Friendship compatibility

Scorpio and Aries

Scorpio and Aries Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility based on Aries’ dependence on Scorpio. However, the friends can effectively support each other in all difficult situations, share energy and keep each other up, it may end when Scorpio isn’t in the mood. Also, Aries has a risk of being ignored very soon as his/her friend will open all details about the friend’s character and personality. Resentments and misunderstanding follow such a friendship all the time. But if you still want to save it, follow our recommendations.

Tips for Scorpio

- Don’t be so assured of your conclusions about Aries, your friend is more interesting than he/she seems to be;

- Try not to dramatize everything so much, your friend is too positive to understand it.

Tips for Aries

- Don’t allow your friend to use you for his/her purposes, it’ll attract Scorpio more;

- Stay away from your friend when he/she isn’t in the mood, or you can be in hot water.

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