yourself and you will find a solution to the dual sign.

Gemini woman

If you dream of a harem in one person, marry a Gemini woman! This is an excellent friend, diversified, intelligent, lively and dreamy, kind and demanding, docile and adamant woman. You never miss with her.

She  is characterized by a lack of interest in earthly passions. It is very difficult to make her do something serious. Her mind is constantly travelling. Look deeper into her soul and you will see a romantic woman capable of strong passion. However, if you are not a very keen thrill-seeker, you shouldn’t to associate your fate with a young Gemini woman, because she never grows up, affairs will be just a game for her, and her behaviour unpredictable to incredibility.

Her admiration for you can be replaced by criticism and caustic sarcasm in a matter of minutes. But do not let that repel you, because your chosen one is not as heartless as it may seem at times. She multidimensional and  very big dreamer. An affair for her is the easiest way to express her fantasies. It is difficult for her to devote herself to any one person. She can sincerely admire you, but at the same time, she calmly notes that you are not well versed in the music or, for example, in mathematics. And when she meets a person who is well versed in music and mathematics, she will find that he does not know geodesy and does not dance well.

She deserves not condemnation, but sympathy. There are constant conflicts in her soul. And need paying tribute to her, usually a Gemini woman can keep all the complexities of her character to herself. She is a cheerful partner. She is bright, smart, individual in most cases, has a conversation well. No other woman will charm you with such original ways of love as she.

A Gemini woman always dreams of falling in love truly, but in every man, she can find only one or a few good qualities, and she strives for perfection. Despite this, she will be a good friend to you. She will be able to participate with you in any business that interests you. She is sincerely convinced that she is in love with you, but this will not prevent her from being carried away by other men. This is her nature, constantly striving for change. And she can ruin the life for herself, and at the same time for you, if she does not learn to manage behaviour, accustom herself to patience and stability.

You may regret all other men who are doomed to a monogamous marriage as soon as she accepts your offer. Your darling will appear in front of you in several persons.

The first person can adapt to everything that you want to see in her. And if you need loyalty, she can be faithful, if you are interesting enough to win her love. This refers to a combination of mental, spiritual and physical qualities. At the same time, physical qualities are not accidentally put on the last place, like pepper, which we add to an already prepared dish. This wife is almost perfect. She has a good taste, loves to travel, will not blame her if your future turns out to be unstable (she is interested in such a situation), she will become you a good assistant in business, expressing very original thoughts. You may well count on her in a difficult moment. And although she gives the impression of a frivolous person, this is not true. The Gemini woman is a deep thinker.

The second person may be the opposite of the first. You must be prepared that sometimes your chosen one will turn into a stinging and cynical person. Challenge you in an intellectual debate, at a time when you need to be stimulated, isn't it? In that case, there is only one thing left to beat her in this dispute. By the way, she secretly wants this. Life is not shocking her, she has no prejudices. She can take part in the strike, protest march. She will not ask where you have been, if you are late at work, but do not ask this question to her. This is a very independent person.

The third person very tired and in a state of depression from homework. The beds are not set, the dishes are dirty. She simply didn’t get her hands before cleaning, as she dreamed, read, smoked. She can serve canned goods for lunch without even opening it. But even at such moments you will find in her the pleasant interlocutor. She will sympathize with your adversities, with curiosity will listen to your opinion and light up your new project.

She will appreciate the fact that you have not scolded her for dust and unprepared lunch and will repay you for this with her love. In such periods, she can spend money recklessly. And if you offer her an unexpected trip, she will begin to get ready with pleasure, without asking any questions, how to get tickets, what to do with the cat staying at home, etc.

The fourth person is a cheerful, kind and smiling mother. But she will not allow children to restrict her activities. But do not worry, the children will imitate her independence and will get used to independence. She spends little time with children, although she gives them a lot of her love. Teens love talking to her. She will become their friend and confidant, since her imagination is like a child's.

The fifth person is an excellent hostess, an excellent connoisseur of table setting, candle arrangement, etc. You can safely invite the most exquisite snobs to the house, and everyone will be fascinated by her. She loves theatre, exhibitions, feels good everywhere. Everyone will envy you. She can be romantic, super feminine, she can write you a poem for your birthday. You will want to buy velvet dresses for her and expensive perfumes, because it is so appropriate to her grace.

Thus, you seem to have many women at once. Dreams and aspirations of your wife will not let you stay up in place. Try to keep up with her and imperceptibly for her to slow her run. She dreams about it to rest secretly. Try to help her, she needs you.

Gemini traits

The sign of Air, the owner is Mercury. The mind and fantasy. Eloquence and commercial intuition.

The first sign of the circle of mind. The sphere is represented by Gemini in immediately implemented form. Mercury symbolizes the youth of the Earth, its egoism and the desire to move. This inborn comedian and trickster feel happy because he is young and full of energy, his word is fascinating, his gesture has expressive power when he engages in dialogue, putting into it almost sports excitement. He is always on the stage real or imaginary, clown, actor, businessman, speaker, dancer. He possesses power over people and keeps others in constant tension, makes him laugh at the moment when tears come to his own eyes.

This flow of inspiration does not correspond to the rest of the concept of this sign, since it comes from Neptune that gives heroism, lyricism. This decade creates masterpieces in adulthood in the hour of the intervention of Saturn.

Mercury is powerless to create something grand, to immortalize itself being alone. Only thanks to the planets that influence him can he step beyond the bounds of  everyday, practical, and all that this carefree representative of humans can bear. Eternally young Gemini love their parents, willingly follow in their footsteps and reluctantly leaning over the weight of marriage bonds and related duties. They love children, feeling like they are.

