Career compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius Career compatibility

A daring and creative Aquarius person might face numerous stumbling blocks when working with a stubborn and concrete Virgo colleague. On the other hand, such combination might work well when it comes to creative projects related to design niche, for example. They can form a good team for a web or interior design studio, app development team, etc. Virgo gets in his or her concrete hands creative and innovative ideas produced by Aquarius.

Unfortunately, for the boss, such beneficiary working relations will hardly last for long. They will inevitably result in frustration and the thought that everyone at work hates you.

The problem results in the ability of earthy signs like Virgo to put out the creative fire of signs like Aquarius. It results in the fact that an Aquarius person starts thinking he or she does everything wrong. They start feeling guilty of all possible and impossible mistakes. The situation might result in depression.

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