Love compatibility

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius Love compatibility

These signs won’t be disappointed in each other only if they’re young, as experienced people know they’re not ideal partners for each other. Scorpio adores Sagittarius and tries to behave and think in the same way. But sometimes all Sagittarius’ positive features make Scorpio jealous. Sagittarius sees these relationships as an experiment and doesn’t expect much from them. It seems like there’s no compatibility between the partners, but they can improve communication.

Tips for Scorpio

  • Don’t think your partner is senseless; he/she just expresses emotions differently.
  • Be careful with your words; sometimes you should hold back criticism.

Tips for Sagittarius

  • Sometimes it’s better to stay at home and spend a Friday evening together than going somewhere; learn how to stay hand in hand with Scorpio.
  • Appreciate that your partner stopped flirting with others for you, as it’s a part of his/her nature.

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