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Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo Career compatibility

As colleagues, Virgo and Leo will get on well only under certain conditions. The only way to avoid struggles is to keep their emotions under control. Both need to stay cold blooded whatever happens at work. It is the only path to success for two signs. As business partners, they cannot fully trust each other. It will result in alienation after some time, which is certainly to the detriment of business productivity. On the other hand, such a union can lead your company to success. All you need is to set them clear business goals and provide all necessary means to achieve them. At least, they will not have any reason to quarrel.

While Leo is very loyal and takes all his or her duties with full responsibility, the sign might appear to be a very powerful weapon in the hands of Virgo person, who loves being in charge. Such a blend of features will work out in different projects despite the niche.

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