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Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship compatibility

Usually, there’s no friendship compatibility between two Scorpios. However, if you’re already friends, you’re lucky. It’s one of the most emotional friendships between all signs. Two people who like being on the spot, competing with each other and acting – this friendship is interesting for both Scorpios. There’s a high probability that both friends have scorpion tattoos on their bodies as it’s like a religion for them.

Tips for Scorpio

- Try to look at yourself from the other side. Maybe your self-esteem is too high?

- Don’t check whether your friend is jealous or not, he/she wants to be the only friend for you;

- Don’t nurse a grudge at your Scorpio friend, it won’t lead to anything good if you both have some accusations to each other.

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