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Libra and Taurus

Libra and Taurus Love compatibility

It’s hard to speak about real life when these signs meet each other. Taurus and Libra easily fall in love as they’re fueled by passion. However, all these feelings end soon. Taurus is too aggressive and rude while communicating with his/her partner; Libra can’t stand being imposed upon by Taurus’s opinions. However, Libra appreciates that his/her partner is balanced and tries to learn how to implement this in his/her own life.

Tips for Libra

  • Be careful with your words and promises; try to uphold all of them not to lose your partner.
  • It's hard for you to speak and think about real things, but it's very important if you want to create a family with Taurus.

Tips for Taurus

  • Don’t be disappointed in Libra’s way of thinking; he/she is an air sign, and it’s hard to be responsible.
  • Stop manipulating your partner, or you’ll get bored with him/her quite fast.

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