Friendship compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is a questionable thing, the relationships aren’t the easiest for both signs. To become real friends both should work much. However, if you’re friends already, it’s possible because Taurus understood the details about Scorpio’s mood and behavior, and learned how to calm his/her friend as a psychologist. The same values and view on the world can be a good base for long relationships.

Tips for Taurus

- Don’t rise to Scorpio’s provocations, you’ll never win an argument;

- Take time to understand your friend well, to know how to react not to make Scorpio angry or irritated.

Tips for Scorpio

- Be careful with words as your friend overreacts on them, and every obscene word leads to a conflict.

- Don’t forget to slow down in making decisions if you’re a friend with Taurus, he/she doesn’t like rash acts.

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