Love compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius Love compatibility

From the first seconds, it’s clear how suitable these signs are for each other. The partners can understand they’re an ideal match during a conversation. It’s interesting that intelligence is the most important aspect for them, not emotions or physical attraction. Also, Gemini and Aquarius are a perfect match because of their ability to think outside the box and spend time together actively and brightly.

Tips for Gemini

  • Forget about cheating and flirting with other men or women if you’re with Aquarius; he/she will never forgive you.
  • Don’t be so conceited as to lose your partner.

Tips for Aquarius

  • Be careful with your words, as your partner is very sensitive and may remember everything you’ve said for life.
  • Appreciate that Gemini gives you so much freedom; there are no other signs who can behave like this with you.

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