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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Dates: Nov 23 - Dec 21

Element: Fire

Quality: Mutable

Color: Blue

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Jupiter

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aries

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21

A large constellation of stars 3rd, 4th, 5th and two stars of the 2nd magnitude. It lies in an area rich in star clusters and nebulae. The main star is called AL Rami. The point of the winter solstice is in the constellation now.

Sagittarius is located east of Scorpio. The evolution of Pisces continues. It is already a creature with the body of an animal, the torso and the head of a man, the conqueror of the four elements, which are depicted here: Earth in the form of a barge is supports for the front legs, which then become human Water is given in the form of a complex symbol "sky" ("lord"), resting on a stream of water, support for the hind legs; the wing symbolizes Air, and the arrow, with which Sagittarius will defeat Scorpio to further advance, is Fire.

People of this sign are very sociable and friendly. They are distinguished by their directness in relations with others. There is no sense to be angry or offended by them, as there is no anger in them. Their shocking remarks are issued with complete innocence, and the fact that they can accidentally offend a person does not reach them. Do not judge them harshly, they have no bad intentions. Under their tactless manners lies a very clever head and high principles. A unique combination of wit, intellect and purposefulness introduces them to the circle of winners. Sagittarius are sincerely convinced that they are the most diplomatic people. They constantly say: "I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings." They all do sincerely, deception is alien to them.

A typical Sagittarius in everything is as sincere and serious as a six-year-old child. He is very mobile, loves animals, speed, sports. It attracts danger. He loves physical and emotional risk. This is a sign of Fire, so Sagittarius is talkative and extravagant. In the shower is spender. As a rule, he is always happy and cheerful. But his mood can change if he is surrounded by people who abuse friendliness or show excessive familiarity. He may also resent the manifestation of power over himself. Sagittarius never avoids the fight and does not call for help. He can perfectly protect himself.

He does not stand when he is accused of dishonesty. After a skirmish, he feels remorse and tries to improve relations. Sagittarius is an avid traveler. There is always something childish about him, he does not want to see the seriousness of life, although he has a great sense of responsibility. However, he tries to avoid it. The most sensitive spots for diseases are lungs, liver, arms and legs. Much love for the sport can lead to injuries, but Sagittarius usually does not stay in hospital for long. They stubbornly resist disease and recover quickly.

In general, life rarely wins these people. They are optimists, they always believe that tomorrow will be better than today and yesterday. They fall in love quickly, but just as quickly and cool down, in most cases at the first use of the word "marriage" by a woman. They ponder the decision to marry for a very long time and cannot decide, it is difficult to catch them.

Among the most unpleasant features of Sagittarius is the tendency towards gluttony and alcoholism. Their mental brilliance can turn into sarcasm or eccentricity. They keep secrets badly. But Sagittarius easily find a way out of any situation. Many Sagittarius men can lend you money without even asking why you need it. And women to adopt an orphan or to warm a lost animal.

Sagittarius has a fantastic memory, they well remember dates, names, various trifles, but they may well forget where they left their coat. They constantly lose things. Whatever the Sagittarius, his true nature is a generous and cheerful idealist.

If Sagittarius aims at something, then he shoots higher than other people can see, past the stars, where his dreams are born.

Sagittarius man

Character is balanced, philosophical nature. The sign of Sagittarius is a centaur aiming at the invisible, personifies its duality: on the one hand, it is very developed, on the other, primitive. The second type of archer is a sailor, soldier, pirate, adventurer, tramp. He has great vitality, is very active, like women. He is brave, wild, loves adventure, agile. The first type is the type of scientist, politician, thinker. He is also a fighter, although the laboratory, department or tribune serves as a battleground for him. Despite the cheerful good-natured disposition, sometimes languishes longing for the unattainable.

Sagittarius can have many oddities. He can jump on a horse and race around the city, defending some business. Or he may suddenly have a desire to mix with clowns in the circus. All that he defends leaves him little time for family life. You first need to make him get off the horse and lead him away from the circus crowd in order to win it. But it is not easy to do. You may feel thrown into the air and not caught back by him; he just forgot to do it. This person is almost always surrounded by a crowd.

Sagittarius is an extremely trusting and naive optimist. He trusts with such naivety and blind faith that he often falls into a puddle, because it is very easy to fall into a puddle if you run out of time looking at the sky in search of a lofty goal. However, Sagittarius is not a barren dreamer in the strict sense. His dreams are always accompanied by logic and curiosity. True, these dreams are often impractical and unbridled. As soon as he feels the slightest opportunity to reach the goal, he gives it all the bright colors that his imagination is capable of. But there are always people who disapprove of his aspirations and try to trample them before they justify themselves.

