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Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio Love compatibility

However, these signs aren’t supposed to be an ideal couple, accept this challenge and check whether it’s true for you. These relationships are controversial as Scorpio likes being the only center of attraction and he/she has to share this place with another Scorpio. But it’s the thing that attracts partners so much. The partners express a lot of emotions, and we speak not only about positive ones. So how to save love?

Tips for Scorpio

- Don’t demand that much from your partner and let him/her be himself/herself, it’ll open your partner from a new unexpected side;

- Try to start romantic relationships from friendship as you should build a good base not to lose each other too soon;

- Be ready that your partner won’t stop flirting with other men or women, but it’ll make your communication more interesting.

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