Aquarius Sign Traits & Dates

Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Dates: Jan 21 - Feb 18

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Color: Light-Blue, Silver

Day: Saturday

Ruler: Uranus, Saturn

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Large and complex constellation. However, there are no bright stars. It consists of stars of the 3rd, 4th, 5th magnitude. Almost entirely lies in the southern hemisphere. It contains a beautiful planetary nebula. Like the constellations of Cancer and Capricorn, the constellation Aquarius is mainly known for being in the zodiac belt. The hieroglyphic interpretation of Aquarius is Fish, which began the path of evolution, is subjected to various trials and sufferings. This is depicted in the form of fiery strings pouring onto it from two vessels, the symbolism of which is trial and encouragement.

Emotional character, impressionable nature. The patrons of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. The first one condemns him to submission to fate. Saturn is a planet of sad memories, melancholy, unfulfilled hopes. Uranus, on the contrary, is the planet of action, the inspiration of scientists. Therefore, the character of Aquarius is ambiguous, on the one hand, dreaminess, on the other, energy. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very attractive to other people with their humanity. In every Aquarius there is something from the inventor, absorbed in the idea of improvement. He has periods laziness and inaction, but, having overcome them, he can accomplish the work of the whole month in a week. He hates routine, pedantry is alien to him. Unstable, sometimes experiencing periods of acute self-doubt, but they can quickly be replaced by calm and enthusiasm.

Most people love rainbows. But Aquarius loves it more than anyone, they live on a rainbow. Moreover, they pulled it apart, examined each color, and continue to believe in it. But it's so easy to believe in something after you realize that it really is. But Aquarius is avid idealists, even though their address is tomorrow.

You need to be always ready for any surprises with this sign. Mostly calm and kind by nature, they get great pleasure in challenging public opinion: they very much like to shock conservative people with their unusual behavior. They may surprise you with some extraordinary deed at the most unpredictable moments, for example to appear at a dinner party barefoot. You can always get to know these people by the frequent use of the word "friend."

Aquarius can offer you friendship after the end of the affair. He is not naive and tries not to be too philosophical, full of enthusiasm and interest. The main trait of his character is the impatient desire to penetrate the next secret. It can be you, and it suits you. But you are not alone. There are many people around and everyone can become next secret. He is attracted by politics, sports are swallowed, children are intriguing, work is captivating. Therefore, his relationship with you will not be the only interest and sole purpose in his life.

The freedom-loving Aquarius can be funny, original, independent, but it can also be diplomatic, sympathetic, timid and tender. In his life there are dark periods of loneliness, when he does not want to see anyone. However, Aquarius may be in whatever condition, he always retains his sharp insight, which is much deeper and sharper than that of the other signs.

Uranus makes Aquarius rebel, who instinctively feel that old traditions are wrong, that the world and people need drastic changes. They constantly but analyze the situation, friends, acquaintances. You may feel embarrassed when he asks you direct and often tactless questions, getting to your most intimate feelings. But when he finds that another crossword puzzle is solved, he becomes bored, and he even gets upset about it.

Nothing can be more offensive than the feeling that you have ceased to be interesting to Aquarius and he turned away to another, more interesting, in his opinion, man. Despite the stability of friendship, Aquarius does not have many friends. They strive for quality, not quantity, and rarely establish strong relationships in friendship. Besides, they are always interested in, and what is the next turn? Therefore, they always have only a few true attachments. If Aquarius has lost interest in you, it is useless to appeal to his feelings. But if you hit the heart of Aquarius, then he will almost certainly get off his bike to go back and see what he missed.

Aquarius  is surrounded by a special atmosphere of isolation. People often do not understand them, and this happens because the surrounding people simply do not keep up with them, because Aquarius lives mainly in the future and now only come for short periods. They understand the reasons for their isolation, but this makes it even stronger. Aquarius wander lonely among their clouds, and we, mere mortals, wonder what they do there? Astrology claims that today Aquarius is 50 years apart from ours. This sign is known as a sign of geniuses, of which 70 percent of prominent people are Aquarius. On the other hand, among them is a very high percentage of those who  are treated in psychiatric institutions.

