Love compatibility

Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius and Leo Love compatibility

Usually, these signs fall in love at first sight, but nobody can predict how they’ll really behave as signs are opposite. Their class, social skills and independence unite Leo and Aquarius. Also, partners know they can get support and care any time they need. It’s a good idea to start living together as fast as Leo and Aquarius can as they inspire each other and can do anything if they don’t spend time on worries.

Tips for Aquarius

- Stop trying to find who’s right and who made a mistake, both partners are guilty in their problems;

- Don’t judge Leo for focusing on material possessions and accept that you’re different in this case.

Tips for Leo

- Don’t be so conservative as your partner often offers interesting things and activities;

- Stop listening to other people’s opinion and concentrate on what Aquarius thinks.

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