His imagination can give him a lot of trouble, but fate always helps him. He is so lucky that sometimes it even seems unfair. Naturally, with such luck, he quickly recovers after the blows of fate. This also applies to love. He does not like dishonesty, always looking for true value in man. It cannot be said that he has no enemies at all, but there are much fewer of them than others have. People who listen to his frank remarks may be offended, but, as a rule, they quickly depart, because they understand that his intentions are kindly.

The sin of Sagittarius is tactlessness and inattention, but only not intentional rigidity. His speech is as direct as a symbolic arrow. He can say whatever he thinks. You may be offended by the behavior of Sagittarius, when he sees you for the first time, blatantly looks at you and says that you are such a woman who can easily be chosen as a mistress. And when you are ready to grapple with him, he has an innocent expression on his face, and explains that in the Middle Ages man married only a woman of similar status. At the same time, she could be a shrew or a freak, so the men chose only very beautiful women as mistresses. You will feel a kind of praise for your beauty hearing this and will not be offended.

Sagittarius will impress you. Well, what other man will begin to spend time studying the history? You may decide that by winning his, you will become the wife of an intellectual. And here you make a mistake, so as he did mean his mistress, not his wife. He is moving quickly towards his goal, and you can become a fallen woman very soon. This should give you an idea of what danger you are facing with Sagittarius. His naive grin makes him completely different from a wolf. The love life is very superficial at Sagittarius, but at the same time it is very honest. After all, he did not tell you that you are suitable for his wife, he said "in mistress." He needs a fun relationship.

Most Sagittarius blamed for the fact that they look at any pretty woman. These reproaches irritate Sagittarius, for he believes that he is just friendly towards everyone. If your head is intended not only to wear curlers on it, do not be jealous and suspicious. Give him freedom if you want to keep him near you. Do not ask him too many questions and do not frighten those that throw him. Better imagine what a relief it would be for him.

If you perceive life as he does, then you can expect to be his wife. If you are honest with each other, then flying kites together is very interesting! Why think in advance what will become of them when they fall to the ground? No, you must give this man whatever he wants. Let him lead your energy, love sports, go hiking with him. Be generous and kind, do not scandal him every night, but let him know that he cannot completely control you, since you are also a free spirit.

Since he loves sports, you may watch sports on television together. He can take you into society if you are charming enough and love people. Sagittarius does not tolerate boring women who do not know how to communicate with people. He will be proud of your talents, so try to have them. Read, be prepared to defend his case. He is somewhat extravagant, and you can hear criticism from him, sometimes painful and tactless. You need to get used to this, as well as the fact that you sometimes have to reassure his offended friends. He loves children more when they have grown up. He goes hiking with them, goes in for sports. He is more inclined towards boys, but he is gentle with girls too.

Sagittarius thinks with his heart and mind. And not always so wisely. He stumbles and falls, gets up and tries to start over. But you forgive him, I almost everything, because he is gifted with a great gift is honest love.

Sagittarius woman

Like the men of this sign, such women are also of two types. The first is a woman with a boy character. She loves movement and sports more than anything else. For marriage and family life adapts with great difficulty. Independent and whimsical. In any profession achieves success due to its vivacity, dexterity and practicality. The other type is a secular woman with an independent mindset and without prejudice. He loves art, books, brilliant people. Does everything with glitter. Brilliant and extravagant.

She doesn't always say what you want to hear. Most often, it amazes you with its frank statements or embarrassing questions. But sometimes something beautiful flies from her lips that makes you want to sing. Friendly and outspoken, the Sagittarius woman usually so entangles your heart with her inherent charm that you have nowhere to go. She is always somewhat straightforward, because she sees the world as it is. And this, you need to admit talent. Few people know how to apply reasonable logic to any situation and at the same time maintain a happy sense of faith in the best.

She never lies, even when you don’t want to hear the truth. Ask her how she spent the time before your date and get an honest answer, how many visits she gave up with other men on the phone, and then thought about your relationship with her and decided that it was only friendship, not love. It is not pleasant to listen to such confessions, but do not shout at her too loudly She may be offended and explode. It is possible that she will live alone, as she is very independent. Both sexes of this sign have a strange estrangement from their intimate bonds. Maybe this happens because they like to travel very much. Sagittarius woman in constant motion. You need to immediately remember: if you want to achieve something from it, then ask, but do not demand. She believes that the caveman’s tricks are not suitable for her. She likes to be protected, but she does not tolerate being ordered. Even a mother cannot always get something from her, much less you.

However, there is a strangeness in her: although she does not like to be commanded, especially in public, you must always be firm in everything, she absolutely cannot bear weak men. If you break up too much, having offended you, strictly pull it up to put it in its place, but no more. A Sagittarius woman is not going to lose her individuality for the sake of a man, even a loved one. She is pleased to know that you treat her as a woman. Many of them confuse friendship with love. There is no submission. This woman quite frankly behaves and does not play coquetry. She speaks and acts as she feels.

