Four Elements in Astrology

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are the four elements of nature that help us better understand many things in life, including astrology. Each of these elements has a rich history that was known long before our days.

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These four elements have always been the basis of everything that surrounds us. Alchemists used them to find answers to numerous questions, and ordinary people used them to try to understand the essence of mother nature.

Zodiac and the Elements

Each of the four elements speaks of certain tendencies inherent in the zodiac signs to which they belong. They explain that there are other ways to look at each person. Because of this, we are more tolerant of those who are different from us. We can also understand why some signs are more compatible than others.

In short, the element of Water is perfectly combined with the element of Earth, and the element of Air — with the element of Fire. If you think about it, this is quite logical, because Water feeds the Earth and gives us life, and thanks to the Air, the Fire does not go out, igniting the light and the very power of creation.

The natural order of things

Life itself would not be possible without any of these four elements — if you look at the question in more detail, it becomes clear as day. Interacting with each other, they are in perfect harmony in nature. And the division into higher and lower energies is only an internal human need to divide things into black and white — good and bad, feelings and reason, male and female, plus and minus.

But in no case should we forget that these elements are worth nothing without each other. They all share a common trait known as matter.

Matter is the connecting link that connects each element to what we represent as our body, and it is the element of the Earth. Without this, life as it is would be impossible, and you would not be able to taste, touch, smell, or even listen.

Therefore, the manifestation of all things depends on the Earth element, and this element is most difficult to find a replacement in the Natal map when it is not positioned too obviously.

Interpretation of Elements

When you open someone's chart, the first thing you must do is check it for the occupancy of each element. If you see that one of them is missing a planet, then this is a vast, but still particular problem that the owner of the chart will have to face in his life.

When the chart reveals the absence of a planet in one of the elements, it means that a person is not able to link with this element. This leads to problems on the other levels of existence, because all the elements must cooperate so that something true and meaningful can be created in our lives.

This missing is frequently overcome by the use of houses in joining to the element in question, but it will never be simple for someone with this situation in their chart, to seek the balance between levels of life elements speak of.

When the situation is completely different and your client has multiple planets in only one of the elements, it will be difficult to slow down, balance the planet with all the others, and stay calm.

Special Planets

When a person has only one planet in one of the elements, particularly if it is one of the lights or visible planets, this is a very special situation. It's like a drowning man who has only one straw, clutching at it as if it's his only way out.

If your chart contains such a planet, try not to give it too much energy, and try to find a general balance.

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