Love compatibility

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini Love compatibility

It’s one of the best compatibilities in love, friendship and business. Gemini is like a parent or an elder brother for Leo, however, Leo doesn’t think so. The partners are active, straightforward and strong, which will unite them. And for them, it’s more interesting to try new things, explore the world and help each other in realizing the dreams than to live an ordinary life caring about the house and children.

Tips for Leo

- Pay more attention to your partner and don’t be so egoistic not to become farther from Gemini;

- Be careful with new men and women around you not to give your partner reasons to be jealous.

Tips for Gemini

- Don’t be so feather-pated, your partner likes when you stand by your word;

- Forget about affairs if you want to stay with Leo for a long, he/she won’t forgive you.

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