Aquarius is a curious mixture of coldness, practicality and eccentric inconstancy. Almost any Aquarius can calm a mentally ill person simply by talking to him. He can soothe a crying child just as easily. Apparently, Aquarius has a very thin nervous system. Their outlook is wide. Among them rarely meet people with prejudices. They are equally easy to feel in any environment, because they are sure: brothers and sisters are around. Aquarius prefers a free agreement about something, not binding itself with any obligations, and most often says "maybe, maybe." But if he called the exact time or date, it will be very punctual and obligatory. Aquarius will never impose his opinion on you, respectively, and you do not dictate to him what to think and how to live. Everyone dances to their music; individuality must be respected.

Aquarius will never fight for something, although he is not a coward. He just is not created to fight. He would prefer to accept the wrong opinion so as not to enter a long discussion. His reactions are unpredictable, but he does not change his opinion. They say that Aquarius discusses with a hat, he just puts it on and leaves. However, his mind and desire for truth will not recede on a note if he defends his firm conviction. He is full of surprises. He will do often what he sees fit without warning you.

Aquarius will carefully examine your soul before trusting you. It is not easy to be under his gaze; he will study you for a long time and carefully. And although he may not have a glance at the same time, he sees and hears everything perfectly. But if he perceived you, then he will always be a true friend and no evil gossip will affect his attitude towards you.

Diseases of Aquarius are usually associated with the circulatory system. They are cold in the winter, suffering from moisture in the summer. Prone to diseases such as varicose veins, thrombophlebitis in old age.

They often have weak ankles, pain in the legs due to poor blood circulation, throat disease. They need fresh air, sleep and movement. But they rarely use it. On the contrary, the windows are closed, covered with a warm blanket. Strong nervous tension, accompanying mental activity, does not allow them to sleep. Their complaints about non-dodging cannot be diagnosed.

Aquarius have a bad memory, but they don’t need to memorize much, as they gain their knowledge in some other mysterious way. Typical Aquarius is the personification of the image of a scattered professor. However, they are usually able to instantly grasp the essence happening around them. For example, they can talk to you and not miss what is happening in another part of the room. Their ability to penetrate the unknown and comprehend various secrets by their special intuition reaches the heights of psychological penetration. They feel their interlocutor very well, right down to his secret desires. Aquarius does not tolerate lies and deception, does not like to borrow and lend. If you borrowed money from him, you must repay it on time, since he also pays his debts on time. Aquarius called idealists, but this is an exaggeration. They are too insightful to believe in something. It is well known that most dreams are just illusions. Their mind and body should be free as the wind. Trying to stop Aquarius is the same as driving the wind into a bottle. Aquarius is the embodiment of the hopes of mankind and its ideals. You can investigate the lonely heart of Aquarius only if you also live in tomorrow.

Aquarius man

Aquarius man is restrained and modest, does not like to burden others with requests. His life may be unhappy, but never gray and monotonous. He will have everything - wealth and poverty, brilliant success and disasters, hobbies and disappointments. He tries not to reveal his true feelings and thoughts to outsiders, although he loves to enter the souls and thoughts of other people. His own reactions and motives are complex. He prefers to hide them, for the pleasure of fooling you. He has a lot of weird relationships both in love and in friendship. And while you are not married, you have another experiment for him, no matter how hard it is to admit. But do not despair, he can be “hooked”, despite all its caution.

