Friendship compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius Friendship compatibility

There’s no real friendship compatibility, however, Taurus thinks differently. But an interesting detail is that such friendship can last really long. It’s all because Sagittarius likes using his friend, and Taurus tries to restrain his/her friend as long as he/she can. These 2 signs have different views, goals and values. Sagittarius will never share everything which is important for Taurus. But if you want to save such communication, follow the tips.

Tips for Taurus

- Listen to your own wishes, not your friend’s.

- If you see that Sagittarius has other friends, spend time differently, fell in love with someone and doesn’t have time for you – why to restrain him/her?

Tips for Sagittarius

- You’re open-minded, so it won’t be a problem to listen to what your friend says, be patient and attentive;

- Don’t lay stress on your friend’s weaknesses, nobody likes it.

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