Friendship compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius Friendship compatibility

The best friendship compatibility between these 2 signs is possible if they’re friends against someone. Also, it’s better if they’ve met at a young age. Scorpio is interested in what Aquarius says, he/she is ready to follow the friend’s dreams and goals. Aquarius is rational and cool-blooded, which helps him/her to use Scorpio’s enthusiasm wisely. This friendship usually ends when Scorpio gets rid of illusions and understands he/she wasted time on another person’s life.

Tips for Scorpio

- Think more about your own dreams and don’t make your friend the most important person in your life;

- Don’t keep your plans on how to revenge Aquarius and try to solve problems when they appear.

Tips for Aquarius

- Show your emotions and share the feelings more often as your friend thinks you’re reserved and boring;

- Be careful with your friend, choose the right words not to make his/her depressed. It’ll be hard for Scorpio to find an exit from there.

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