Love compatibility

Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra Love compatibility

Signs think they’ve met each other to build long-term relationships and stay together till the end of life, however, Cancer and Libra are better in friendship. But if you’re a couple, you can build family facilities and resources without losing romance. Also, you have a harmony: Libra hesitates and needs someone to direct him/her, and Cancer can do it. While Cancer will be provided with care and support. Cancer creates tactics, Libra thinks about strategy.

Tips for Cancer

- Stop controlling every Libra’s step as he/she is another person with his/her own wishes and thoughts;

- If you consider your partner as an unpractical man/woman, just take all financial responsibilities on you.

Tips for Libra

- Appreciate what your partner does for you and stop thinking he/she isn’t an ideal variant for you;

- Try to control your emotions as you may hurt Cancer with unpredictable behavior;

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