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Sagittarius and Scorpio

Sagittarius and Scorpio Career compatibility

If you do not care about the timeframes and deadlines for the project, you are free to hire Sagittarius and Scorpio in the same team. They are very scrupulous and attentive to details. Both signs would never overlook smaller things. It is certainly a good combination of qualities especially for projects, which require extra accuracy and precision. However, you should be ready for endless discussions. Sagittarius and Scorpio are so chatty. They love discussing each and every step no matter if it is important or not. It may look irritating for the rest team members as well as result in project delays.

Once again, Sagittarius is the source of endless procrastination. It can be to the detriment of the alliance with Scorpio. However, they might work well together when it comes to creative projects such as design, long-term financial niche, etc.

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