The Mutable Zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Mutable (changeable) signs are the chameleons of the Zodiac. Well adaptable and flexible, people of these signs easily tolerate changes. Where cardinal signs lose interest in their goal, mutable ones can breathe new life into it. Although they are inventive and multi-faceted, their constant desire for change makes achieving something solid, lasting, and lasting quite a challenge. However, they are not very concerned about this, because more than anything else they want to be free for new discoveries.

The mutable qualitie of the Zodiac is associated with new ideas and the acquisition of knowledge. Adaptability and flexibility of representatives of mutable signs can develop into impermanence and give them tremendous resourcefulness. But without proper distribution of energy, it cannot be used constructively and will be wasted.


Gemini, sign belonging to the element of Air, is the most changeable of the signs of Mutable quality. They are characterized by volatility, extraordinary flexibility of thinking and the ability to change. The variability of this sign is reflected in the time of year, which occupies an intermediate position between spring and summer. His motto is diversity, and he gets great pleasure from the constant change of images. Gemini symbolizes thinking on the everyday level of everyday life, they absorb any information coming from the outside world, without thinking about its application. They like the new information in itself.


Virgo sign belonging to the element of Earth, is the most mental of the signs of mutable qualities. Gifted with many talents, this sign tries to find a suitable occupation to use their skills to the benefit of others and see the result of their meticulous work. Although it is also changeable and mobile, like the rest of the signs of this group, Virgo seeks change not for the sake of change itself (unlike Gemini), but for the sake of their practical value, which she clearly imagines. Virgo knows and understands the physical world well and tries to use it rationally and effectively.


Sagittarius heralds the beginning of the transition of autumn to winter. Being a sign of Fire, he is constantly searching for adventure, in order to fully manifest his rapid mind, sensual nature and spiritual qualities. He likes to be on the move, craves new experiences that can expand his horizons and help him combine parts into a single whole. This mutable sign constantly challenges life. His passion for reasoning knows no bounds. They are driven by the desire to find answers to eternal questions.


Pisces, the sign of Water, is the most difficult to define. Reflecting the time when winter is replaced by spring, when the melting snow turns into stormy mountain rivers, Pisces difference in formless, indefinite properties. Constantly changing, unstable, fickle, in everyday life they are guided by a changing mood, feelings, intuition. Like a dry leaf flying in the air at the will of the wind, they rush to where their inner voice calls them. Such people are said to be "out of this world", and it seems that they talk to elves and fairies, see miracles that others are not able to see, or even imagine.

The Mutable Zodiac signs: video

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