The Cardinal Zodiac signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

The very definition speaks of a quality that dominates all others. Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration, because all the qualities play an important role in the entire system, but it is definitely the quality that in the first place rise and leads, open to all the mysterious and new.

Cardinal quality represents all new starts and the energy of things that are just beginning. Each sign of this quality has the ability to make reversal, change life to themselves and to the others. If you look around you, it will become clear that all your friends who were born under one of these Sun signs had or want to have the opportunity for a serious change of direction and focus in life.

Signs of cardinal modality — Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Each of them represents the beginning of the season, and that is why each of them is advanced and new.


This sign begins with the first day of spring when all nature is awakening, while life begins to blossoming. Aries belongs to the element of Fire. This sign is the leader in every sense of the word, he stands in the beginning of one circle, and he is the first sign of the zodiac. An Aries leads the way from point zero, boldly, with a masculine forceful energy that clears the way in front of them. Aries relies on eternal energy, but when they get to a wall they can’t break through (and after multiple attempts), they will make a cut and move in a completely different direction.


Cancer begins with the first day of summer, and belongs to the element of Water. Following nature came to life in the spring, this is a sign that starts the second zodiacal quadrant and is in charge of warmth, development and enthusiasm. Cancer is the sign of our Soul and our emotional health. This is already seen through the element of Water, but cardinal quality is what makes it as tolerated and caring. Sympathy will get a Cancer very far, but only until their emotional cup fills up and they finally switching into their own new summer.


The sign of Libra belongs to the element of Air and starts with the beginning of autumn. This is a time when life fade away, which is absolutely why the Sun has fallen in the sign of Libra. Cardinal quality in this sign will declaration through the course of decision-making. We see Libra as irresolute, which is quite usual when you think about giving up on the summer heat. However, once Libra makes a choice, there is likely nothing in this world that could change it. This is a way to build up character stage by stage, from the place where life and energy fade away, and progress has to be made in a direction unusual for humanity.


When we talk about qualities, it should be noted that Capricorn represents a truly turning point. Referring to the element of the Earth, Capricorn is one of the most stubborn signs. He always sticks to proven methods and history, and if Capricorn turns away from things that have lost their usefulness, the people in his life, and his own choices, it's a big surprise. This may seem a little cold, but it's actually a way to spotless up your life. Capricorn and its ruler talk about deep cleansing processes that must occur so that we can build what we want in our material reality.

The Cardinal Zodiac signs: video

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