The Element of Fire in the Zodiac Signs

Features of the element of Fire — heat and dryness, which is accompanied by metaphysical energy, life and its power. Fire — the main controlling force of instinct, spirit, thought and mind, forcing you to go forward, believe, hope, defend your beliefs.

The element of Fire symbolizes the exciting world of pure spirit. Fire is associated in our minds with the will to live, the primordial energy that ignites and protects all things. Fire radiates warmth, enthusiasm and gives pure enjoyment of life.

Fire Zodiac Signs




These signs truly raise the energy of the Sun, and every person born under the fire sign protect and nurture their emotional side. They often have to learn more about sympathy and a deeper understanding of others. As well as the main problem in the relationship in which the member of the fire signs consist, is their constant need to give more and more, even if no one asked them to.

Each fiery individual has to use their energy only on their own life, unless if somebody asks for their advice and activity. Of all three signs, Sagittarius is the most offering sign, for they are at the end of this Fire trine, already learned so much, with a multiple good purposes and powerful philosophy in life.

How To Balance The Fire?

This is the first element with strong manly energy, and it easily ignores the feminine basis within, burning everything around a person and making all the Water in their body and life disappear. A life without love isn’t worth living, and in order to make them happier, all fiery people have to respect their emotional side and acknowledge their emotional needs. In the outer world, this turn to their relation to women, suppression of the feminine principle on a wider scale, led to all sorts of discord that eventually take human life.

The main problem for Fire signs is the inability to remain calm and peaceful. Unable to stay still, people born with an ascendant or many planets on fire tend to forget that a passive approach is as necessary as an active one. Therapy can work wonders here, because they don't lack awareness or excitement when they learn something new and are able to save or recycle some of their wasted energy.

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