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Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini and Scorpio Career compatibility

Although being quite opposite when it comes to features of character, Scorpio and Gemini might still form an efficient tea, in the office. A Gemini person is always very open-hearted and lightweight. He or she can handle any situation no matter how frustrating it may look. Gemini is a merry person who likes to laugh every time a challenge arises. Such feature can form a great blend with Scorpio seriousness and wisdom. To ensure their effective collaboration, you need to strictly divide responsibilities and make it clear who is responsible for particular assignments.

The difference between the two sings might appear to be the core problem. They establish different approaches. A Gemini person might seem to have the lack of attention to Scorpio who will never take his or her partner seriously. It may lead to constant struggles especially when it comes to the common decision-making process.

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