Love compatibility

Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorn and Gemini Love compatibility

There’s no chance these partners will have long-term relationships, which won’t be clear in the first period of their acquaintance. However, these signs are quite similar – they both are active and like dreaming. Gemini will never understand how Capricorn can live in the same place without a desire to change something, while Capricorn can’t accept that flirting for Gemini isn’t a way to cheat but a usual way of communication.

Tips for Capricorn

  • Be more open to new things that Gemini tries to bring into your life; you don’t know where it'll lead you.
  • Show your partner that you're someone to rely on, and you'll capture his/her heart.

Tips for Gemini

  • Be ready to disregard yourself in these relationships; they require it.
  • Don’t allow Capricorn to manipulate you and reach his/her goals with your hands.

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