Friendship compatibility

Virgo and Leo

Virgo and Leo Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is interesting to discuss as it’s not the best, but allow Leo and Virgo staying together for a long. These friends are not the same: they express emotions, think and act differently. Also, Leo is jealous at Virgo, he/she always sees the things in which Virgo is better than Leo. An interesting fact is that Virgo sees all intentions and things Leo has in mind. That’s why it’s useless for Leo to show his/her excellence and wait that Virgo accepts it.

Tips for Virgo

- Try to show your emotions as Leo may think you’re close and think something bad about him/her;

- Don’t be so conservative and try to be more attentive to Leo’s ideas.

Tips for Leo

- Forget about haughtiness as it doesn’t go over with your friend;

- Find another person to create a mutual business with, as you won’t find a happy medium with Virgo.

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