Friendship compatibility

Virgo and Gemini

Virgo and Gemini Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is a questionable thing. It’s not the best compatibility for friends, but for colleagues. However, if you’re friends, it’s because of your mutual goals and life plans. But it doesn’t mean you’ll be together for long. Gemini and Virgo both can’t share their emotions and feelings with each other, and it spoils the relationships.

Tips for Virgo

- Don’t be so oversensitive and touchy, your friend won’t notice that there are some problems at all;

- Try not to be so amenable, Gemini manipulates for his/her goals.

Tips for Gemini

- Be careful with your words and actions and don’t quarrel that often, it won’t lead to a good result;

- Try to convince your friend you’re a friend to rely on, otherwise, you’ll lose Virgo.

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