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Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces Love compatibility

The compatibility of these signs is difficult, as antipodes have met. Virgo is strict, passive and bred-in-the-bone, while Pisces is risky, spontaneous and active. The key to success for this couple is in finding the common ground and acting together when they face some difficulties. Also, be ready that you’ll have some problems in everyday life, it’s hard for these signs to share household chores.

Tips for Virgo

- Accept that your partner is disorganized and be more patient when he/she makes mistakes;

- Don’t push too hard on your partner as Pisces won’t change being under strong control.

Tips for Pisces

- Spend more time reading books and getting educated as your partner appreciates people with brains;

- Be ready to open Virgo’s mind as he/she’s too conservative and won’t support your ideas until you change something in your partner’s mind.

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