Before you begin your hunt for Aquarius, you need to understand its attitude towards people. He invented his own, in his opinion, fair rules of the game and translates them into relationships between people. His interests are very scattered. In each person, he sees a certain value, while other people spend their strength only on a narrow circle of acquaintances. Any person is interesting to him. I He used to forget about their interests for the sake of the interests of the majority. This also applies to his love life. Giving you his love, he does not forget that there are other people who need it. In this case, he may even retreat in order not to lose interest in other people, becoming attached to you. But if you can still interest him in your rich and diverse inner world, he can become a very attentive lover. Try not to fully reveal yourself in front of him, always remain under stepped crossword, and you keep him near you. An interest will appear in his eyes, and he will ask himself: “Is she really so changeable or pretending? Does she need men to look after her or not? Why is she so emotional?” And while he is looking for answers to all these questions, you will feel flattered, but when you see that he shows as much curiosity about the waitress or the conductor ... No, this is not at all what makes you fight joy female heart. Therefore, in the end, you will obviously run away to an earthlier man, and Aquarius sighs a little sadly and will proceed to the next romantic exploration.

He can be very gentle and gentle but remember that its superficial calm is a mirage. He does not tolerate any opportunism on the part of women. Brought out of himself, Aquarius can commit shocking acts. And it’s especially unpleasant that you can forgive him for it. Do not do such nonsense, at least more than once!

Aquarius bows to cleanliness. Behind this stands an almost superstitious fear of germs and diseases. So, don't  be surprised if he starts complaining, that he is allergic to your mascara long eyelashes or perfumes. And Aquarius is not one of those simpletons who like to pleasantly surprise their beloved with generous gifts. Rather, he would prefer to pick a dandelion and present it to you, than to fall asleep with purchased roses. He will not give you mink coats and diamonds, but you can live with him brightly and without them...

The most unpleasant trait of the character of Aquarius is his negative attitude towards marriage. He tries to delay it as long as possible. Are you pleased that at the heart of your love is not just physical attraction, but friendship? So, this is only to make it easier for you to slip away, dear! The more topics for talking, the less time left for love! And he is afraid that your love can greatly enthrall him. His ideal is a woman friend. He is prone to the illusion that his relationship with you is a platonic friendship. And this may continue until such a situation becomes unbearable for everyone. At the same time, he will always invent ways to reject or at least delay the marriage. In the end, he still marries! And, of course, he will make his offer to you suddenly. In this case, do not hesitate for a long-time, for God's sake, do not even think of a joke  that you are seduced by the fate of the old maiden. For in this case, he will offer you to remain "lifelong friends." He is not jealous and completely devoid of selfishness of the owner.

As for his loyalty in the physical plane, one can be relatively calm here: sex does not absorb him. This is not what he lives for. If he considers that you are not satisfied with something, then the relationship will be severed. And the worst thing - never explain the reason for the gap. Most likely, even at the age of eightieth, he will try to pretend that your relationship from the very beginning was just entertainment.

At times you will not know where he is and with whom, even after getting married. Consider that it is just a tribute to his curiosity, interest in people, even if there is a woman involved. If you need truth, you can ask a direct question, and he will answer it sincerely. But if he feels doubt, he can make up an unbelievable story to punish you. Do not be offended when he is in a gloomy mood and prefers to be alone at such moments. He will return.

Wealth is rarely the end in itself for Aquarius. As a rule, he is wise about money, but you will most likely have to save money. Children will be happy to tell him all their news, as he is really interested in their life, and he himself is an excellent listener. The role of his wife for him comes down mainly to the timely supply of dinner and neat sewing of buttons to his shirts and jacket. You will not have to chat with your friends for a long time on the phone. And you can hardly read a book if he needs to pull a splinter out of his palm or find a lost article ...

Despite the awkwardness in love, he may unexpectedly tell you very good words about his feelings. Forgetting the anniversary of your wedding, may bring you a bouquet of violets for no reason in January. May be silent for weeks, and then say just a few words about you, but such that your heart trembles with happiness. With him you will see a rainbow at night, celebrate birthdays at dawn, light candles on pies ... After all, you married Aquarius and live in Wonderland. But be careful. It’s so easy to get lost in wonderland ...

Aquarius woman

Women of this sign are very charming. There are several women in them at once, and this gives a gamut of experiences. This woman is changing all the time, and those who are near, never miss her. Like the men of her mark, she likes to work, although she does not tolerate strict discipline. In any lesson brings elegance and brilliance. She is  elegant, well dancing, interesting in conversation. Married quickly, but rarely happy.