Her excessive frankness naturally evokes the wrong opinion about her, not to mention that she’s just hurting you. This is a very strong-minded woman. Her pride comes to the surface and helps her out of crisis situations, allowing her to treat heartfelt feelings as a joke. Inside, she can pour tears, parting with you, but will gather all the strength, announcing to friends that her affair with you was just flirt and she will not tell anyone how many tears she cried into the pillow, asking herself how she could do such a thing, which led to a rupture.

All Sagittarius become indignant when their integrity is questioned. Men usually perceive the wrong the honesty of a Sagittarius woman. She openly flirts without any intention of turning it into an affair. Because of this, she gains the reputation of being a cold and heartless woman. In fact, she may even remain an old maid, but at the same time she will not be malicious and mischievous. She always has enough interests to replace them with a man. Of course, you plan to make her your wife, and she is biased about losing her freedom. You will have to use a lot of bait to lure her into marriage. She has no conventions in relationships with men, since she considers herself equal to them, can copy their manners, wear their sweaters, just like a man loves sports. But by her nature she is feminine. Since she is very honest, she can be somewhat frivolous about her reputation, about what society thinks about her. She is usually surrounded by many men. She knows that her morality is flawless, and that is the only thing that matters to her. Of course, here she is wrong. The opinion of other people is very important for women's reputation. But try to understand her too. If she laughs at a frivolous joke, it often means that she did not understand the subtext.

Undertones and double play are very often incomprehensible to Sagittarius. They are trustful children. Their views are so naive that they make them vulnerable to the seducer. Forget about her mind and amazing consistency; it has nothing to do with her heart. She is very smart and can stand up for herself in a critical situation, but her heart is defenseless, it often breaks. And she's a bit clumsy. You can watch her gracefully walk along the street until she stumbles on the side of the sidewalk and clumsily clings to the kiosk to keep her balance, while turning over a couple of boxes. But her friendliness saves the day. Sometimes she can remind you of a clumsy puppy.

A typical Sagittarius woman has an enviable appetite. She loves delicious food, wine, good clothes, loves to travel first class. Loves to spend money. Money for the sake of money does not interest her. Think carefully before you lend her a large sum.

She can perform on the show, as she likes the ramp lights. And don't expect her to leave her career for you. Never force it to choose between you and the public. After a while, she will be bored by the public's flattery and artificial light, and she will return home to experience something real. She needs a person who believes that honesty is beauty, and deception is an outrage. Suitcase will always be next to her. Go on vacation with her or let her go, trust her.

Because of a somewhat indifferent attitude towards love and timidity before marriage, you might think that she lacks sensitivity. You're wrong. She may sob when watching sad movies or reading poetry. Maybe she keeps your first love note. As for her talent as a hostess, here you should have courage and patience: she is tired of the need to constantly wipe the dust, bring order, clean the bed. She is just hateful. But when she leads her house, then, if possible, she will get a grip. Although she will always prefer a housekeeper. If this is not possible, she will try to maintain order in the house. Her mother can hardly believe it, but pride makes the Sagittarius woman to do the housework. First, beauty and purity must surround by her. And then, she realizes that if she does not do this, no one will do. It is difficult to say anything definitively about cooking, but most of Sagittarius women do not have a great desire to cook.

Her own bad temper can be terrible, but fortunately, this is rarely case. When she is truly offended, she becomes sarcastic, but can forget about what she said before she ends the sentence. And at the same time, she understands why you are offended. She will never get along with melancholic, since she does not tolerate gloom and pessimism physically.

Children may adore her. And no one, not even the Leo women, can so gracefully receive and entertain guests as she does. Her friendliness gives people the feeling of being welcomed. As long as you do not pretend to her soul, let you feel free, you will get a triple “income” from her it is fidelity, trust, love. These three things are inseparable for her, because by giving back her love, she gives up her friendship.

The Sagittarius woman is just an incredible idealist. And here are the secrets that she may never have revealed to you, she fell in love with you when she was still a little girl and made a wish for a shooting star to have a person with an honest heart in her life. When you finally arrived, she immediately recognized you.

Sagittarius traits

Sign of Fire, Jupiter is master. Imperious gesture, representative appearance, self-control.

The third sign of the circle of Mind. His path is the implementation of the chosen goal. Early awakened ambition. To satisfy him, he observes school discipline, diligently preparing for all exams, which he easily passes. Therefore, there is some complacency in it, visible in turning the head. The index finger is the finger of Jupiter is giving the habit of command: it rests on the middle finger is the finger of Saturn. This is a sign of knowledge, higher education.

