The Element of Air in the Zodiac Signs

The element of Air in astrology represents the world of ideas and rational thinking. Air signs of the Zodiac are associated with the exchange and dissemination of information.

Air is associated with creative thinking and people born under these signs look at life objectively, their perception of the world is less influenced by emotions. Developed intelligence allows them to process and systematize a large amount of information, they have a sense of justice and the ability to make an objective assessment.

Air Zodiac Signs




Two of these elements, by the way, have a problem with the Sun: Libra has the Sun in decline, as well as all Aquarius have the Sun in exile.

The main characteristic that unites air signs is intelligence and variability. They are very sociable and can find a language with almost anyone. In addition, they always have a lot of ideas and plans in their head, which they can state in such a way that everyone around them will be won over and surprised.

Air signs are very fond of building castles in the air and dreaming. And this can make them a little windy and reckless. Like the wind, they are fickle and sometimes even cold.

How To Balance The Air?

For air-marked people, the main challenge is to figure out the importance of their body and find earthing. Members of air signs have a powerful propensity to stay in higher spheres, where everything is seems possible and mostly simple. It's not easy to find a way to turn your knowledge, your ideas and intelligence into practical things and really bring them to life.

If representatives of air signs really want to succeed in general development and personal growth, the most important thing for them is to start doing concrete, practical things on the way to self-realization. The earth element balances them, so they need a healthy daily routine. They should engage in daily physical activity and eat at the same time. For example, if they forget to eat, their hunger will prevent them from thinking about anything else. The importance of satisfying physical needs is primary and irreplaceable.

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