You need to remember entering a relationship with her, that she is just as paradoxical in love as in everything else. It does not have enough loyalty, like other strong signs. At the same time, even if she is in love, there is a lack of emotion, like all Air signs. A good relationship with her is possible if you do not affect her interests and do not stop her from turning among her friends. Never try to bring her down to the stove or bedroom. Her dreams are different from ours with you: she is following her star, which most of us do not see. It belongs to everyone and no one.

Her demands for freedom are very insistent, but her dimensionality to those who can accept love within this framework is limitless. And another detail that you might like,  she will not be interested in your account in the savings bank. Money is never the first goal of an Aquarius woman. You may not be the richest man in town, but she must respect you for your intellect. When you decide to catch this butterfly, remember that she will never waste her life on a man who is unfaithful to herself. She has her own notions of ethics, which may be completely different from the generally accepted ones, but she lives according to them. She understands that your life rules can also be individual, but in this case try not to deviate from them.

If you need a passionate woman, then you picked up the wrong flower. She believes that physical love is pleasant enough if not too much attention is focused on it. Aquarius woman can respond to physical love with a big impulse, but if you prefer to keep platonic relationships longer, this will also suit her. She has a subconscious fear that the desire for one person can curb her and deprive the main wealth of life is freedom to experiment and explore, devote their time to other people, as well as explore their imagination, like all Aquarius. She can be your ideal wife if you are engaged in scientific or educational activities.

But you may not get lucky with a woman Aquarius. Among those born under this sign, there are also women who like to shock people, walking barefoot through the streets or smoking a cigarette right on the bus. Among the Aquarius, there are  completely wild women, but the middle type is usually pleasant to society. She is graceful, witty, bright and surprisingly adapts to all sectors of society. Its characteristic feature is the absence of suspicion in normal circumstances. If she is convinced of your infidelity, it will inflict a deep wound on her. But without good reason, she will not suspect you, just as she will never check where you went, or call for work, putting you in an awkward position.

But you should not flatter yourself with such confidence. It does not come at all from the absence of jealousy or from the strength of her character. It's just that from the very beginning she studied you under a microscope. In addition, she has so many personal interests that there is no time to think about where you went. The long absence of her lover rarely causes her heart to pound more often. It happens that this woman suffers when she marries a man who likes flirting. But apparently, in such men there is something that women like, it means that she also likes. She can forgive much to such a man, although she will suffer in the process.

On the other hand, if she does not like you very much, then at the first sign of infidelity he will immediately leave. But in this case, you can remain friends, why not pet! It often happens that she maintains good relationships with former lovers and friends. But there is an exception to this rule: the Aquarius woman remembers her first love throughout her life. In addition, she rarely gets romance while being married. Of course, exceptional situations can tempt her, but honest relationships are more important to her.

Uranus makes her strive for change. And since she is an individualist, and she has a large list of friends, she is not afraid to be alone. She is interested in your  affairs, she asks about them, analyzes them, but do not try to penetrate her secrets, they will always be hidden from you. Sometimes she can even get pleasure from what misleads you. Aquarius does not like to lie, but to tell a lie is one thing, but not to say something is completely different. You can borrow money from her, it can be done even a long time. But if you try to do it a third time, without returning the previous ones, sleep will fail. In the same rare cases when she borrows money from you, she will return everything to the last penny on time.

Her appearance is astounding. As a rule, it is a pleasant woman and even beautiful, but her appearance can be very changeable. She is often the most beautiful woman in the zodiac like Libra, well, at worst is the most interesting. She wears too unusual. The first can wear the most fashionable  clothes, and maybe stick to the grandmother's style. It is possible that her hair will be different. But one thing you can be sure, that her hairstyle will  be different from the hairstyles of other women.

