Love compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces Love compatibility

Friendship is the best way for communication, if we speak about these 2 signs, as there’ll be always something putting Aquarius and Pisces off of each other. However, if Pisces allows Aquarius showing affection and lets him/her come near – they’ll be together. Both partners can’t trust each other fully, they’re jealous and nervous – it’s not the best atmosphere for relationships. Also, Aquarius can’t understand all Pisces’ thoughts and problems.

Tips for Aquarius

- Don’t be so cold, especially when Pisces share a new idea or open his/her thoughts and feelings for you;

- Appreciate what your partner does for you as egoism may ruin your relationships.

Tips for Pisces

- Stop blaming your partner for all conflicts that you have, both partners are guilty in any case;

- Don’t take everything Aquarius says personally, he/she doesn’t want to hurt you.

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