The era of perfection is from 21 to 28 years old, when all the talents inherently manifest themselves, the mind absorbs a maximum of information, experience, knowledge and thoughts. Thus, thanks to the ability to accumulate spiritual baggage, Mercury was 56–63 years reaches the highest degree of prosperity or the mind will remain frozen, at the level of 10 years, without stepping over the infantile stage. Favorable hours are from 11 till noon.

Symbols are white, grey, pale blue, yellow and iridescent colour, triangle. Green colour is unfavorable. Narcissus, mask, hand. Easy and fast rhythm. Four-stroke marches discipline the will, give energy, help to move from an absurd syllogism to logical thinking. Vulnerable arms, shoulders, lungs. They can be amazed, and  they must be kept in immaculate condition.

Gemini first decade

Symbols: Apollo of Delphi. Pythia. Tripod. Sphinx.

Consciousness: Mercury-Neptune are male and bisexual planets with a tendency to sublimation. Grey and iridescent colour.

Character is agile mind, quickly grasping everything. Dizzy imagination that expresses itself at the same time in words, plastics and music. The quest for the sublime, symbolism, all that lies in the field of inner vision.

Subconscious: Proserpine-Sun are female and male planets. Brown and gold, reddish brown with a golden sheen.

Character is sublime, radiant mind. Poetic and plastic flair. The love of travel. The feeling of synthesis. The study of metamorphosis, rhetoric, esoteric phenomena. Creative start.

Combinations: the mind is in constant evolution. Thanks to Mercury, it is practical, and Neptune gives him abstract thinking and clairvoyance, poetry. He loves neither positivism nor specialization. He does not accept any absurdity or excessive concreteness. Wants to embrace all, which relates to art and at the same time to logic. Spasmodic sensitivity, tenderness, reaching to weakness, when he despises and condemns.

Mercurius-Sun is literary mind. Love for theatre. Classic beauty. Luxury goods trade.

Mercury-Proserpina is medicine, pharmaceuticals, occultism.

Neptune-Sun is the duality of mind, the same poetry and symbolism, rationalism and rationality.

Neptune-Proserpina are mental constructions and visions aimed at creating tomorrow. The future for him has a special appearance, he considers the world to be updated in the future  and it seems to him that such an update will last forever.

Conclusion: Mercury, the planet of the mind, promotes conversation and writing. Sun gives a love of precision, clarity, linearity, tactile, forces to draw support from reality. Neptune is the lord of the nights, bottomless abysses, where the thought of Gemini philosopher-spiritualists falls. Neptune gives Gemini a fiery imagination. Proserpina gives the ability to organize difficult architectural structures, through the coordination of these diverse talents.

Love: abstract marriage with the first decade of Sagittarius, attracting the creator with objectivity of judgment and subjectivity of the creator, or from the second decade if these two spiritualists find a common language in the field of  religion. Ideal love leads to Libra with charming sociability, a sense of justice and tenderness coming from Venus. One feels the desire for the third decade of Aquarius, but this union of both partners develops their inherent tendencies to build chimeras. Passionate love leads to Capricorn, as his creativity, accuracy and critical mind are useful for Gemini to self-improvement.

Gemini second decade

Symbols: Apollo. Hermes. Terpsichore, Harlequin. Eloquence. Command. Trade. All sorts of colours.

Consciousness: Mercury-Mars are two male planets. Grey and red. Tiger suit.

Character is energy, aggressiveness, quick reflexes as duel, boxing, dialogue, games with the participation of two partners, increased sense of danger. Mars is honest, Mercury is deceitful, hence the duality that confuses the interlocutor.

Subconscious: Proserpina-Venus are two feminine planets Green and brown.

Character is organizational talent. Love to order. Arrangement of parts. Practicality. Cooking. Efficiency.

Combinations: Mercury-Venus is the art of gesture and the ability to sport. Youthful beauty and grace. Ornate speech. Coquetry. Dance. Frivolity. Facility of speech.

Mars-Proserpina is aggressiveness, sense of hierarchy, military command, courage, directness.

Mars-Venus is love. A life full of passion.

Conclusion: A movable, but balanced decade. Practicality often overwhelmed by some carelessness. Never speech or act for wasting time.

Love: The astral marriage with Virgin and Sagittarius, who make these restless people wiser.

Ideal love is inspired by Libra due to their balance and self-control, as well as Aquarius, who generalize, giving a plan of work.

Passion love with Capricorn. Success is guaranteed, if the qualities of Saturn are brought together and used by Capricorn.

Gemini third decade

Symbols: Apollo. Muzaget. Parnassus. Literature. Griffin.

Consciousness: Mercury - Sun are two male planets. Grey and gold.

Character it is mind expressing in letter. Laconic and well-constructed phrase. Description of modern mores, hence the immediate success. Awards for literary works.

Subconscious: Proserpina-Mercury are male and feminine planets. Golden brown and grey.

Character is mind, prone to observations and experiments, practicality. The study of relationships causes and effects. Pharmaceuticals.

Combinations: Sun – Proserpina is authority, love for literary speeches, conferences and social disputes, reading with comments. Linguistic abilities. Search for exact expressions.

Conclusion: The decade adapted to the intellectual life. These are good students who easily find place in life, because they know how to clearly express their thoughts. Book publishers, journalists, secretaries.

Love: astral marriage with Sagittarius. The ideal leads to Libra. Women choose the last two decades. Men prefer the first is purely female. This ideal encourages to accept the love of Pisces favorably.

Passionate love leads to Capricorn, although their minds are very different, which irritates both parties.

The most harmonious alliances are with Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius, Leo. Favorable with the Virgin, Sagittarius. A feeling of attraction, a lot in common with Aries. A happy union between the Gemini themselves.

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