You can pleasantly talk with her: she has graceful miners, usually behaves with restraint, almost timidly. But then a change typical of Uranus can come is it can “give out” such that an experienced man will be confused. And never try to impose your opinion on her in a dispute. She will not tolerate inequality and will become completely inaccessible.

Since Uranus rules the future, it can be assumed that motherhood attracts her. However, when this happens, she, as a rule, falls into confusion: she needs to adapt in order to spend all her time, all her energy only for one person, at least for a short period of time. In addition, her closure does not allow her to openly demonstrate her love for the child. Nevertheless, she is very attached to children. Never cares too much and rarely punishes them.

Even though Aquarius likes to change the order of things, she will become a mother only after marriage. And before that, you still must convince her that marriage is not a synonym for prison. And even if you convince, she will not rush headlong into marriage, will not hasten to take your name until she has learned you, has not weighed everything and has not learned what you are capable of. The opinions of her friends and relatives mean little to her, although she may ask out of curiosity what they think about this.

Suppose you passed her test and you got married. But after this marriage with her will not be easy. Listening to your advice, she will smile, as if agreeing with you, but something in her uranium nature will keep her from following your instructions. She will do everything in her own way. She has a constant desire to experiment. Otherwise, he will make coffee, try to lace up the skates differently, cross the street in another place ... Do not ask why she does it, she herself does not know it. Just all the unusual interests her, that's all.

Since her nature is devoid of individual orientation, it is not easy to express feelings! She has literally a few words with which she expresses her love. And  her physical attraction is closely related to the mind- and soul. But if she finds herself a suitable partner, their marriage is usually a pattern of happiness.

Aquarius woman can go with the flow of her life with all the grace of a swan but turns into a clumsy little bear in a love situation. She does not feel the line between friendship and love. She considers stupid any stories about people who live happily in each other, because there are so many different miracles in the world! She will be glad if you take her hand and walk beside you, looking around with enthusiastic eyes. But do not try to completely capture her attention. She walks alone in the country of wonderland, and then whenever she wants. The quickest way to lose it is to show jealousy, any kind of prejudice, intolerance, or ultraconservatism. You will also have to love her friends, who may be  completely different.

She has a brilliantly developed intuition. Her judgments may seem wrong or too overconfident. But this woman lives in the future and clearly sees the future hidden from us, what she says will surely come true. Perhaps after some time. Such women were called witches in the Middle Ages.

Aquarius traits

Sign of Air, the owner Uranus. The constant desire for great travel, new friends, unknown horizons, new sensations.

The fourth sign of the circle of feelings. Aquarius belongs to the Cosmos, and deals with earthly affairs and laws only when necessary. He is very preoccupied with the future, which seems to him enchanting, miraculous, freed from everything that puts pressure on the fate of people, he lives beyond the present tense, and this allows him to go headlong into research, be it art or science. The greatest joy for him are discoveries and inventions. Seeing the inconsistency of the present, he creates an artificial world, from tedious work, from incurable diseases and the monotony of being.

Appliances for the household, nuclear energy, artificial fabrics, endless improvements in machinery and electrical equipment, aviation and space travel, surgery, television is this is not a complete list of the professions that attract him. He loves risk, unimaginable ideas, transformed life. Sign of youth and physical health. Aquarius does not know dizziness, eats little and works hard, with provided if he receives an adequate dose of oxygen.

He reaches peak in his mental activity by the age of 50, and therefore he knows what greatness we are losing for his irreversible aging process. And since the human body was created with a safety margin of 140 years (subject to the successful overcoming of the 70-year mark), he is very interested in the problem of longevity. That Aquarius created gerontology.

Women of Aquarius are slim, thin, adapted to everything new and unusual, are able to quickly feel sympathy, but her feelings are shallow and quickly forgotten.

The epoch of the age from 21 to 28 years. Life experience accumulates in travel, learning, friendship. Then, from 56 to 63 years, the era of discovery. The first shine of the morning dawn.

Symbols are zigzags, running clouds, flying birds and airplanes. Indefinite tones, subtle nuances, all shades of lilac. Black color is unfavorable. Numbers are 8, 11, and 13. The weak point is the ankle. It is necessary to take care of it during sports activities.

