Love compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius Love compatibility

These signs strained every nerve not to be together, but finally, they started relationships. Cancer attracts Sagittarius with his/her sensuality and soulfulness, Sagittarius catches his/her partner with straightforwardness and wittiness. Friendship and mutual business can last long, however, it’s necessary to work much on relationships to save them.

Tips for Cancer

- Don’t take every word Sagittarius says personally, he/she doesn’t want to hurt you, he/she just can’t control what he/she says;

- Be ready for conflicts about money as your partner can’t cope with them as well as you.

Tips for Sagittarius

- Be careful with money and try to control yourself not to spend the family budget on useless things;

- Try to listen to Cancer’s needs and wishes, he/she is all about feelings and emotions, so don’t be afraid to share yours.

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