Qualities of the Zodiac Sign

Four elements tell about the General characteristics of the zodiac sign: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. And each of the four elements manifests itself in three qualities, which are also called modalities. Each modality — or quality — has four signs, each of which belongs to a different quadrant of the zodiac. Thanks to these characteristics, we can easily understand someone's character and interpret a particular planet in someone's chart. And yet, to this day, their most characteristic and important role is associated with timelines and horary astrology.

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Qualities and Elements

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided into four groups of elements, as well as three groups of qualities. Elements of the Zodiac signs show stable traits and temperament, and qualities-the dynamics of manifestation, the type of human behavior. Each quality contains all four elemental characteristics, and each element has its own representation in all three qualities. Thus, each Zodiac sign represents a unique combination of elements and quality.

Opposite signs have the same Qualities, and because of this, they smooth out existing differences between themselves and learn how to implement a joint philosophy in their own lives. In a sense, this means that their pace of life is the same, although the elements make a difference in their rhythm of life. Each pair in the Zodiac is represented by a combination of two close elements: Water and Earth, Fire and Air, and the Qualities represent a bridge between their worlds, which helps them build mutual understanding.

The Power of Three

The number three is a really powerful and quite important unit. Third time's a charm, right? Good things often happen in threes, but so do ordinary things. If you think about it, there is the Water, the Earth and the Fire; there is our World, the Heaven and the Underworld, as well as the Surface, the Core and the Atmosphere of the planet Earth.

Above all, we must remember that there are three Qualities in the Zodiac, just as there are three types of houses in each quadrant of the Zodiac circle.

The number three is dominated by Jupiter, the King of all the Gods and the most favorable planet of all. By the way, every opposition in the Zodiac has a secret benefactor — that which gives purpose and unites. The point of Qualities seems to be to give us faith in the positive outcome of any difference, misunderstanding, or conflict that we think we can't handle.

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