Love compatibility

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo Love compatibility

These signs aren’t happy together as a couple; their romantic relationship will probably fail. However, Leo and Scorpio are great lovers and can bring each other much pleasure in the first months of their relationship. Scorpio sees all of Leo’s weaknesses, which makes Leo respect his/her partner. The best way to strengthen these relationships is to have a mutual problem, as partners will direct all their energy towards solving it.

Tips for Scorpio

  • Don’t criticize Leo for every mistake he makes; people can make mistakes.
  • Be prepared for your partner to flirt with others; it’s just Leo’s nature.

Tips for Leo

  • Be prepared for Scorpio to behave differently from others; he/she won’t admire you just for who you are.
  • Try to make balanced decisions; if you don’t, your partner won’t recognize you as a leader.

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