Love compatibility

Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn and Aquarius Love compatibility

An affection between these signs happens from a usual talk about problems and hobbies. Aquarius can turn Capricorn’s world on its head, and Capricorn likes it. The air sign appreciates how rational and wise his/her partner is. The relationships are built on mutual interest, and they aren’t difficult for both signs. Of course, such communication can end quite fast, but both partners will remember their exes all life.

Tips for Capricorn

- Don’t try to build frames around your partner as Aquarius appreciates freedom and won’t obey you;

- Thinking that your partner is successful without reasons isn’t right, so appreciate all his/her efforts.

Tips for Aquarius

- Stop looking down at your partner and try to solve all conflicts with humor and irony;

- Show Capricorn that you won’t betray him/her and won’t have an affair with someone else, or your partner will always wait for something bad.

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