Friendship compatibility

Sagittarius and Virgo

Sagittarius and Virgo Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility works only when both friends are ready for cooperation and reaching the same goal. Sagittarius is a leader, he/she shows new ways of entertainment, introduce Virgo to new people and offers new traveling directions. Virgo is a good adviser and supports his/her friend with all new ideas. An interesting detail is the friends don’t want to meet each other often, and they get together once a month to share the current news.

Tips for Sagittarius

- Stop thinking that your friend will always be with you no matter how you behave yourself, be more attentive to Virgo’s feelings;

- Don’t be so egoistic as friendship isn’t only about taking but giving too.

Tips for Virgo

- If you see any manipulation, stop being friends with Sagittarius not to harm your feelings;

- Don’t think you’re boring just because your friend thinks like that.

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