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Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer Love compatibility

This compatibility is questionable, but many couples stay together for a long. Cancer’s and Leo’s interests and characters are different: Cancer is sensitive and calm while Leo tries to be successful at work and make people adore him/her. However, if they have mutual goals, they’ll probably achieve them. Cancer’s intuition plus Leo’s will to win make them a great couple. But remember that goals may end and work on finding a harmony.

Tips for Leo

- Don’t get angry at Cancer when he/she shares his/her feelings and emotions, it’s really important for your partner, so be a good listener;

- Remember that Cancer will never forgive you for cheating, so forget about other men or women.

Tips for Cancer

- Be gratified by Leo’s success at work and in society, don’t get jealous and show your love;

- Don’t limit yourself in saying good things to Leo, he/she likes flattery.

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