Friendship compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio Friendship compatibility

Care and mutual interest create a base for this friendship compatibility. It rarely happens when friends have the same goals and directions, but it’s all about these 2 signs. Cancer will show the direction, and Scorpio will bear a great company. Also, the friends appreciate each other. A Scorpio is impressed with a Cancer’s intuition and outlook, while Cancer is in love with Scorpio’s ability to act fast and straightforward. But, of course, there’s nothing ideal.

Tips for Cancer

- Don’t intimidate your friend emotionally, if a Scorpio tells offensive jokes;

- Put up with a bright Scorpio’s personality and be ready to be in the public eye when you walk or go somewhere.

Tips for Scorpio

- Stop keeping all your feelings inside and show them to a Cancer more often, because he/she may think you have something bad about him/her in mind;

- Don’t control your sensitive friend too much, it may push a Cancer off of you.

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