Aquarius first decade

Symbols are Wings. Silver hands ... Youth. Icon. Peacock.

Character. Knowledge of music, its harmony and melody. Inventiveness and taste in the choice of color, in fashion. The ability to choose accessories: flowers, fabrics. Dancing, acrobatics.

Subconscious is Venus-Mercury is lightness, transparency, no dizziness. The original mind, brilliantly manifested both orally and in writing. Early development. Instant understanding of the problems and their clear wording. The inner plan: cruelty, cynicism.

Conclusion. There are many innate talents that develop rapidly through education. A born scientist, and this should not be forgotten when Aquarius is still a child. This decade has only three planets and is under their influence. Consequently, here we observe the concentration of character.

Love. Libra is very drawn to this lover of the arts and the hater of banality. Leo loves sometimes, but these two egoists will be in conflict. The first decade of Gemini evokes extraordinary emotions, as they can create an extraordinary work of art, causing admiration.

Aquarius second decade

Symbols are Zigzags. Gordian knot. Phaetons. Pegasus.

Consciousness Uranus-Proserpina is a sexless and feminine planet. Hydrangea.

Character is accuracy, scientific orientation of mind, concentration, thoroughness. Research, painstaking searches. Statistics. Laws. Electrical engineering. Love for travel and risk associated with them. Mail and telephone. Radio.

Subconscious Venus-Moon are two female planets. White Rose.

Character is carelessness, love for music, colors, silk fabrics, valuable glassware, tenderness, dedication, love for children, games.

Combinations Uranus-Moon is imagination, impracticality. Interest in space research. Cosmography. Astronomy.

Proserpina-Venus is an active mind and deft hands. Skill. Exposure. Interest in everything modern and practical. Knowing of limits. Chemistry. Biology. Household.

Proserpina-Moon is a tendency to laziness and confusion. The moon relaxes the organized mind of Proserpina.

Conclusion. The character is represented by two sharply different sides, as can be seen in the asymmetry of the face. The long side is personality, inner world (subconscious), the left side is social (consciousness). Venus and Moon are emotional, Uranus is egoist, noncommunicative, everything comes from its own interests, does not care about the distant consequences of its actions. If it dominates is then this is a cynical, aggressive character that needs to be corrected.

Love. The practicality of the Virgo suits in professional terms. It is very easy to exchange ideas, general research, progress. The second decade of Gemini is estimated for commercial talent, and the last is for a brilliant mind and critical sense.

Aquarius third decade

Symbols are Labyrinth. Chimera.

Consciousness is strangeness. Weak ties to reality. Uranus-Neptune is a floorless and bisexual planet. Violet.

Character is intellectual, artistic, and financial speculation (depending on the case). Influence, ability, utopia (disproportionately high forehead). Infinite improvement of forms of expression.

Subconscious is loyalty. Venus-Saturn are female and male planets. Blue Hyacinth.

Character loyalty, constancy. Little sensuality. Strict and true taste. The study of art history, fashion, scenery, antiquities.

Combinations Uranus-Saturn is music, poetry. Creative burning, criticism is always accurate and sharp.

Neptune-Venus is secret, strange love. Taste for mysticism, for the mysterious. Traction to horror.

Neptune-Saturn is interest in detective puzzles, secret sciences, the study of the inexplicable. Predisposition to mental shocks.

Conclusion. A sharp mind that can develop if it is not stopped by a mental shock. A child should cultivate consistency, objectivity of observations, scientific accuracy.

Love is commonality of tastes and aspirations bring together Gemini to the first decade. Favorable union with Libra and Sagittarius. Naturally, Pisces is also similar in these aspirations, but this union is fraught with excesses. Quarrels are inevitable with Scorpio, Taurus and Leo.  Possible alliance with Aries. True friendship based on mutual respect with the sign of Cancer. A strong physical attraction to the Virgo, but quarrels are inevitable.

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