Sagittarius collects and stores libraries, museums, strengthens intellectual ties between nations. Sagittarius and Libra on both sides of Scorpio sublimate their aggressive tendencies, as well as the primitive manifestations of their intense sexuality.

Jupiter is a planet of glory and patronage. Therefore, Sagittarius assumes such responsibility teaches, leads, administers, presides, comforts, strengthens. A gentle father, he always seeks to combine punishment with encouragement. Therefore, its color is blue, the color of condescension, supreme justice, consolation.

The era of perfection is 35-56 years. Afternoon time. The end of lunch. Toasts and speeches.

Symbols are stars, wands, raised index finger, blue color, stage, cylinders.

The weak spot is the thigh, this is not very dangerous, which confirms the luckiness of this happy sign.

Sagittarius first decade

Symbols are encyclopedia. Gray and blue stars. Horse and Centaur.

Consciousness is Jupiter - Mercury are two male planets. Knapweed.

Character. Credibility, objectivity. Intellectual influence on the younger generation, learning. Higher education, a good student, then a good teacher. The classification of ideas. Acceptance and use of traditional data.

Subconscious is Neptune - Saturn are bisexual and masculine planets. Poppy.

Character. Imagination and mind in complete balance. Sense of perspective. The benevolence of criticism, the absence of cruelty. Contemplative mind. Authority.

Combinations Jupiter - Neptune is understanding of morality and religion. The desire to idealistically and philosophically influence the environment. Wastefulness. The loss of financial instinct is possible, especially to bear at the end of life.

Mercury-Neptune is the art of hiding your secrets and revealing others. Acute harshness. Malice.

Conclusion. These combinations suffer from a lack of unity and give sharply contradictory qualities. Everything depends on the education received, on the ability to "orchestrate" in combination with a deep mind, an excellent memory, knowledge of the purpose of their works, which are almost always motivated by success. The judgment is clear, cruel, fast.

Love. The power of character implies a connection with a peaceful kind, willingly accepting all the rules of life of Sagittarius. The mind of Aries of the second and third decade he likes, and so does the imagination of the first decade of Gemini. Relations with the first decade of Leo or Virgo are great.

Sagittarius second decade

Symbols are white stars. A pineapple. Globe. A lion.

Consciousness is Jupiter-Moon are male and female planets. Anemone.

Character is passion for travel. Music. Extreme sensitivity. Philosophy, religious interpretation, Love for children, while they are young and malleable.

Subconscious is Neptune-Jupiter is a bisexual and male planet. Orchid.

Character. Authority, mysticism. Altruism, Kindness. Financial talent, ambition. Professional activity depends on psychological shocks that electrify or destroy, so sudden highs alternate with a state of helplessness.

Combination Moon-Neptune is imagination, mysticism. Indifference to the benefits of life, financial helplessness. The love of vagrancy as opposed to the sedentary lifestyle characteristic of Sagittarius in general. Sudden unreasonable decisions that are not canceled.

Conclusion. Attractive character, but sometimes elusive, incomprehensible, as it goes into the imaginary world. Music, sports make him sociable, optimistic, fun.

Love. A passion for vagrancy leads to Cancer, a lover of travel, Pisces, fleeing into endless dreams, to the third decade of Aquarius, in love with the same chimeras, to the second decade of Gemini.

Sagittarius third decade

Symbols are Blue Stars. Stage. Tiger.

Consciousness is Jupiter-Saturn are two male planets. Iris.

Character. Power, that reaching despotism. Experiments and observations are carefully recorded, conclusions are drawn from them. Ability to general management, the occupation of high administrative positions. Professionalism. Ambition.

Subconscious is Neptune-Mars is a bisexual and male planet. Tulip.

Character. Strange, restless nature, which all the time imagines that it is surrounded by traps, that there are conspiracies around and that it is necessary to react to them suddenly, ahead of own intentions. Neptune is a dream. Mars is acts, so the right half of the face is usually longer than the left.

Combinations Jupiter-Mars is imperiousness, the ability to stump lumps, directness, luck. Mobility and good health.

Saturn Mars is a strategic talent (Saturn defends, Mars decisively attacks). Life is a long battle where victories replace defeats.

Conclusion. The danger is that you can turn on your heroic power and destroy your own personality, since the contrasting planets suppress each other. Therefore, it is important to diligently be an ideal kind and use the properties of Jupiter in the character.

Love. Ambition, subjectivism, dreaminess of character, which always chases the dream, expelling all reality. Willingly agrees with Aries, the first decade of Leo, the last decade of Gemini. He should not make the wrong choice. When he stumbles upon incomprehension, condescension is alien to him.

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