Love compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio Love compatibility

These signs feel each other on a distance, there’s no problem for them in finding a common ground, and their friendship easily grows into big love. Cancer and Scorpio have the same interests, goals and views. Scorpio likes Cancer for his/her moving nature, while Cancer adores his/her partner for emotional frankness and creativity. People see their relationships as ideal.

Tips for Cancer

- Stop manipulating your partner that much and be careful with the words as Scorpio is quite sensitive inside;

- Don’t be afraid to speak about your feelings and share the thoughts as your partner won’t make you any harm.

Tips for Scorpio

- It’s not the best idea to foul your own nest, people shouldn’t be aware of all your conflicts;

- Be careful with money as Cancer tries to save them, and you usually spend all of them.

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