The Element of Water in the Zodiac Signs

The element of water - the element of constant movement, though slow and steady, splashing inside each of us and hiding its secrets. Water means death and conception, a fairy tale and an illusion ; keeping the secret of our soul, water is the beginning and the end.

The element of Water literally faces questions of life and death, questions of our ancestors and all our genetic inheritance. Oddly enough, this also applies to emotions. We should all understand that someone in our family tree has already experienced our emotions, and they are passed down from generation to generation, mainly through the role of the mother.

Water Zodiac Signs




This makes the entire necessity of this element a bit complex, for the ruler of Cancer falls in Scorpio, and Pisces seem to be there to lurk. Maybe this is the largest task of all, for each of us to embrace emotion, accept the negative as much as the positive, sadness and anger as much as love.

About typical members of the Water element said, that they are very sensual. They could have managed with a lot of suffering before they realized what nonsense it was. Because of their fragility and delicacy, water signs are ideal counselors and sympathetic doctors who help people with strong emotional issues. They came to this world to teach us that love is truly eternal, and feelings are our best quality.

How To Balance The Water?

Representatives of the Water element have an incredible emotional nature. Water is an element of the greatest possibilities, but it often puts people to sleep and makes them unable to express their thoughts creatively. This is the field of all the talents and all that we have left to take in this life. Here lies the river of all who have lived before us, and all who will ever be born.

The element of water is like a pool of infinite possibilities and it is almost impossible to find direction in it if there is no contact with Fire. Like guiding light, the element of fire burns brightly and gives person energy, desire and direction where their talents can be found and properly used. Element of Water standing alone simply carries us from left to right, from shore to shore, and even though life can be miraculous and dreamy inside it, we could simply be spinning in circles without ever finding a way out.

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