Friendship compatibility

Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus Friendship compatibility

Many things in common and many themes to discuss will make these 2 signs closer than anyone. They have friendship compatibility, which is almost ideal. It’s not surprising for Taurus and Virgo to become closer friends and then to have romantic relationships too. Taurus plays the role of parent for his/her friend solving serious problems and helping with advice. Virgo is a great supporter, all Taurus’ ideas resonate with Virgo’s thoughts.

Tips for Virgo

- Be careful with your friend and never talk behind his/her back, Taurus will never forgive you;

- Don’t be shy in offering new activities and themes for discussion as your friend is more passive than you in making first steps.

Tips for Taurus

- Appreciate what your friend does for you and don’t forget to praise and cheer up Virgo;

- As you can be lazier than your friend, it’ll be good if you try to fight it.

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