Friendship compatibility

Scorpio and Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini Friendship compatibility

It’s not the best friendship compatibility, which is unlikely to last long. The problem is that these 2 signs are completely different. Gemini doesn’t mind they both have other friends and spend not much time together, while Scorpio is a real owner, he/she wants to have all Gemini’s attention. Such a misunderstanding leads to conflict. And, unfortunately, Scorpio is overemotional and makes everything worse. Gemini isn’t interested in quarrels at all, that’s why tries to finish the communication.

Tips for Scorpio

- If you intuitively understand Gemini isn’t suitable for you, listen to these feelings;

- Try to be calmer if you don’t want to lose the friend.

Tips for Gemini

- Don’t think that all the bad words said by Scorpio aren’t true and don’t wait your friend will change something;

- Ask yourself whether you need such abusive relationships or no.

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